Why The U.S. Needs A ‘Full Audit’ Of Covid Pandemic Response 1

Why The U.S. Needs A ‘Full Audit’ Of Covid Pandemic Response


“Where the coronavirus came from is one of many things that really should be investigated about the pandemic, and the response to it,” says Chris Hayes. “There were a lot of mistakes that were made—so, I for one, want a full audit.”
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    1. @J anyone with a brain can see that the AZ audit is a sham perpetuated by trumps lie.

  1. why must you associate fruits and vegetables with organic. just having regular grown fruits and vegetables in your grocery list and diet is already difficult enough without being charged a bomb with the word “organic” slapped on it.

  2. 4 Americans were killed in Benghazi and republicans just couldn’t stop investigating it, while according to some studies, Trump’s handling of the pandemic has cost the US at least 400,000 excess deaths, and republicans are like “Trump has done such an excellent job! Let’s move on. No investigation is needed.”

    1. Except you can’t attribute 400,000 deaths from a virus to one person. That’s like blaming the Spanish Flu on Woodrow Wilson.

      Secondly, Fox and those sympathetic to Trump were the only ones who did their due diligence last year and found that organizations associated with Fauci spent money in Wuhan for Gain-Of-Function research. Are you going to advise everyone on planet Earth to participate in a class action lawsuit against Fauci if that turns out to be the case?

    2. @Gabonzo, leave Dr. Fauci alone. Due diligence? You let 400 000 people die because the POTUS claimed that it wasn’t real, that it was started by the Democrats to make him look bad. He told us that masks didn’t work and we should bleach our insides to stop the virus. He has also had the vaccine. Do you get that? The network and the president that you say did due diligence harmed this country more than it helped.

  3. the questions that should be asked are related to federal law and the safety and health of the people of this nation, the congress of this nation who controls homeland security who the CDC reports to, all of which informs other agencies as to the actions needed to protect this nation have been severely hampered by congress who has failed the people of this nation.

    1. Thomas McSweeney NO, they were NOT hampered by congress they were hampered by trump

  4. If Republicans can audit the election based on a lie, then Dems can audit the pandemic based on the truth.

    1. @David Hale NO, no one has said the virus came from a lab, even research shows that it is NOT lab made

    2. @Mike Grzincic well it is true that stupidity knows no boundaries, and you just proved that.

  5. LOL We have an audit for 9/11, Benghazi, but we don’t need one on Covid-19 and the riot at the Capitol…yeah, that makes sense

    1. BLM, Antifa, Cuomo, Hamas, NordStream2.. The shootout at George Floyds memorial. No need to investigate any of that lol.

    2. @J Stop with the false equivalencies. The two events were completely different. BLM are protesting over centuries of human rights abuses, police brutality and racism. You MAGAts lost an election. And to the point, most of the BLM riots and looting were gangs, rightwing insurgents and opportunists. The VAST majority were extremely peaceful. But you go ahead with your little talking points and white privilege tantrums, I’m sure someone is interested

    3. @nemo4evr First of all there were over 10 investigations into Benghazi. Second, you are right. BLM protests were taken over by the fringe of the far right. Breaking glass in shops and inciting violence is what the far right does very well. Everything the Republicans do, they blame the Democrats for. Let’s face it, the people who were at the insurrection were a bunch of looney tunes but make no mistake, they were Republicans. They can’t win unless they cheat. They are so afraid of what’s going to happen to them when the majority of this country isn’t white. I can’t wait for that day and I am as white as can be. The behavior of many white people this year has left my blood cold. No one has the right to take away your vote. That’s not democracy, that’s fascism.

    4. @J NO, it is NOT the same, You must have FAILED kindergarten because you sure don’t know how to tell the difference

  6. No kidding! They want to audit all these fair and ACCURATE elections, we definitely should be auditing all the failures of trump not willing to handle this pandemic! All those lies!

