Why Republicans Cannot Wait To Turn On Matt Gaetz | All In | MSNBC 1

Why Republicans Cannot Wait To Turn On Matt Gaetz | All In | MSNBC


“Members loves to talk about Matt Gaetz, because no one really likes Matt Gaetz. He doesn’t have many friends on Capitol Hill,” says Daily Beast senior politics editor Matt Fuller. “And I’m primarily talking about Republicans.” Aired on 04/01/2021.
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Why Republicans Cannot Wait To Turn On Matt Gaetz | All In | MSNBC


    1. Betty, Not sure I understood you comment could be because I am an Australian or just a bit slow -please explain

    2. Wow, it’s been 39 minutes and nobody has hollered “Or another woman!” yet. Someone is slacking off.

    1. “People living in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”
      From Australia:- I think it has to do with the freedom of speech rights that the US has – and you are 100% correct it is the commercial media (of all political persuasions) that start this followed by the social (read that as anti-social) media that are to blame. It is the same here in Australia once an allegation is made it’s friggin media free for all. What would be so wrong with an accused of any crime, ANY CRIME having to face court and THEN having the matter reported and commented on? I suggest two reasons 1. Money & 2. Political power for whoever is in power.

    2. Is it really that surprising that a republican likes sleeping with minors… just look at how many close friends Epstein has, hmmm makes you think don’t it.

    3. You know nothing other than what you hear on the left wing news. Have you ever met this man? Answer is probably no.

  1. lol…
    Matt Gatez – “you’ll remember my friend”…
    Tucker Carlson – “uh no… no I don’t”…

    1. Gaetz: tucker this is when you try to corroborate my lies.
      Carlson: nice try. We all know you’re going down.

    2. “Hey Tuck, remember when you and your wife went to dinner with me”

      “Who are you? I don’t know you. Prank caller, prank caller.”

    1. Youre no different than the Qanons. Except, youre buying into the corporate media conspiracy theories. The Horse Shoe Theory is spot on about you left vs right tards. . .

    2. I sincerely feel sorry for anyone simple enough to believe Q isnt made up. Bless your heart. How are you feeling about your past presidential vote? At least trump is gone?

    1. Rumor has it it’s run out of the kiddie trap Mar-a-Lego and there’s a very big *Q* of Republicans outside…

    1. You spelled Hunter Biden wrong. Oh wait, Daddy will pardon him. And the fact that there is evidence against Hunter but you libbys dont like facts.

    1. @Smasher Devourer hahaha, still relying on social media for your ‘facts’… trump tried to take Biden down, if there was any pedo reality it would have happened.

    2. @Señor BeanS Trump is the reason Einstein got caught he had witnessed poor behavior and told his dad who later got the doj involved. You’re thinking of Epstein’s real pal Bill I mean he was there 30+ times. What for growing mangoes? Must be hard yo you to understand not all democrats are little innocent angels.

    3. @Ken Rimmer Nah cause the doj is in the pocket of the dems. 45m investigation into trump that found nothing. Put 50k on certain Ukraine deals and we might learn a whole lot.

  2. The Tax Collector of Seminole County Joel Greenberg (best buddy of Gaetz) is getting ready to tell all. It’s about to get ugly for Bratty Matty.

    1. Matt just wanted to watch The Steelers and The Ravens over a nice glass of Mike’s Hard Lemonade!

  3. Daddy won’t be able to buy him out of this mess….bet Liz Cheney is having a field day on this one, lol.

  4. Y’ll know Liz Chaney must be shaking her tail feather… Matt ran to Wyoming to trash Liz ! She having the last laugh …

  5. The MEN in the Pen are going to LOVE Matt ! LOL Hes gonna be someone’s bunkie… See how he likes getting screwed ! LOL

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