Why Track & Field Blueprint Won’t Work For Football | TVJ Sports Commentary – Feb 17 2022

Why Track & Field Blueprint Won't Work For Football | TVJ Sports Commentary - Feb 17 2022 1


  1. Footballing in Jamaica won’t go anywhere without competent, visionary and actionable leaders, until then Jamaica’s footballing is a merry go round, moving but never going nowhere.

  2. Oral Tracey we don’t have a jamaica team thats why I dont watch them ,pure overseas base players who don’t want scratch there finger nail for the country, some of them have never even been to jamaica in there life , mean while our country boys that r good n will play out there heart n soul never gets a chance

    1. Chinnock channel you couldn’t have said it any better, not only track netball, cricket, miss world, entertainment, high school teachers, production workers, engineers and I can go on and on, they’re all Jamaican borned and bred so I don’t know why football need foreigners.

    2. Look at the 2017 and 2019 Gold Cup team mainly local players. The 2 best performance in this world cup campaign are the first match against Mexico in the Azteca and Costa Rica in San Jose with mainly local players.

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