1. @Patricia Lucious If you have to present veiled threats in order to get ppl to believe what you believe, your belief is not built on a solid foundation in your own mind.

    1. @Dustin Heath – Rising sea levels are OBVIOUSLY a result of rising temperatures. What is your PROVEN mechanism for rising temperatures? BTW – What book would you recommend? LOL!

    2. @Darrell Rees The one that shows you how Neanderthal were literally living in places where the ocean is now. Did they flood themselves? Or was it the 18 wheelers? I don’t know if they have a book on common sense but you could look one up and see if you can find any.

    1. That would be if humans were creating dark clouds… Which we sort of are.
      For every degree C the atmosphere warms, it hols 7% more water. That water vapor not only creates bigger storms with more rain, it’s a greenhouse gas that traps more heat.

  1. For me as a Virgin Islander it was very scary to see how the hurricane got so strong really quickly hopefully somebody could figure out this climate change thing but that’s just wishful thinking😞

  2. We have to face the fact that Republicans are a lost cause when it comes to taking action on drastically reducing the world’s carbon footprint. Hell, it’s tough enough having to convince a few right leaning Democrats in the Senate to take the necessary steps. It’s going to be up to Democrats and Independents to come out and vote in overwhelming numbers to ensure that Democrats maintain majorities in the House and Senate plus maintain the presidency for the foreseeable future.

  3. It’s hard for science to change the minds of people that are rooting for the Biblical end times. Evilgelicals think the world ending is a good thing.

    1. @LR Vogt
      For this discussion, I do not care about the animals. I do care about animals.
      Why did fires start? Do you remember or are you aware of the Dust Bowl of the 1930’s? Stuff happens. I am a realist which is why I am debating you.

    2. @Trump = America first I have watched the first half of your video, so far a pretty much NON scientific analysis of things. For instance, the guy equates global warming with supposedly one needing to experience much more WARM. It’s not like that AT ALL. What science tells you is almost the precise opposite, this is, not that you’re supposed to feel that the weather is spectacularly warmer than a century ago, but that a relatively SMALL change in the AVERAGE temperature of the planet, of a mere 1°C, which is not enough for a person to say it’s much warmer, CAN cause the global climate to change dramatically, with more frequency of extreme phenomenons, including localized phenomenons of more extreme cold or heat. To sum it up, global warming DOESN’T mean you’re supposed to feel a spectacular rise in heat. Stated the opposite, you feeling that the temperature hasn’t changed significantly DOESN’T mean the climate is not changing.

  4. re: “Why scientists are blaming climate change for extreme weather” TRANSLATION: HOW scientists are “connecting the dots” between climate change and extreme weather.

    1. The only reason right now we are getting extreme weather is because of the Sun right now. What gives 99% of the heat towards this Planet, The Sun, what cause hurricanes an thunderstorms to become extreme, The Sun. What controls our weather on this planet, The Sun.

  5. Imagine all we worked for, gone!! No more music, no more books!! No waking up to a blue sky, no seeing the mountains!! What have we done??? We are so smart and gifted and we are destroying the only habitat that has allowed us to be so great! 💚🌷

    1. @peach tea Yangtze River basin at the South China Sea is where you find 1-of many very very old ocean level markers, i study geology, our planet’s history, the climate isn’t changing any faster than normal!

    2. @rolback will you need to check out that classic movie Soylent Green and see what kind of Ice Age they were thinking of.

    3. @Dave Lewis you need to check out the classic movie Soylent Green and see what they thought the future was! You may be a little misinformed. Check it out!

  6. I hope they don’t expect help from our government. Our politicians are payed by the people causing the problem.

  7. Reason for slow action: Those that can initiate the action are the ones in power. Wait until those politician’s homes get flooded and see how quickly things will change… well actually by then it is already too late.

    1. @Jock Young She got one thing right “follow the money” Under Republican policy the U.S. is one big oil company with a army.

    1. @Bob Davis A computer is a product of research and science and you apparently know that such exist. What makes you think that thousands of researchers are wrong this time? Do you think that all the floods and forest fires we’ve seen in recent times are fake news? How old are you?

    2. @Dennis Lindqvist lmao I’ve done my research. I’ve watched three fires start at the same time the same distance apart from satellite. I’ve watched an explosion in a hurricane send out a shock wave I’ve seen videos of them seeding which come on you know they admitted that I’ve seen governments spend billions on weather control. So hey use your computer and do some research for every paid scientist on the left there is a scientist on the right with video evidence. Sorry your feelings aren’t facts

    1. That was the Supreme Court that did that. The Supreme Court threw out the Constitution and instead of counting the votes, they appointed Bush.

  8. The earth isn’t set up for what globally has happened by mankind.
    Can’t break it down any more simply for people to understand.
    The earth isn’t political.
    So much ignorance, its no wonder we are where we are.

    1. The whole recycling industry, it turns out, is a scam (don’t take my word for it, we only recycle up towards 7% of all stuff that is proclaimed recyclable). What you can do at home is re-use as much as possible. That has impact. And use your vote.

  9. “It is baked in” and the longer we do nothing it gets worse and then that frequency and those extrems are baked in.

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