Why the price of furniture is skyrocketing in Canada 1

Why the price of furniture is skyrocketing in Canada


The price of some new furniture in Canada might make you fall off your chair.

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  1. That’s crazy! Paying $6,000 for a sofa that may last 3 years is my limit. Certainly not paying $24,000, many will lose their business.

    1. Canadians do and are of better quality. I haven’t shopped at a Leon’s for decades because the quality was garbage for the price. This isn’t going to affect me at all because I already thought the prices were inflated on the non-Canadian made goods.

  2. Does this mean we can get local for less? I am not against more taxes on imports…why did the government have to wait so long to insentivise Canadians to buy local?

  3. Most Canadians can no longer afford a house in Canada now it’s furniture next will be gas and food. That covers most of life’s necessities, well done Canada.

  4. My husband makes live edge furniture. I wonder if this means that they’ll be more of a demand for his products?

  5. $25,000. what a joke. go to Leons made in canada furniture website. there is stuff starting at 600. just make it in canada. its just a bit of wood, foam and fabric.

  6. According to the experts, once you take out things like gas out of the CPI, inflation is almost flat. So basically, as long as you don’t buy the things you normally do, inflation isn’t a concern or a result of insane government spending.

  7. It’s because Furniture businesses were not damage from C19 as much as they would have been. Governments in Other countries Dictate Policies. Through mechanisms Of taxation

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