1. Now who’s questioning the FBI. CNN isn’t that like the pot calling the kettle black. Any one that is even remotely followed NASCAR knows that drama seems to follow Bubba. Watson around. It didn’t smell right from the start those garage areas are to well patrolled by the team’s NASCAR and security for that kind of thin to be done to a specific driver.

    1. I wonder what black people think when they see white sheets hanging from clothesline. I’m guessing they think the KKK lives in that house.

    1. @Alex Zagami and how exactly could one prove what CNN wants? It’s speculation, well founded speculation though, since they have quite the reputation for just running with speculative news when it suits their narrative, like how everything is racist and America sucks, sucks so bad that people have to fake hate crimes to get fame and attention, through the pipeline of leftist hack media like CNN. But you know all of this. You’re just being a pretentious tool and saying “ney ney ney ney, you can’t prove it!!!”.

    2. EternalFame I just watched that 15 minute video year that’s 100% proof of cnn wanting to make up hate crimes

  2. It was a slip knot rope to tie to the garage door to help pull it down. All the garages do it. This was all a jump to a conclusion BS allegation.

  3. 15 FBI agents how incompetent are these guys. They would not send that many to a serial murder scene if there were 100 white bodies found.

    1. Guy Richardson I’m sure they sent more agents to investigate the murder of a 3 year old in Chicago. Oh….wait.😢

  4. Only a moron would think that this rope was anything other than a pull rope for the freakin door its attached to. This was for attention. Nothing more. Pure attention grab. Shameful

  5. I’m just glad CNN covered this. Figured they can’t talk about the children killed in Chicago but this door pull is huge news! Priorities. Am I right?

    1. Or the 120 thousand dead Americans…or the EU banning flights from the USA….while the dumbass President host an indoor rally.

  6. I’ve never seen Anderson Coopers so sad and disappointed before. The way he stutters, 2:03 trying to be like ” you sure it wasn’t a hate crime?”

    1. Jason Koster I believe your suffering from TDS check with your local doctor for your prescription👍

    2. Jason Koster. No one will take you serious if you can’t spell BOY but hey that the democratic run schools for you.

    1. Less than it takes to find out FOX is fake, they outright refuse to legally call themselves news since they wouldn’t be able to lie the way they do otherwise.

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