Why The Peak Of The Delta Covid Surge Is Likely Still Far Off 1

Why The Peak Of The Delta Covid Surge Is Likely Still Far Off


With a stark new warning from the CDC about how pervasive the Delta variant is across the nation, vaccine scientist Dr. Peter Hotez joins to discuss when we could possibly begin to see a peak to the current surge of Delta variant cases among the unvaccinated.
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    1. @cortical1 Somewhere out there is a 2 year old girl whose mother is a stripper, her father is a crackhead and her grandpa is president of the United States.
      Fact check THAT

    2. @cortical1 I ran into Alistair this morning and he’s doing a bit better. See y’all on the yacht in 30. Can’t wait to see what Lauren and Jasmine wear. We know Chrissie won’t wear a thing.

    3. @Chuck Darwin That’s good about AO. Get here early if you can because the chef made a brunch before launch. We’re hanging and eating.

    4. @cortical1 Americans July 4, 1776
      I live off the land. I’m willing to sacrifice everything to rebel and gain liberty.
      Americans on July 4, 2021
      Thank you Mr Biden for letting me have a bbq. Use my pronouns or I’ll have a panic attack.

    1. @outdoor fun good thing I don’t live in Israel. Thank goodness it’s just the unvaccinated that’s keeling over in the US

    1. Well they are red state and it’s sad they are not the only red state don’t want to wear a mask , that’s thanks to their governors.

    2. @chris hansen hey jerk- do you even know what antifa means??? every single Americn is antifa- it stands for ANTI FACISM. so u less your a big fan of nazis and Putin- you are with the philosophy of antifacism. and jerk- antifa ISN”T an organization- it’s a philosophy.of anitfacism. there are no antifa groups anyone can join- there are no headquarters, it’s just people who are against facist and that’s EXACTLY why we fought WW2.

  1. Once enough kids die the unvaccinated anti mask crowd will come around. Not all of them…a lot will be dead. That’s the cost of denying science.

    1. You think? How many school shootings in the US over the years to the tune of do absolutely nothing?

      Doing nothing is the US MO.

    2. 630,000 Americans have already died from covid. I don’t think any number of dead children will make them come around.

    3. They only care about future children, the unborn fetus. Once they breath oxygen those fetus are on their own!

  2. So strange, some want the third shot even though they may not need it. Then we have people who are eligible to get the shot & won’t take it no matter what.

    1. @Bill Jones do the world a favor Bill[- don’t get vaccinated and don’t wear a mask. the sooner the stupid people die off from this virus the better. so not obedience- but smart with a desire to keep living.

  3. I think that a lot of the ones that have gotten the third shot are the high risk people. I know about one and his dr arranged it.

    1. Those things aren’t zombies but they are definitely not humans. They are maga trash and the faster COVID-19 takes out that trash the better. The only good maga is a dead maga.

  4. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of bikers are in Sturgis to make sure more people get Covid-19 around the country over the next few months, their idea of patriotism.

    1. Most of the Sturgis klan rally are magas and the only good maga is a dead maga. C’mon COVID-19, take out the maga trash!!!!

    1. Yeah, but it’s going to take a hundred years for enough of the dumb people to die off from this, before that change takes effect. But that is how evolution works; slowly.

    1. We should put Republicans who can’t provide proof of vaccination in camps, They’re destroying our future!

    2. @Bonerjamz 03 really they need to quarantine at home. Gathering them in camps would be an epidemiological disaster.

  5. Nice that Big Joe is calling them out ,now when are the local cops gonna arrest those A-holes for assault and threatening???

  6. You think it’s spreading fast now; just wait til three quarters of a million bikers get back home from sturgis!!!

    1. Did you know 30,097,898 people in the US have recovered from Covid? Did you know that Covid has a mortality rate in the US of 0.02114%. Did you know that 80% of these deaths are individuals over 65? Did you know that the majority of the deaths of those over 65 had at least a single morbidity and the deaths of those under 65 normally had more than one? Free your mind!

    2. @Lost Tribe taking the numbers you gave as truth and extrapolating … that’s 7,017,101 American deaths. Seems like a lot if we can still prevent the majority of those still. Sort of a weird boast that you’re a free thinker if you’re okay with that many American people dying when it could be preventable with minor measures being taken.

    3. @Lost Tribe correct. I used your numbers to extrapolate to the us population. Obviously not accurate given vaccine status for 70% of adults etc, but favoring that in it still results in millions of deaths in total.

  7. These anti-maskers & the ones who won’t have a vaccine are extremely selfish. It’s all about me. They have no concerns for their families or the broader community. What is even worse is that they have no concerns for their children. The so-called macho males, like to scream & rant like fisher’s wife but their children, who are the innocent victims in this because they cannot make a decision on vaccines or mask wearing, will die. When they do, these parents will blame everyone else except themselves. They don’t deserve to have children.

  8. So now here we are today watching all of these delusional crazed cult members with no place to send them. Covid variants will be in this country long after I’m gone.

  9. All those health care workers should walk out and let those protestors do the work they do.. all of them should quit– I would not take that kind of abuse and disrespect from absolutely NO ONE… For no reason under any circumstances..

  10. Karens and Kens yell “we want intubation “ “we dont like masks” “we know vaccines are not safe” “we will die for our freedoms” lol

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