Why Stone, Manafort, Flynn Could Be Given Grand Jury Subpoenas In Future | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Why Stone, Manafort, Flynn Could Be Given Grand Jury Subpoenas In Future | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


Mueller prosecutor Andrew Weissmann weighs in on Trump's pardoning of Roger Stone, Paul Manafort and Charles Kushner, saying that Stone, Manafort and Michael Flynn could be subpoenaed in the future and cannot be pardoned for future crimes. Aired on 12/24/2020.
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Why Stone, Manafort, Flynn Could Be Given Grand Jury Subpoenas In Future | Morning Joe | MSNBC

104 Comments on "Why Stone, Manafort, Flynn Could Be Given Grand Jury Subpoenas In Future | Morning Joe | MSNBC"

  1. Pardons for co-conspirators in crime are illegal. Have none of Trump’s lawyers told him this?

    • @Jay W “everyone knows your a clown”
      everybody knows that the dice are loaded
      everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
      everybody knows the war is over
      everybody knows the good guys lost

    • @myfavoriteiz “and I wouldn’t be surprised if other countries sue Tump”
      Iran has a warrant out for his arrest.

    • @Lisa Clark sure. we were gonna see last nov 3, then int he weeks after nov , then dec 8, then dec 14th, then dec 18th, now we’ll see jan 6.
      and then we’ll seen int he weeks after that, then we’ll see jan 20, and when Biden takes office then,
      we’ll see every week after as you all will claim that somebody or other will decide Biden didn’t really win and tell him to leave the White House and put trump back in.
      we will see then, or in 2024, when trump runs again, and when he loses then, we will see the same thing all over.

    • @Edgar Critter “Trump who was in bed with Russia”
      actually it was
      and he’s been helping them out even now.

    • @Lisa Clark Delusional as F.

  2. There could also be Congressional committee subpoenas, and the pardoned people wouldn’t have Fifth Amendment protection there either, and lying under oath to Congress would be a new, unpardoned crime too.

    • @Shihai6 trump the stable genius think barely passed a cognitive test

    • @Lee Christmas Pence can’t pardon him unless he steps down as president and he won’t even admit he lost the election.

    • @allen benjamin they could just send a marshal to drag them in chains….it is a legal option.

    • @allen benjamin “Unfortunately Congress does not have a good reputation for having subpoenas answered. ”
      their own fault.
      they could have jailed every single trumpist who refused to answer the supoenas.
      they could have even arrested and jailed Will Barr, because their police do not answer to the DOJ.
      but the wimpy Dems refused to do thi.
      me, I woulda and Barr would be behind bars right now refusing to testify.

    • @michael huppertz “They might still try to refuse testimony so as not to incriminate themself in an upcoming state court prosecutions”
      they might.
      but in accepting he pardon they are admitting guilt.
      so it won’t be hard to find them guilty in any state court, they prosecution only needs to point out they were pardoned.

  3. Terrance Wilson | December 24, 2020 at 8:09 AM | Reply

    Hmmm 🤔. Let’s see if the new AG have the balls to push the issue.

  4. Weissman is itching to have another crack at them. Good on him as well. Trump deserves time.

  5. Won’t Trump be lonely if he let’s all his friends out?

  6. Samuel Sotunde | December 24, 2020 at 8:16 AM | Reply

    I hope the new AG goes after Trump. He has got away with his criminal conduct for far too long.

    • Ginger Nightmare | December 24, 2020 at 6:06 PM | Reply

      Mitchy has stated that the Senate will not approve any AG that will go after Trump. So again it all comes down to who wins in Georgia. Mitch must be taken down.

    • @Ginger Nightmare They can do what Trump did and put an acting AG. After all, if its good for the gop, it should be good for the dems.

    • Gary Beauchamp | December 24, 2020 at 9:31 PM | Reply

      You can’t let go of hating Trump eh? What…will…. you…do for fun when Trump isn’t President? It just won’t be the same going after private citizen Trump. Most people will not give a hoot except of course the fans of MSNBC that must feed off of Trump hate as without it life it seems would be empty. A sad thing and totally unproductive for the betterment of this country. In days of yore many hated Nixon with similar dedication but after he resigned they lost interest. Hate is a heavy thing to carry around all the time. I hope you get your wish because if the AG goes after him it will do more harm to Biden than good. Of course the election was not about love for Biden but about hatred for Trump as evidenced by the endless pursuit of him and by MSNBC and its “army” of fans.

    • @Gary Beauchamp Wrong on all accounts Trump is a criminal and a traitor to the US and it’s Constitution. Elections have consequences and if you can do the time don’t do the crime. Nobody in America is above the law note even your hero Trump.

    • Who ever holds the position should do that. That is what their Duity is; to prosecute CRIMINALS.

  7. We would like to thank the state of Kentucky for giving us this scientist Mitch McConnell. I could not find one like him in the nearest dumpster.

    • Mr walking talking rigor mortis.

    • @Augie Rockero
      Start spreading the news

    • @mary Rose the poor and downtrodden ALWAYS unite behind those who will tell them WHAT to believe, WHO to be afraid of, WHO to hate, and WHO to blame for their woes. And rich Republicans pay good money to keep them that way, it ensures their elite status continues unbroken.

