Why the unvaccinated live in an alternate universe 1

Why the unvaccinated live in an alternate universe


With the rise of the Delta variant, many vaccinated Americans tell pollsters they are still concerned about catching Covid-19– so why is the population that’s most vulnerable to the virus less worried about it? In the latest episode of The Point, CNN’s Chris Cillizza examines the American “pandemic of the unvaccinated” as the country seeks to reach herd immunity in time.


Biden nets positive marks for handling pandemic, but vaccine resistance, Delta concern remains – CBS News poll

Surgeon General: 99.5% of virus deaths are unvaccinated people

July 12 coronavirus news

Tracking Covid-19 vaccines in the US

2 maps that tell the story of Covid-19 in America

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Writer: Chris Cillizza
Producer: Moira Donohue
The Point Editor: Leigh Munsil
Video Editor: Michelle Cho

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    1. @Mark Warren It’s important to note that these current vaccines are modifications from the previous SARS vaccines, which have fda approval. Which is why these Covid 19 vaccines were created so quickly due to a strong foundational blueprint, and were also tested on over 60k willing participants without any adverse effects, which is why they got emergency clearance for global distribution. But I’m sure you would have been ok for the death tolls to just continue mounting? And the fact that 90%+ cases and deaths now are unvaccinated people.

    2. Why are you weirdos forcing a vaccine on ppl for a virus with a 99% survival rate? And also fully vaccinated ppl are still catching covid and dying or in the hospital. Why are ppl afraid to tell the truth?

    1. @Arma Ellis If a woman was responsible enough to control her own body she wouldn’t have unwanted pregnancies.

    2. @David Eby If the man could control himself and be more responsible we wouldn’t have any problems right

    3. @Larry Hubble absolutely, YOU can choose to get sick, but I think it isn’t right to impact your community. Mask mandates are coming back primarily TO PROTECT THE UNVACCINATED.

    4. @Donny Trumpp yep, and the next bunch of bs you will hear and swallow is that dems are trying to kill Republicans with…….wait for it…..COVID!!!!!!!


  1. Now would be a good time to get a laugh and watch George Carlin talking about swimming in the sewage infested Hudson river when he was a kid.


    2. @Jeffrey Beauregard there’s a major symptomatic difference. Masking up is fine, I’m glad to be a patriot and play my part to reduce the spread should I be an asymptotic carrier. Delta is only as powerful as it is because of those unwilling to be responsible citizens.

    1. True but… that is a defined process and we don’t want to politicize it or skip steps. If it would help, some budget increases for staff etc could be offered.
      If they do a shortened process then people won’t trust FDA approvals. Yeah, I know some say they want FDA approval first and then when that comes (ETA around January I think) they’ll claim some other requirement.

    2. @Dina Sequeira Let’s not forget…..It was developed by Trump’s “operation warp speed” which, created the vaccine. You can thank him for having in the first place. I mostly blame Biden and Harris though. They constantly preached to us, to not trust it, it wasn’t safe because of Trump. They are the ones to blame.

    3. @Dina Sequeira The vac causes virus to enter body easier. That is why majority of cases vaccinated folks. Not too late to reverse it. Research and find out how. Use meteger search instead of google. If you don’t believe it then get psyched for that booster vac every 6 months until you are expired.

  2. I think these people would be happier living in the Middle Ages where their world view would be more in tune with the level of scientific understanding at the time.

    1. @Dixie Normous liberalism is part of the future, dummy. Ever watch Star Trek? No, what you like is a kleptocracy (where government is making a profit off the enslaved) especially if you support Trump & Putin.

    2. @itstheobvious where in the Bible? Did you ever read it? Bc in Genesis God gave us all the plants & trees for our use, and HE also gave us free will and knowledge. Wouldn’t you think that after HE gave us all that that medicine would be included too?

    3. @Dixie Normous nice try, but you did enjoy the benefits of those government checks, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid? Those are supported by LIBERALISM, suggestion don’t LIKE it move to Russia. Guaranteed that Putin HAS NO liberalism there.

    4. Pharmakeia in the NT is translated to the English word witchcraft…..

      Just throwing that out there for ya.

  3. In a world where politicians and the media are campaigning, naturally suspicions of approved rush emergency vaccines are absolutely legitimate. Obviously, vaccination serves in large numbers, to reduce the pandemic; what we do not know, because they have not been fully approved, are the medium and long-term effects of these emergency vaccines.

  4. You’re preaching to the converted. Or in this case the already, or soon to be, vaccinated. If you told them that they can’t breathe underwater they’d drown trying to disprove you.

    1. They would say ‘it’s my right to try and breath underwater’ then happily drown proving it. Anything to ‘own the liberals’.

  5. “You can evade reality, but you can’t evade the consequences of evading reality.” Ayn Rand , I know, ironic isn’t it.

    1. @Joe Mama The USS Stop the Squeal set sail for Conspiracy Town and sank. There were no survivors.

    2. @Joe Mama You’re reframing history—no one expected Trump to win. And you Trump people seriously flatter yourselves if you think the anti-racist protests across the country and around the world had anything to do with The Hitman.

    3. @Demetria Karnavas It it will proven that Trump stole the election in an audit. Instead of people screaming about russian facebook ads, id be appalled.

    1. @Mostly Peaceful Slav dude.. That’s his point since it’s Europe, there’s no western Republicans in it

    2. Yeah, I’m from Texas and I still have all my guns and our governor denied the disease a year ago…..U ?… not so much
      Daily statistics in Europe

      There have been at least 51,080,000 reported infections and 1,296,000 reported deaths caused by the novel coronavirus in Europe so far.

    3. I’m European fully support the republican party so your stupid and wrong congratulations hahahahaha

  6. Ever ask yourselves who profits from this divide&conquer narrative in your “Land of the Free”…?

    1. @Belly Dancer Em lol uve been lying about that for so long tho
      i remember u trying to ignore trump paying $4 million in taxes in another video
      if ur gonna lie u have to make it one ppl cant just search for haha

    2. @wiskadjak nailed it! There are so many on here. Sewing lies and causing division. Look at the age of the accounts. They all happen to be very new.

  7. “you won’t vaccinate me alive”, well my friend they won’t vaccinate you dead either.

    1. @ashyjeremy a vaccine makes that survial ragte even higher, and it also makes the deisease less serious if you do survive

    2. @ashyjeremy The 98-99% survival rate is the biggest red herring I’ve heard. 4 million gone and counting worldwide is not a 99% survival rate, with 600K and counting in the USA alone and with 400+ children and youth included in that is not a 99% survival rate. It’s really a case by case basis, not an overall. Not to mention that 90% of new cases and deaths are unvaccinated.

  8. “Here lies the body of Debbie Francine. She refused to wear a mask, and refused the vaccine.”

  9. Strange, I thought a by its medical definition vaccine stopped you getting infected or passing it onto others… I guess I was wrong..

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