Why Today Was A 'Schizophrenic Moment' For The Senate 1

Why Today Was A ‘Schizophrenic Moment’ For The Senate


Senator from Maine Angus King draws a distinction between the two votes in the Senate today: one that will pass with large bipartisan support and the other, on establishing an independent commission to investigate 1/6, he believes, will have a party line vote.

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  1. He doesn’t have to weigh in. I think his response is perfect. He said they should do something about it. I’m glad he didn’t threaten or coerce anyone like the last moron.

    1. @Kunfu Saltamontes No country in the free world accept absentee ballots without proof of photo id.

    2. @Joke Biden actually Oregon has no problem with mail in ballots, nor do several other states

    3. @Joke Biden meanwhile rrump’s kids are investigation for stealing inauguration funds and anti American activitoes

  2. The police that work for the senate in house knows who to protect now and not to protect

    1. @leo vecho this is why cop culture us so effed up. You don’t get to pick who you “protect and serve” based on if you think they licked your boot hard enough.

    2. @Skalgar when Trump is in prison , will that be a hoax , there is proof that trump and his gang were in league with Russians . are you so up trump rear that you can not see anything .

    3. @Skalgar Republicans are the worst , they lie and will do anything to stay in power .better than a real job in a law firm were they would have to preform . not BS all day in congress for a 175 k a year of out tax dollars.

    4. @Coldwynn Frost republicans investigated Clinton for 2 years at the cost of millions, and found NOTHING , Republicans are full of dung .

    5. @Nathaniel Winkelmann You are to protect everyone , that is not the point . these congress people carry pistols into the house chamber . they walk around the metal detectors ,and when the cop tells them to come back they keep walking , The capital police have no power over these congressclowns .

  3. Hellooooo???….Mcfly?….Hellooooo???…..anybody home?…think Mcfly think….republicans were in on it. They’re not going to count the money in the bank they robbed.

    1. Of course they are. What power challenges them? They’re getting away with it now, Biff.

  4. Republicans are not in favor of this commission because some of them incited the Capitol riots. It’s like asking Al Qaeda to investigate 9/11.

    1. @Ashley I know I hate what happened on that day I’m saying is that comparatively to be a lame which is basically that all the left supports all the riots all the people killed they support and don’t see it as a bad thing but the capital riot is literally pure evil when in reality comparatively it was nowhere near as bad

      Forgive my English not my first language

    2. @Behind You The capitol rioters wanted to hang Mike Pence and were screaming for Nancy Pelosi. They would have murdered any politician they got their hands on, and you don’t think it’s that bad? If a foreign nation attacked our capitol, would you think it’s ok?
      If you all don’t like “leftwing riots,” then form a commission; don’t use that as a talking point to deflect what happened on January 6th.

    3. @Behind You And they also murdered a police officer; you claim to care about people who were killed so what about him?

    1. @Coldwynn Frost lol, guess I’m dead then b/c ice cream is my fave food! I could seriously eat it everyday!

  5. “Tourists.” Yeah, those Republicans Senators were barricading the Senate doors and cowering in fear from “tourists.”

    1. @Tacit Tern How did you fail to read such a simple comment that was one little sentence? LOL

    2. @Skalgar remember when trump knelt infromt of President Xi to get his daughter special treatment after his election

    3. @Jane Doe
      To be clear, for those who don’t know that we didn’t invade Afghanistan; but were invited along with NATO to train and assist the Afghan forces to deal with the Russian and Chinese funded insurgents and insurrectionist Taliban.

      The situation can’t have a timeline because of the fact that there are certain foreign belligerents who aren’t willing to adhere to international law, and if left to their devices; would rather plunge the world into chaos.

      Wishful thinking won’t change the fact; the official Afghan government is a keystone to prevent ww3. If the afghan government succumbs to a coup…. the jihadists wouldn’t last long at all, as Pakistan and the PLA would move in.

      Whether or not Russia would side with that aspect is uncertain.

      But make no mistake, the war in Afghanistan is about maintaining international law, and keeping the rare earth minerals in the ground….. rather than in future weapons.

      And yes… just as there needs to be police to enforce domestic laws for civilization to have order and thrive; so does the international community use the United Nations, and its various bodies…. in conjunction with the ICC.

      Ps. There is nothing more demoralizing or disrespectful than hearing people say, “Bring our troops home”.

  6. its not surprising at all when you consider the people voting “no” are the criminals.

    1. @iamthe partyone did they storm the capitol to stop the vote. A commission is for Jan 6th it’s called scope. Not a single republican cared to bring up the summer protest until this vote. More deflection seems all the Republicans are good at these days.

    2. @CX X64 doesn’t change the fact that the Democratic party is full of extremism, Republicans and Democrats are both absolutely worthless garbage.

  7. I think other than McCarthy’s phone call there very well may be other republicans actually involved in the planning of this. Hawley making his fist sign at them makes me Wonder if he didn’t have prior knowledge and was hoping it succeeded

    1. @Bill Rodriguez So was Donny T (bone spurs, don’tcha know), and George W. So what. Clinton left the country somewhat better off. Neither W nor Donny T did, and Donny T even had majority control of two houses for half his term.

  8. McConnell, McCarthy and others have shown that bipartisanship is dead, common sense is dead, integrity is dead. Just go ahead without them. The truth will come out.

    1. They will have special commissions. Luckily democrats will still investigate, and the truth will come out.

    2. Naturally, Republicans don’t want their ties to terrorists and the insurrection exposed, nor does McCarthy want to be forced to testify about his damning phone call to Traitor Trump on January 6th.

      While it would be better to have a bipartisan commission with both sides operating in good faith to get to the truth, Republicans have demonstrated themselves to be incapable of operating in good faith. So, should they vote against the January 6 commission, it will actually be for the better, because a House select committee investigating January 6 won’t be blocked by Republicans from subpoenaing witnesses, or bogged down with Republican obstructionism, obfuscations, deflections, and irrelevancies.

    3. Ted Banning – if the morons who identify with an “R” vote this down, then Biden should appoint a special prosecutor to go after the perps who voted against certifying the election within a couple of hours.

    1. @GreenKrickettyea right. How many weapons were recovered or even seen used,other than by the capitol police when they murdered and unarmed woman? How many killed other than three above mentioned incident? None. The capitol police moved barricades, UNLOCKED MAGNETICALLY SEALED DOORS, and waved people in. ANY one of the riots over Floyd were vastly worse.

    2. Have you ever ask yourself why it was so easy for everyday people including grandparents to get in a heavily protected federal building without any weapons but flags? Welcome to the Grand Illusion.

    3. @GreenKrickett you going to strap on boots pick up a gun and fight your fellow Americans? You really cut out for that kind if life, something tells me you wouldn’t last 5 minutes in a real world conflict, you should stick to internet kid.

    4. @GreenKrickett Dems have to have the strength of character and upper body to pull that off.

  9. I’m slowly beginning to arrive at the conclusion that “Drumpf Owns A Political Crackhouse!”

  10. 235 seditious insurrectionists need to be removed from congress now, before they sit as judge and jury to the trial .

  11. Our government is a joke… the reality of it is coming to light and they’re all scared

  12. This is so absurd, how can this happen, that grown ups (?) are denying reality and there is nothing to stop them from keeping their heads in the sand? Let’s see if a little child can speak up and say the emperor has no clothes. God help us.

  13. They don’t want to look into an insurrection (by their own base) but an election that was legally voted, vetted multiple times, and certified half a year ago still needs more investigation.

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