    • @Joel Hummel my daughter has lost her mind and her children this covid Christmas i pray for all to be chastised at the Feet of Our Lord for all their sins they commit against us all

    • since trump has abandoned his post can we just have SCOTUS go ahead and swear in Biden NOW!
      please end this madness – the republicans won’t – though they COULD do it in an hour.

  8. amela solarKidd | December 24, 2020 at 8:19 AM | Reply

    Remember when Barr admitted to Congress, without his usual hesitation, that to pardon someone for their silence would be a CRIME?

  9. Liberal in Oklahoma | December 24, 2020 at 8:22 AM | Reply

    That Department of Justice policy IS ASININE !!!!

    • Random Internet User | December 24, 2020 at 10:49 AM | Reply

      It’s not policy. It was a memo written during Bush Jr. to excuse presidential accountability for torture of “non-combatants”. Written by partisan DOJ lawyer not for the president but the whole administration because they were breaking international and constitutional law.
      It is now used to argue that presidents are innocent and un-prosecutable even if proven guilty by evidence and testimony.

    • New York is comin’ for you, Donnie…New Yoooooork, New Yoooooooork…come on, sing it with me!

    • It’s COMPLTELY asinine. The DOJ justifies their policy of not indicting a sitting president by saying that an indicted president would have too much to worry about and not be able to continue to fulfill his/her normal daily job expectations. Which is ridiculous because that’s absolutely no different than an impeached president having to worry about an upcoming Senate trial. Might as well repeal impeachment from the Constitution by DOJ logic.

    • Well that’s a thing we might wanna tthink about changing.

  10. In a way Trump is pointing the finger who the crooks are with all these pardons

  11. If you can’t put them in prison including Trump keep them in court so that they have to waste their ill gotten money away on lawyers. States can sue all these mothers

  12. It would be funny all these criminals get pardon and trump goes to jail after convicted of high treason later on as trump

    • @jan cam Obama administration was against saying merry Christmas. Because it was offensive. As they bombed more countries then any other president. And deported more imergrents the any other president. Then they spy on there political rivals and brainwashed you.

    • @zooallow 1025 No , the Obama administration was not against saying Merry Christmas. The other points you made, both of us have to do some research on .You should look up the words you can’t spell. I always have to and it gives your arguments more authority

    • @jan cam what gives my arguments more authority are facts. The fact that Obama biden deported more people the any other president. And the fact that this election was rigged. And if biden doesn’t want to be labeled a illegitimate president. He himself should call for a audit. Because e will never be excepted.

    • @zooallow 1025 But those are not really facts though.

    • @jan cam ok lets just put it this way. If trump team is asking for forensic voter machine audit. And the request is denied. Or the request is excepted and the mechine have been deleted. Then that state will not count on January 6. If there’s no fraud then biden needs to prove it. Of he will never be a valid president to half the country. But instead the fraud that he is.

  13. Trump is going to let his mouth put him in jail yet

  14. tanattecnocraft | December 24, 2020 at 8:32 AM | Reply

    Pardon means admitting guilty of a crime with Trump, now he will be brought to justice.

    • @Lisa Clark Recently joined, zero subscribers, zero channel content = troll. Stop it “Lisa”.

    • @P. Brad P. Brad = Fan of the disgusting, racist, cheating Joe and his disgusting family 🤪

    • @Cecilia Lamson You will see silly 😜

    • @Tyronie Shut up you disgusting, racist cheater 🤪

    • Gary Beauchamp | December 24, 2020 at 9:36 PM | Reply

      I hope democrats waste their time going after Trump, they failed when he was President and if you get your way and they keep it up it will do them more harm than good. I thought Biden wanted to “heal” the country. Will going after Trump do this or will it just satisfy his most ardent haters who can’t let go of their obsession. It shows the welfare of the country is the last thing his haters care about.

  15. Looks like the never ending, corrupt Trump reality show will continue..

  16. Yes sir. They just waived their fifth amendment rights after accepting their pardons. See you on the Hill Manafort and Poppadops

  17. This is the man that should be AG,…MR WEISSMAN, he will go after trump, Mr WEISSMAN will send a shiver down Trump’s non existent spine.

  18. All these criminals, including Trump needs to be put into prison where they all belong.

  19. They need to enact new laws that a sitting President can be charged with crimes he commits while in office.

    • @L. Fox thin 😂😂😂

    • @Richard Adams I feel ya there friend, but politics have been dirty and corrupt since money was invented. These traitors just found the loop holes. Classic orange Hitler M.O.

    • @Joel Hummel Im what? We would need a senate with morals, national pride, respect. Not a gang of pirates!

    • @L. Fox They always make the big promises, but take advantages of the loop holes. We need to do away with political parties altogether, and give Americans the right to hold votes of no confidence to bad actors

    • Even if it’s not a law now, shouldn’t it be unlawful for a President to commit crimes?

  20. If we don’t prosecute these people it’s as bad as the crimes themselves.

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