    1. @Giggitty Giggitty well, you do know that the Trump administration gutted the CDC by eliminating their high ranking personnel, and then the failure to develop the ventilators and masks can be laid at Trump’s doorstep. So can the idea of leaving “blue” states without needed assistance because Kushner thought it a good idea to have his little committee of dunces do nothing and let the thing become a political football instead of a national response to a crisis.

    2. @Mark Gibson CDC was not gutted. You are thinking about pandemic response that was moved to another department. Ventilators were not waited on NY had 10,000 in a warehouse that they didn’t use. As for blue states governors are supposed to do the job taking care of their constituents in their states. That’s their job, the feds step in if help is needed. Their is a separation of state and federal powers. Seems you need to brush up on your civics lessons.

      What can be laid at Trumps doorstep is his cringe press conferences. They didn’t add any confidence it was under control. The media did not help they attacked the admin at every step and covered for China by saying the virus didn’t leak from the lab. Which now seems to have leaked from a lab. Follow the money China owns the USA and the media and around 2000 major companies. Thank our politicians for selling us out.

    3. @Giggitty Giggitty when trump issued the national emergency it became his problem, CDC and WHO told trump what to do, but he did NOT listen, trump is the one who hid information, Biden hasn’t canceled any investigation.

    4. @Giggitty Giggitty CDC pandemic team was gutted, trump sent them to other departments or got rid of them. trump got rid of the pandemic response team and created his own with Pence as head of that. NY is NOT the only blue state that needed ventilators and PPE’s, those states had to fight our own government for those. When trump issued the national emergency he became responsible for ALL states. What can be laid at trumps feet, is his lack of response, denials, and delays to our nation causing over a half million deaths. NO one has the virus leaked from the lab, China does NOT own the media, again you make up crap.

  7. Trump caught on tape defending himself saying he lied about covid to keep the panic down… imagine how many lives could’ve been saved if he had been honest or cared

    1. Now imagine how many lives would have been lost by people panicking and fighting over the last bag of noodles at the grocery.

    2. Miles Taylor and Olivia Troye, both republicans, quit the Pence run Covid Task Force because it was run like an “optics” campaign, prioritizing the appearance of Trump winning and overcoming Covid without really dealing with it. Trump’s appointee for the CDC communications department,  Michael Caputo, was guilty of changing their releases to the public. About 3 weeks ago three health organizations reached the same conclusion in their studies.  That hundreds of thousands of lives could have been saved if the Trump admin hadn’t prioritized Trump instead of Covid. Early 2020, “It’s a demo hoax”, then in two months, “It will all just go away.” Then the rallies with little or no safety protection. Magas under the illusion that there was little risk. Covid was Trumps giant bedbug infestation at Trump Doral. Just pull a clean white sheet over it. Like we did to over 400,000 people. Criminal.

    3. @ofiver Imagine if Trump hadn’t sent COVID to the Navajo Nation and El Paso TX because they vote Blue. Brad Parscale named the campaign “DeathStar” for a reason.

  8. A lot of money went out the window in a week for the big companies and Trump’s team didn’t want to release who got it Sorry wasn’t his money it’s the real tax payers

  9. Just watched Paul Weyrich video on the GOP blueprint for voting suppression. Should be played on every network show every day . The speech was made in 1980 and they have actually succeeded

  10. And based on that title, cue republicans trying to compare that suggestion to their farce around the election.

  11. As for the virus origins, I want to look at everything. Not Live Animal Market – Wrong Answer and Research Lab – Right Answer. Look at both of those possibilities and everything else. Perhaps it was hikers in the woods or pig farmers in the country. Look at everything.

  12. We need a 9/11 commission on COVID to see what went wrong and make sure there is no mass American casualties again

  13. I GOT MY FIRST VACCINATION 2 days AGO! My arm hurt a little that’s all. I’m happy I’m getting it done even though I had reservations I want to do my part to keep people from dying. (:


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