Why Republicans think the transgender sports issue is a winning one 1

Why Republicans think the transgender sports issue is a winning one


Several Republican governors across the country are signing new legislation to ban transgender athletes — which isn’t an accident. In this latest episode of The Point, CNN’s Chris Cillizza explains why the GOP is banking on this issue to shore up its culturally conservative base.


Mississippi governor signs bill banning transgender students from women's sports, approving first anti-trans law of 2021

Donald Trump Jr. slammed transgender athletes at rally before D.C. riots

The Coordinated Attack on Trans Student Athletes

Minnesota bill would impose criminal penalties on transgender athletes

The Next Cultural Battle: States Take Aim at Trans Athletes

AP Exclusive: ‘Bathroom bill’ to cost North Carolina $3.76B

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Writer: Chris Cillizza
Producer: Allison Gordon
The Point Editor: Leigh Munsil
Video Editor: Michelle Cho

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    1. @Imaginary Person lmao conservatives have a monopoly on that, which is why they call it “alternative facts” hahaha right wing lies

    2. @Imaginary Person hahaha only two things make me laugh, the truth and conservative disinformation lmao

  1. Essential workers working hard for the minimum amount in the middle of a pandemic deaths cheers coronas amigos
    We the people

    1. that’s the great thing about the US, if you don’t want to take the risk and work you can quit. freedom comes with a price, but we all get to decide our fates. enjoy!

    2. CNN doesn’t want to talk about the minimum wage because that makes the establishment looks bad and hurts their bottom line.

    1. There are there is no real sex test to prove you are a man only to check if you are not a woman

    2. @Michael Dudley it only takes one man to beat out all the women in a race. doesn’t matter if there’s a plethora of them. i realize that’s a little more simplistic than our situation and I’m all for transgender rights but the issue isn’t how many there are the issue is that if no girl can beat 1 then how fair is it to them to be playing against someone with elevated testosterone. it was the whole point of sex separation in sports in the first place.

    3. @Giordano Bruno i would have to agree there. if a mother chooses to abort a father has no say and same if vise versa. a little unfair to make him pay support on a child he would of aborted and she wouldn’t have. she gets to choose and he has to pay the bill with zero input on the choice unless she just “allows” it.

    4. @Erin Symone I think he just means it takes 2 to screw but beyond that whatever the woman decides to do the man has no say. she can keep it she can abort it adopt it out whatever and if she does keep the child and the man didn’t want to he still has to pay sometimes 60% of his income (not always but often much more than the cost of raising the child would be) toward it’s raising. now if she didn’t want it and he did it wouldn’t matter either he could get fucked she can do what she wants. they both choose to have sex, but beyond that only one has choice and it’s a little unfair to make men pay for a choice they have no say in.

    1. @Darthchopper False equivalence is the lowest form if stupid. Everyone is smarter than you.

    2. @Marc Lewis I’m waiting for when a politician finishes a sentence with “brought to you by Carl’s Junior”.

    3. @dave riddlelin the same way you were singled out for the short bus. Why don’t you go back to 1980 when people fell for that talking point?

    1. @Debra Johnson No, it didn’t lower taxes for everyone. This is false. But let’s say it’s true. Any tax cut for those making under 40k was miniscule just in terms of percent. My taxes did not go down. I pay more than I did when Trump took office.

      Keep it coming. Waiting on those sources.

    2. @T.J. Cunningham You do know what Trump actually did or are you going by the lame stream media. I dont know about you but I got one and I’m no where near the top 1%. It was not just the 1%.

    3. @Debra Johnson Sure you did. I bet trump got it so you paid no tax. He eliminated all taxes as he is a god, right?

      You haven’t been truthful from the start.

      Now, tell me, is fox news reputable? How about OAN?

      I know, I’m asking more questions when you haven’t bothered to answer most of the others.

      Like where are your sources?

    4. @T.J. Cunningham You are the biggest ignoramus ever. I see you have nothing intelligent to say because you are wrong. Quit believing all the liberal lies.

    5. @Debra Johnson That’s your comeback? Of course it is. Know how I knew it would be? Cause I’ve asked you similar questions on other videos.

      I ask for a source 5 times and you pretend you don’t see it. Ignore, deflect, lie. This is all your cult does.

  2. The most interesting part of this issue is that no one is talking about „female“ transgender in male sports….the reason might be that they do not stand a Chance against their male counterparts whereas the other way round the situation is not that simple.

    1. @deepbigeyes Sorry, I was working.
      I know what you are referring to – intersex children. I totally agree that doctors should never perform surgery on intersex babies – never, ever.
      I mean, no one even knows the child’s gender at that stage (kids know their own gender at age 3 or 4).
      I would really avoid any global condemnations such as “you’re all…” this or that. It does come across as a little less than intelligent.
      That said, yes, absolutely – you are correct – a lot happens in utero that has nothing to do with hormones, etc. That is exactly where we find the mess of chemicals that ultimately head each and every one of us to be, gay, straight, cisgender, transgender, etc. We have yet to be able to determine exactly where it all happens – we just know it does and being gay, straight, cis or trans turns out to be just a natural human condition.
      Thanks for your response.

    2. @Siege Life I was being sarcastic.

      Natural females and natural males should not compete head to head. Although some natural women in today in age could hold their own.

