Why Stakes Are High For Trump And 'Almost Everybody Else' | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Why Stakes Are High For Trump And ‘Almost Everybody Else’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC


USA Today's Susan Page joins Morning Joe to discuss her latest column on the second impeachment of Donald Trump. Aired on 02/09/2021.
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Why Stakes Are High For Trump And 'Almost Everybody Else' | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @LF313 the only Q I know is on STG, I’ve never watched voyager, but I watched Breaking Bad, great series. That Q crap their spitting is nonsense!

    2. @LF313 Who’s we? You think you can walk into a meeting in DC and they’ll have a chair right next to pelosi waiting for you? Listen up kid, they don’t give a sh*t about you, i’m sorry. It’s best if you just focus on reality and leave those corrupt people alone.

    3. @Allen Goodman I hate to have to correct you, but its TNG (The Next Generation). This is very important, perhaps one of the most important issues of our time: using proper terminology when referencing Star Trek sequels.
      Having said that, I have some Q-Kush.

    4. @SouthSide_ Chicago79 Dude, relax. When I say “we”, I mean Joe Biden voters. You know, as in the majority of US voters?
      You seem very aggressive and disappointed. Can I offer you an advice? Try marijuana. When Trump won his election in 2016, I was briefly upset – but then I accepted the results and rolled the blunt – and wished Trump best of luck as our President. Because I both love our country (had served in its armed forces) – and I also love my friends and countrymen that are Republican. I work with and associate with many people that voted for Trump.
      But once some of them started espousing extremism, the type that wants to see their political opponents killed – I had to draw the line. I fought against similar fundamentalism in Iraq, and hated to see it flourish here.
      At the end of the day, we have to remember that we are all Americans, and we want the same things for our society – and our children. Safety, education and opportunity.

  1. If a person holds one view in public and holds another in private is nothing more than a two faced coward.
    And can’t be trusted.

    1. @K. A. Challa Liberals burn cities for months and it’s peaceful protesting. Conservatives protest at the capital and it’s insurrection.

    2. @G Snyder Stop lying to yourself darling It’s gotten old and you deserve better than a two bit conman from N Y. Ya got played now LEARN from it & move on

    3. G Snyder, did it make a difference in how he dealt with Russia afterwards? He put America first, Trump put Putin first.

  2. Republican senators: I would vote against Trump but not publicly? Public servants one and all? Sad!!! Very sad.

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  3. This is an easy one – make the vote a secret volte. I don’t understand why everybody is scared. Treat him for what he really is…

    1. ​@༒ Di ༒ If you think his point was “pretty clear and concise.” then explain it to me or stop wasting my time.

    2. @Pete Rembranch Not sure how to make it much more clear unless you’re just looking to argue. He’s saying it took stupid people to elect a stupid president. A lot of people believed, although he filed 6 chapter 11 bankruptcies, that he would live up to his campaign promise to remove America of it’s financial debt by 2021. And “Drain the Swamp”. Which he repealed right before leaving office. Sucker born every minute I guess.

    3. @༒ Di ༒ And what relevance does that have in the context of a thread suggesting all votes should be secret?

  4. Why can’t there be a secret vote? Can’t this be decided amongst the Senate? Don’t they make the rules they abide by?

  5. It was the most stupid, inept, and disastrous coup attempt conceivable; but it almost worked. And if there is no consequence or justice, they *will* try again!

    1. @Real Talk76 I’m sure the would try the traditional way they do it by starting fires in dumpster and go from there.

    2. The MAIN PURPOSE of impeachment is NOT to remove a president from office. If so , the procedure against Trump would be superfluous. The PURPOSE is similar to putting up a road sign with a warning for everybody to see. If a president instigates his voters to make a violent attack , which leads to the killing of a policeman. If members of the president’s party in public and without copy of any death-sentence demands that other politicians be executed on the spot . . . Then there should be a warning against this irate , irresponsible propagandist . . . Killing a policeman is that “Blue lives matter” ? Is Ms. Stormy Daniels “Faith and family” ? Did Mexico pay for that wall ? Can money in a charity-fund be used for private purposes ?

    3. @Lennart Krantz they are now saying they don’t know how the police officer died now. There is no autopsy that says he died from blunt force to the head. Died after at the police station. And since we haven’t ever seen an autopsy I believe he had health problems and died from heartache or something else. This is just a political show. A show to show people that if you are not or everywhere a politician to not try to do what trump did. So if you think you are famous and think you could become president don’t even think about it. That’s what the have been trying to prove to him and everyone else even before he became president.

  6. “they have been plunged”

    No. Why do you guys do this? Language matters. They haven’t been led, they have chosen their paths, carefully. They may not like the options, but they are freely choosing to join the mob, to (maybe) save their careers.

    The proper language would be “they have plunged”. Allow them the authority of their own treasonous actions.

    1. Republican congressman, Charlie Dent, is right on with his comment that if it was a secret vote … 80-90 senators would vote to convict Chump. As it is now with votes on the record, the outcome will be lucky to be about 55 votes to convict. That should tell everyone all you need to now about the dishonesty and lack of integrity of GOP senators. Hopefully the american voter will have a long memory and vote these GOP senators out in coming years.

    2. They ran out of medals a long time ago so they tried to hack out a Nobel Peace Prize… that didn’t work either.

  7. I thought that was the whole point of America not to have a king or queen or dukes and duchesses, that no one is above the law…so it’s just us peons who face justice but never receive it.

  8. Accountability 1st
    Healing 2nd
    Unity 3rd
    This is going to take time, it may be difficult but can be done.

    1. There will never be unity so long as the media stands as it has done nothing but divide the people here’s a few good examples of what happens when you do nothing but believe the media for 4 years


























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