1. KH won’t win an open primary and that is good for Dems, as she would not be competitive in a general election

    1. @Robert Stone Are you one of those people who said JRB couldn’t win against DJT? If yes, I think your input is irrelevant.

      81,000,000 to 74,000,000.

      7,000,000 more.

  2. Whether You like Him or not, He will be 80 in November, almost 82 at the time of 2024 Election!

  3. We really, really need term limits and a mandatory retirement age (65) for elected officials. Current U.S. politics is like watching the Alzheimer’s wing of the nursing home organize a square dance. Police departments, fire departments and the military have such mandatory retirement ages and if your not convinced consider what that crazy boomer Putin is doing to the world.

    1. @spinupallmissiles Then why did he feel it necessary to take a basic cognitive function test an make it public. Remember person Woman TV?

    2. 70 to me is an okay age limit. Totally agree that something needs to change. Dianne Feinstein is like 88 and she apparently wants to keep going even though she needs help doing her job. We need to be encouraging the elderly politicians to retire. Biden, McConnell, Pelosi, Waters, Feinstein, etc. Republican and Democrat. Including Trump. We need to stop leaning on to people that are 70 and over. Get more fresh bodies at the top.

  4. Maybe it’s time for more parties or at least outliers in the parties. Shame Bernie is too young.

    1. @SNOOPY SNOOP #1 what is better now than two or three years aga, Ace? Ill wait…………..


  5. Well, that was fun…I am a full blown Democrat and my immediate family are full blown Republicans. We disagree on most things, but we agree that neither the R or D party are offering good options. Our democracy is falling apart and we need a strong, smart, moral, compassionate leader, that the majority of our country could at least stomach. I say, bring on the floods.

    1. If your a democrat then why are you complaining about all these problems? This is what you guys wanted right?

    2. @Jo Sm there is a pretty good accounting that he/she can find online.
      The blatant waste of money was unbelievable…

  6. Biden reminds me of my grandfather, when he was in his late seventies. His health & memory was fading, and he looked just like Joe!

  7. For the first weekend ever, I couldn’t afford to take my kids to McDonald’s. Sounds stupid but I feel devastated.

    1. Sorry to here that, Greg. I grew up poor and I can tell you that what matters the most to your kids is your love for them. Go hiking or work in the garden with them, teach them a skill or play backyard football. Just spend time with them. The other thing you can do from now on . . . don’t vote for democrats . . . this should never have happened and we don’t want it to happen again.

  8. This guy called Geriatric Joe a “decent and honorable man.” And Jeffery Dahmer is a vegetarian.

  9. I’ve been saying it since his inauguration speech, he needs to announce this as a one-term deal for so many reasons, give the dem candidates a chance to run. Don’t spring it on them at the last minute.

    1. Biden has every right to run for another term, I don’t care if He is one hundred years old.

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