      @Lindsay Jennifer I can’t agree with you.
      I can only say, just to please you, let males, females, and trans compete in a special league.
      My guess would be mostly males dominating, trans (natural males) coming second. Trans (natural females) third and mostly females last. And I say that for any event/sport

    3. @mal Vado Understood. It is just the idea of destroying sport in America hurts me to my core. That is what is happening and these people do not understand what they will be missing. That is the misery. They do not even know what they are missing . It’s sad

    4. @mal Vado You know, for me, I just realized that is the biggest part of it all. The idea of losing sport in America. The fields upon which lives, including mine, were built will be lost forever if we cannot maintain fairness and equality in sport. A great percentage of the people fighting to destroy that life never knew what it was like to be 12 years old and wake up at 5am on a Saturday morning looking for your soccer cleats while mom makes lunch for the team and your sister is yelling at you to “stop kicking the ball in the house it’s too early!” That’s a lifestyle for many. Losing that in this country is like tearing fabric from the garment of what is real and wholesome in American youth. I will fight until my dying day to ensure that quality remains forever. For us all.

  3. It’s unfair on how things have turned up to be due to the recent world pandemic things has been so difficult,
    This isn’t good in the sense that it ends up addicting the civilians financially in different angles of life.
    We see complains here and there on social media from different people in different parts all round the world
    The government has less or no time for there people anymore

    1. Yes sure my friends told me about their gain I was so jealous because I wanted to invest next week

    2. Nothing to do with the Pandemic
      It’s been the Democrats plan for years to turn this into a Socialist Country

    1. @Crimdor So … you want people to lie so hey can vote? Isn’t that fraud? I thought that’s what you were trying to avoid??  Your hypocrisy is showing.

      And why do Reps need to spend precious tax dollars “protecting” elections that only have a fraud rate of 0.000004 percent?  You’re 5 times more likely to be struck struck by lightning.

    2. I think pretending to be a woman is more than a distraction but what does this have to do with the rigged election?

    3. @Rick Roll’d How so? Rigged elections and fake ballots hurt everyone, even us independents.

    4. @YouTube Moderator Republicans restrict votes of specifically black Americans by passing voting laws to make sure it’s really hard for them to vote.

    5. Rick Roll’d – black Americans can still request mail in ballots with a valid reason such as, “I don’t have a car” or “I’m working that day”
      If you think black Americans can’t write a reason like that for a mail in ballot, you might be a racist.

  4. I think a major point that Chris missed here is that this is actually directed at Moderates – not the GOP base.

    I think fairness in sports is definitely one of those grey area in trans rights, that a lot of liberals and moderates are undecided on.

    1. I’d agree. I’m a little more on the fence about it than a lot of things. I’m all for transgender rights to be whoever they wanna be I just think it’s a hard spot to put the girls in if they don’t have a fair chance to compete. science is clear that testosterone makes for pretty serious physical ability gaps. it’s too well supported of an arguement to be dismissed outright like I think some people would like to. there’s certainly some consideration and data gathering to he done around it.

    1. Partisanship influences everything. Most people don’t really have principles, or will at least excuse their compromise of their own principles using logical fallacies influenced by partisanship alone. Nobody is immune to it. Even Democrats will call themselves the party of science but will also call for the protection of the reproductive rights of transgender women or label a fetus a nonhuman at 21 weeks of age. Everything is a partisan issue.

    2. Lmao Republicans even challenged their gerrymandering being struck down by asking why elections had to be fair in the first place haha

    3. @RogueGhost24 I voted for both my deceased parents. Those votes were legitimate. #harriscuomo2024

    4. @YouTube Moderator lol likely story hahaha Republican vote rigging and Biden won by 7 million votes anyway rofl best president ever lmao

    1. @Nick P Some transgender athletes really want to win, and the easiest way to do that is to compete against those that aren’t as good as them. It’s a fairness issue. Women have had a long fight to get female sport established and taken seriously and this is now being threatened.

    2. @Chris Albert okay. I’m confident you’d understand the problem of media regularly talking about feminism and not talking to women or talking about civil rights and not talking to minorities.

    3. @Dead Doll ah, so the historically discriminated against group is REALLY just a bunch of people looking to cheat at a sport. Makes sense when you ignore actual transgender voices

    4. @Dead Doll lol except medical science said that’s pure BS years ago hahaha meanwhile, the conservatives are so concerned about women that they’re mandating female athletes undergo genetic and genital testing rofl hopefully they don’t have to pay for that nonsense, but I doubt the Republicans will be footing the bill since they hate healthcare hahaha

    5. @Dead Doll lmao except that’s bs hahaha trans people have no super human advantage over everyone else lol even if it were true, people want unfair competitions and constantly root for their team/players to beat the brakes off of the competition rofl nobody ever watched LeBron or MJ abuse the competition and said “he should have his own league because it’s unfair to everyone else” lol Republicans just love an excuse to persecute women haha

    1. Exactly what I was thinking. Something like “you have to be a conservative republican to be against this.

  5. This video robbed me 6 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. It was like listening to Circle Psaki.

  6. Hey Chris! Re your allergies: try “Telfast” – it must be very effective considering how often YouTube bombards me with the advert!

  7. I like your show, and almost all the episodes I saw were great.
    This one is really one sided and kind of like propaganda.

  8. Cant we just have something like “trans leagues” until we REALLY figure this one out?

    I mean, at this point there is not enough data to figure out how leveled the playing field is. Transition age modifies a lot of factors and if that happened at a late age then hormones make a big difference. Let’s just chill for a minute and figure this one out before we make a mess out of the olympics or something.

    And yes, I know that a trans league on any sport sounds like segregation. But at this point I don’t see any other way we can have a fair playing field while we can guarantee that trans ppl can participate and profit from sports. Also sports are already a very segregated activity, not onli by gender, but by age, weight, etc.

  9. Could they just make a transgender league or something? Idk, there’s got to be some sort of reasonable solution here.

  10. Bruh I once saw girl who was a basketball player carry 4 chairs with one hand and this was in middle school

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