Why Some States Are Sidelining Health Officials On Covid 1

Why Some States Are Sidelining Health Officials On Covid


Several states are passing legislation to supersede the counsel from public health officials. We get a report from NBC News Sr. Washington Correspondent Hallie Jackson and discuss it all with MSNBC Medical Contributor Dr. Nahid Bhadelia.
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    1. Yes Democrats do remind me of spoiled kids. Remember how they all cried when Hillary lost. Had puppy petting stations in college. Cry and are offended about everything Republicans do. What happened to the party of the working people? What happened to supporting unions? When did race hustling become their focus.

    2. @Polar Opposite yes Republicans do remind me of spoiled brats. Cried when 45 lost, continue to support a false narrative and easily triggered by canceled culture….

    1. Remember, the GOP is now the pro death party. Your right to life ends when you take your first breath.

    2. @Susan Wojcicki Is Asshoe Is that all you know how to say now that your precious Crowder is gone? Is this a coping mechanism? Pathetic.

  1. At this point in our history, many politicians want power over every facet of our lives. I’m not talking about Democrats because some of them are like this but not the majority. I’m talking about this bizarro world of Republicans who are not really Republicans. They are some kind of amalgamation of autocratic, self-serving monarchy wannabes that believe in one person rule while sustaining and even enhancing the power that they already think they have. It’s as if they are in some type of mass delusion which denies reality on several levels to where they think they know more than everyone else because they are too ashamed to admit their own ignorance.

    1. @Chris I don’t see susan anymore on the replies. I’m wondering if it got banned already.

    2. :You’ve got that right. Certain people want to force a woman to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term, with all the pain and risks that entails, but complain about the inconvenience of wearing a mask, or the danger of taking an extremely safe vaccine. Talk about hypocrisy.

    3. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson and you’re a troll that joined in December and then subscribe to yourself. Talk about being pitiful or maybe I’m wrong and you bullied your little brother into subscribing.

    4. @Deborah Freedman when will the Republicans due something about the maternal mortality rate in the US

  2. Outrageous So, In those states: During a Health risk- Epidemic. The people will continue to work and the children will continue to go to school. While the representatives keep the big corporations with a workforce while accommodating the working parent children with a health risk- epidemic classroom. While being paid by the Health risk- epidemic taxpayers .Smh

    1. Essentially yes. These people (politicians) believe that a manor-serf-system is more valuable than lives at this point. At the end of the day, my serf had better have his taxes ready for me, my manor, regardless of ANY hardship. They’re on MY land by my graciousness.

    2. @Syrealle Wyatt Whats it like living with such fear? You dont have a problem being herded into big box stores right??

    3. @Daniel V What fear are you talking about there slappy? And, go ahead w/ur weird crayons draw me a map of how you got from me saying GOP politicians want some form of power over (usually medical educated) civil servants looking out for PUBLIC interest not corporate interests to me going into box stores?
      Some how the 3 sentences I put up created some life illustration of me being “herded” into a box store. Pretty odd connect the dot there. Whats your next picture look like there, Rorschach?

    1. Not sure it ever didn’t have one. Humanity seems to forget their role in deciding on using it or not. Clearly those on the right have been working it overtime lately.

    2. It’s actually still in progress. We might see the results after a couple more epidemics. Natural selection will determine who lasts until the end

    3. smith  nice I made it 2 months. That is a new record for me and wow 930 comments, I didn’t even realize how dedicated I was. Thanks for acknowledging.

  3. With the advent of PC’s in the ’80’s, we entered what was coined the information age.
    We are now living in a disinformation age.
    Republicans have no interest whatsoever in building a better America.
    Instead, they seem hellbent on tearing it down.

    1. First, there have been PCs around since the 1970s, not 1980s. Look up when the first TRS-80 came out. Second, it is not the advent of computers, but the internet, that allows disinformation to be so easily spread. When I was a undergrad, in the 1970s, and first working as a computer programmer, in the early 1980s, we had email through the intranet, but no internet. The internet didn’t start to be developed until the 1990s, and then the most common domains were .edu, not .com, and people communicated on bulletin boards. I did web work in the mid 1990s, and it was crude, there were no development tools, we wrote in straight HTML, and to get traffic, we used web rings. The best search engine was Altavista. It wasn’t until YouTube, FaceBook, Google and Twitter, so not till this century, that lies could be propagated so easily.

  4. Who cares about *education, facts, public safety & knowledge* when there are *”selfishness”, their uneducated beliefs, dining out/ bar hopping & lack of hair cuts.*

    You know… the *usual* crap you need during these *dire times.*

  5. The great part of this, is that this would greatly effect those businesses that have lower profit with lower consumer traffic. you want money like PPP loans? Well ur stare is open, so no lol

  6. Oh you are afraid of taking the MRna vaccine, and you didn’t know there’s Johnson & Johnson vaccine that’s Not base on MRna available free to You?

  7. So, legislators don’t care about the welfare of their own friends and families. The Trump administration has taught them well.

    1. They have been that way for a while now. Trump just exposed and emboldened them to just not hide it anymore.

  8. This is why the US has a CDC to make rules to keep us all safe. Politicians only think of the bottom line, their pockets & can they get re-elected.

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