Why The U.S. Attacked Iranian-Backed Militias In Syria | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC 1

Why The U.S. Attacked Iranian-Backed Militias In Syria | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


The United States launched airstrikes in Syria yesterday, the first known airstrikes of Joe Biden’s presidency. NBC News Chief Foreign Correspondent Richard Engel and former Army General Barry McCaffrey join Stephanie Ruhle to discuss what all of this means and why you should care. Aired on 02/26/2021.
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Why The U.S. Attacked Iranian-Backed Militias In Syria | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. GODS..Canceling your Culture Republicans..been doing it for a while now…and the beatings will continue till moral improves!!!

    1. I’m sure Iranian will love this in America if it does happen.Cruz was one of several high-profile speakers to open CPAC on Friday. During his speech, the Texas Republican, seen as a possible 2024 contender, declared that former President Trump will continue to be a leading voice in the Republican Party. Iranian will surely love orange campaign

    1. Why is no president standing up against it? wheether Gop or Dems? I remember Tulsi during the debates said she will be anti war and stop regime change wars.

    1. Isn’t that exactly what they intended? We could blow the mid east off of the map with a bunny fart. This was just a warning. Or a jab as you put it. Relax.

    2. @Brandy Courvoisier No, it is not what they intended. It’s what we are sold. They began ”just warning” them in ’58.

      If you want to make the case for endless war though I’d hear you out. That might be for the best. But let’s not pretend we are talking about something else at this point.

    3. @John WattNot by war profits. Those go to a rather narrow demographic of war profiteers. If it were a simple case of pillage them/ benefit us; I’d hear out your list of target countries we can sack. Afterwards we can vote on how to divide spoils. In the meantime spare me the propaganda.

    4. Nobel Warmonger : Operation “hellhound” is green light.
      Generals : Our pilots are ready my fuhrer.. 🙂
      Captains & Pilots : Aye..my leech !!?

      MSM : Any new$ from Iran.. sir ? What will happen sir ?
      Nobel Warmonger : We will make Peace by War.
      Citizens : @_@ “Peace by War” @_@ “Peace by War” @_@

      [in darkside]
      Giants Military Industry : $_$ [$ilent]
      Satan : hahaha…

    1. No war has been started….defensive attacks re American’s lives. But it is OK when someone else turned a blind eye on Khashoggi’s killing for personal $$$$.
      But you do you!

    1. @Brandy Courvoisier We all know the delay is because the republiclans are being their usual greedy selves. The comment was just funny.

    2. @tea42 time to get a job, buddy. The stimulus checks are a ways out. If $15 bones an hour doesn’t entice you, I don’t know what will.

    3. @Four Flat Tires Rolling Uphill Yeah, but what job? With the virus around, most places are shut down. Others don’t have openings. Illegals work for less so they are first to be hired when there is an opening. I would work for less… but nothing available. Oh well.

  2. The worried boat thermodynamically wobble because korean univariately need during a milky question. green grey grieving, skinny politician

  3. MSNBC freaked out when Trump bombed that Iranian general away and now you celebrate Biden for the exact same thing ???

  4. …don’t forget about the nat gas pipeline they want to get through Syria to Europe…but yea screw the keystone pipeline….

    1. Q:What the Yankee OCCUPANTS doing so far from HOME ??
      A:Murdering peasants ,supporting terrorists and THIEVING !!

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