1. If the committee lets him into the room on camera, he’ll poop on the rug and blame everyone else.

    1. @XTREMELAWNZ judging from your troll comments in other videos of this channel I’m not going to respond to that Rusky.

  2. He’s hoping to mouth off in front of the committee and maybe he’s hearing Trump’s bus coming to run him over like he’s done to everyone else who defies Donnie.

  3. An ode to Trump guilty..

    If you’re guilty and you know it plead the 5th
    If you’re guilty and you know it plead the 5th
    If you’re guilty and you know it
    And you really want to show it
    If you’re guilty and you know it plead the 5th. 🤣

    1. that made my morning. it 5 a.m. sir and you brightened my day with doggerel. i get inspired too sometimes. thank you.

  4. Let him go to trial first and see if he still wants to talk. There’s a good reason why he’s backtracking to make a spectacle on January 6th committee is exactly right

    1. @CC Chodkowski too late. Noone cares what that liar has to say. He can tell his story from prison.

  5. What doesn’t this guy get? Trump’s people REFUSED TO TESTIFY, now they’re complaining that they want to be heard! Give me a frickin break!

    1. People have been screaming for him to testify for years and have sued him and put him in contempt so am I now hearing you don’t you don’t want to hear what he has to say?? What sense are you trying to make here because you make none so far

  6. If they interview him on TV he will grandstand and make so much chaos that the committee has to shut down. That way he can rake in the donations from his followers.
    If not Trump will say I don’t really know him I wish him the best…

    1. @Kumquat Perk They don’t need to take that risk at all. All testimony is given first in private before done in public.

  7. “When you have… your staff, taking the 5th amendment… TAKING THE FIFTH… so they’re not prosecuted… I think it’s disgraceful.” – Donald J Trump
    “The mob takes the fifth. If you’re innocent why are you taking the fifth amendment?” – Also Donald J Trump

    1. @Arthur Tennessen you do realize that Trump has no authority to grant Bannon “permission” to testify, right? Executive privilege applies to the sitting President. In addition, Bannon was not a part of the administration at that point, so privilege would not apply to him, even if 45 had that authority to grant privilege, which he doesn’t.

    2. @Arthur Tennessen Oh boy! LoL. Was the January 6 attack on our Capitol justified, morally and legally Arthur? In your humble opinion.🙄

  8. Surprised no one mentioned he would also somehow try and grift this for some sort of contribution money. It’s a given with Trumpsters.

  9. Bannon thought himself a super villain, when in reality he is just another run of the mill crook with a podcast…only in a America. #behindbarsbannon

  10. I say let him stand trial first. Bannon needs to know that no one is above the law. If he’s convicted he has plenty of time to prepare a written affadavit of what he wants to admit. He’ll also have time to write his version of mein kamfp, lol.

  11. 2 years of prison time?

    It will usually make the toughest guy weep and even Steve-o had to stop deluding himself about his innocence.

  12. Simple, he is trying to stay out of jail. He has used all of his lifelines. Seems odd that he did not testify yet as he claimed executive privilege, but Trumps lawyer came out and said he never had it in the first place. Have him go to trial and send him to jail. Too little too late.

  13. *Trump made a statement! Watch the video you will be shocked* EVERYDAYS.ML

    Mr.Dunn – respect for you.

    1. @Darrell B we don’t have one now with Joey.. lol. Gass 7 a gallon? Food? Please. Sad lost goat

    2. @Juan Diaz You are correct .Hard to believe either side.Didn’t vote for either . Kind of circling the wagons .Things are going to get much worse .As M.Mary said .Hold tight to Jesus .Only he can save us .God in Heaven knows the truth .Good enough for me Juan .God bless you .Peace out

  14. I think it was his lawyers that changed his mind. They had become to expensive and drained him for way to much money.

  15. He’ll turn up and give nothing away. I believe he’s trying to play both sides. Hopefully, this won’t work but I’m not holding my breath

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