Why The GOP Rejecting Biden's Infrastructure Offer Is Good For Dems 1

Why The GOP Rejecting Biden’s Infrastructure Offer Is Good For Dems


Rachel Maddow reviews the familiar pattern taking place in negotiations over the infrastructure bill as Democrats make concessions to weaken the bill in the hopes of drawing Republican votes that will never come, and the Beltway press assesses Democratic progress toward bipartisanship. But as that plays out, Democrats are still preparing to govern without Republicans. 
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  1. I live in a very small village in Western France with 300 families. We have 2 electric vehicle charging points…..and this is the case over most of France

    1. @Mango we might be the richest but that’s due to smart investments, what’s the point of spreading charge stations all across the US when not even .4% of the population has access or will use them? (Fun fact they’re also 10x more expensive to repair them and weather in the US is funky to say the least) Electric will make its way into US infrastructure and it will do it by traditional/commercial practices.

    2. @altareggo 75% nuclear in France…pray someone doesn’t f up there job (Chernobyl taught us that in our history class)

    3. @Shuai Ge yeah they’re also over 91% asian and have had little to any social constructs setting them back, whereas currently In the US liberal ideology believes that we need to regress and dull most to all subjects regarding math and industry and have them replaced with “critical race theory” or “socio and ethnic awareness” classes, it’s only hit a few dozen schools but it’s taking root

    1. @therealhumanguineapig To be clear, Christian republicans are just the other side of the socialist democrat coin, both sides are too dumb to see that. Not my issues, I’m not in either camp

    2. yes because reading troll comments is sooo rewarding. Nothing worse than a bunch of crying babies screaming at each other

    3. @Max Powers – Good boy! Do you want a biscuit or something? LMAO!! Take care troll! Enjoy living in ignorance in fantasy land! Glad you enjoyed being called out for being a fool also!

    4. @Max Powers – I do love the fact that you can’t seem to help justifying something you can’t prove at all to a random stranger online tho! In my opinion, it’s funny that people as ignorant as you seem to be also claim to not be republicans, lol! You seem a lot like a rat fleeing a sinking ship to me! Whatever you really are Max, it seems secondary to being a pretty pathetic loser, as far as I am concerned. No offense tho! Take care!

    1. @Rick Rocio They divide us and give us a false “us or them” choice. Its generally We the People vs Washington D(N)C. and Washington D(N)C is 93 % Democrat. The handful of Repubs left are cowards and phonies.

    2. The fact is you can call yourself anything in this country you want but that doesn’t mean you are that. If you think you are an independent but you only vote Democrat, then guess what brainiac…you are a Democrat. Think about it for a minute it’s not that difficult to figure out. I do agree that most of this country is Independent in that they will vote one party or the other based on what is best for them at the time.

    3. @John Connor How do we get 300 million other Americans to realize that? Stop sending 3 billion to Israel and spending more then all other countries combined on war. I almost jumped ship back in the 90s and became Canadian.

  2. Any effort to stop sending jobs overseas? That’s how I lost mine. Ten years of experience thrown away.

    1. @Florin Jurcovici funny enough ive seen people try to aruge against this idea , they don’t realize how dumb they sound.

    2. @Star Sojourner I think there is Big Corp. corruption on both sides of the isle…except for many of the progressives in Congress…Bernie, AOC, etc…they’re “Grass Roots” way of campaigning for their money is what so many American’s do respect about them, even if their policies are polar opposite to theirs and also why the (R) in Congress and elsewhere put AOC down, well one of the reasons, anyways…

    3. @Annette Zaleski I might agree with you- but I dont agree that AOC is “uncorrupted” when she advocated recently that convicted illegal aliens belonging to MS13 Gang, should not be deported. I predict that it wont take long for everything that was great in 2019 to come crashing down- economy, jobs, stock markt, law and Order, society and Logic in the world – you name it..

    1. @livi thebeast It did, under Trump we only had 800 or so illegal crossings a day, under Biden 6000 a days, keep sipping that DNC koolaid

    1. many of these are trolls just click on thier names and you will see no content on thier sites, like they were just born today

  3. If the prosecutor who’s investigating my son is not fired then you ain’t getting the billion dollars – Cho Xiden

    1. @Kat loves dogs Well we believe in verifiable data, while you believe factoids from someone’s emotional response

    2. @Doug Buse
      I love democrap “facts” like unlimited genders and the world ending in 10 years lol

    3. @The Heretic “All anyone have to do is refer to something as “conspiracy theory“ and just like that you dismiss it.”

      Dude… The US government wanted that guy fired, Biden was just the messenger. You THEORIZE that it was actually a CONSPIRACY to stop Bidens son from being investigated. It isn’t that it’s crazy yo, it’s that it is demonstrably and provably false. Why would anyone take that seriously?

    4. @Doug Buse That’s a CNN talking point, Doug. No evidence that anyone wanted that prosecutor out other than Beijing Biden. Either way, it’s still Quid Pro Joe…..he admitted it on video. But you go ahead and defend him.

    1. @brady chick Actually infrastructure only needs 600 billion. Idk why there is 1.1 trillion of fluff

  4. Unfortunately I cannot have an immortal bunny it seems too many plays in too many factors control me I tried so much and yet so little but I still have a rabbit in a sense he is just kind of tense right now I cannot bring him out of his fence patience though yet I can bet after days in the Darkness he may move like a carcass and forget as to I wonder such a bummer that I don’t remind anyone of Summer I will be able to bring my bunny just it seems like he isn’t as much more funny I don’t know what has triggered him but he cannot progress

  5. Imagine a group of people so disgusting they have to make laws making it illegal to hate them!

    1. Actually, you should ponder a group so spineless and wicked that they pass such laws. Because if you so much as discuss it in the Western World except the US, you will go to prison even though you only state specific, demonstrable facts in the public domain.

      The US should ponder that no legitimate President needs an army to protect him from those he governs.

    1. Nope it’s just redistribution to infrastructure instead of buying extra bombs we are just fixing things that should have been fixed a long time ago

  6. Why this isn’t media but rather agenda pushing
    Guys just join Sky news Australia for a balanced approach

    1. Balanced wouldn’t be correct. Im pretty sure one of the host was making fun of Palestine going through what’s considered warcrimes

    1. Out here changin’ hearts and minds, are you? I’m ready to be convinced that Joe Biden is corrupt, so stop parroting propaganda and _show_ me. Cite your sources, big boy. Post a link.

    2. @Carolyn Talbot one it’s big guy… any sources that he posts will most likely come from media that’s more on the right. Which means that you’ll automatically dismiss it. If you wanted evidence youd just Google it. The only thing that’ll make you somewhat happy is a direct confession from the man himself. You close yourself off from the real world, the same one which produced the crack addict that is hunter Biden.

    3. @Carolyn Talbot

      Its just all politics

      We’ll see what happens by 2024 because Biden is at a pace of spending more than Obama and Trump combined if he keeps going at it the way he is right now. So much for “taking back our futures” when many essentials too were MUCH cheaper last year vs now. We’ve been having a lot of inflation in case you haven’t noticed.

    1. Conservative news will brain drain you
      Actually reading the bill it’s just a infrastructure bill and conservatives dont care they lie about what’s in it because they never want anything to get done

    2. @StyxLicks Why don’t you post a link? Where are 90% of the funds going, according to the bill you definitely read?Show, don’t tell;-)

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