Why Some U.S. Service Members Are Still Vaccine Hesitant 1

Why Some U.S. Service Members Are Still Vaccine Hesitant


Morning Joe medical contributor, Dr. Dave Campbell, looks at why some U.S. troops are experiencing vaccine hesitancy.

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Why Some U.S. Service Members Are Still Vaccine Hesitant


    1. @Timmy Truth you can’t get autism twice. either way there’s no evolutionary advantages is dumb

  1. Putin got his Troops Immunized First.

    Can’t have Unvaccinated Troops plus
    Republican Senators Demoralizing
    them at Home.

    1. Lol, we walked the gauntlet when I went in. I kid you not, they had people on both sides sticking both shoulders at one time. I swear we got every vaccine on the childhood vaccination schedule and then some.

    2. @Franchesca ONeal I hear they don’t use the gun anymore. We had a guy faint standing in line.

  2. “We all have to be on the same page or our enemies are going to be celebrating.” Thank you Paul Rieckhoff for these words of wisdom and, from one Veteran to another, thank you for your service!

    1. Our enemies are already celebrating Biden’s weakness and the masses taking this deadly so called vaccine they helped create through the traitorous Fauci.

  3. Remember what age the average soldier is. 18 to 23. They’re still think they’re invincible.

    1. Regarding immunity, yes. I think the vaccine for that age is on a par with blocking proper voting standards

    2. It’s weird that the military wasn’t vaccinated already. When I was in ROTC, I was vaccinated against yellow fever, cholera, typhoid fever, etc. etc. It was given to you before you were inducted.

    1. soldiers don’t count. when you become a United States military personnel you sign a waiver to give your body to the government automatically they have the right to do any experimentation on you or otherwise. they are not normal American citizens

    2. @cheating the election That’s because you’re believing lies. It’s not mis information- it’s lies. You think you’re paranoid now, just wait till you can’t breathe. There’s nothing scarier.

    3. @cheating the election In your clinical research over the last few months, what kind of data have you collected on patients who have received the vaccine? What are you basing this statement on?

  4. Vaccinations may be “required”, but there are always “exceptions to policy” when push comes to shove for the member who doesn’t want it.

  5. What? When I was in the military, we didn’t have a choice! What’s happening? They don’t believe in the Trump vaccine?

  6. What the military needs to do if you want to enlist you get vaccinated end of story.

  7. Wait! This is a lie. In Basic Training I got so many vaccinations. They just told me and I DID. There was no thinking about it.

  8. Learn from the USS Roosevelt. Protect our troops. “Whether, it about January 6, 2021.” Congress. Leadership matters. It’s time to weed them out. They are either for us or against us. Well said. Soldier.

  9. I’ve always followed and paid close attention to viruses kinda of a hobby lol, and have ALWAYS fully supported vaccines. Did my bout in the US ARMY, served my four turn of the millennium, with all shots. Biden not placing an order for vaccination to keep mission readiness kinda for the first time installs doubt.

  10. Wait, what?! You’re in the Army now. You get your hair cut, do PT , and do whatever else Uncle Sam says. The last guy nailed it—get the shot, or you’re on the side of America’s adversaries!

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