Why Trump Should Be Worried Over NY's Criminal Investigation 1

Why Trump Should Be Worried Over NY’s Criminal Investigation


There are a growing number of indications that Trumpworld should be very concerned about New York's criminal investigation into the former president's businesses – and Trump and his allies reportedly are nervous. MSNBC's Brian Williams talks to Philip Rucker, Claire McCaskill, and Melissa Murray.
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    1. @Hans van Dijk ~ Congratulations on the ruling against Royal Dutch Shell by your courts! Also good news for climate change with happenings at Exxon and Chevron on the same day!

    2. @Jah Campbell No, we share the same last name, but we have different bank accounts. Greetings!

    1. @waltzguy14151 jeez it’s worse than a bus! I made a statement, you don’t have to try and figure it out.

    2. Time to see how much they love their family and see who’s gonna be able to sit at the thanksgiving table and who’s gonna be *behind bars

      *I’m actually pretty sure none of them will ever see a jail cell, but who knows!

    1. @MrSitemaster2 – Citing the exception doesn’t invalidate the rule; in other words, there may be people who behave unprofessionally, but they don’t negate the existence of a conscientious majority. Many people can put personal issues aside and just look at the evidence. Again, objectivity and professionalism are how we’ve managed as a species on this planet for ages now.

      Plus we’d have to discuss what you mean by “MAGA supporters…” to most people that sounds like someone who’s fully drunk the Kool-Aid, but statistically there also appear to have been plenty of ambivalent Trump voters, there are many moderate Republicans, and there are people who may’ve voted for Trump just the one time out of inexperience and naïveté — maybe it was their first vote, and now they see more clearly.

      Having come this far as a species, I’d wager most of us can behave sensibly when called upon to do so. Anyway, that’s partly what jury selection is for.

    2. This is a grand jury, it is different. They don’t have to unanimously agree to move forward, things don’t have to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, etc… They will still have their instructions, hopefully they will follow them.

    3. @Alex Mortensen That is strange, because hundreds of people on the right have literally been arrested for trying to violently overturn the election. That is too far, for most people.

    4. @Rachel K you have no evidence of that and even if you were to show me some right now that literally adds nothing to the conversation. I could easily say hundreds of leftists have murdered people but that doesn’t matter in the conversation.

  1. What’s the best way to catch a criminal? Follow the money… Now repeat after me, LOCK THEM UP!!! LOCK THEM UP!!!

  2. Hey, kidz, here’s a tip: before you join arguments with people in YouTube comment chains, click on the “About” tab in their profile and check the date they signed up. It can often be a great way to separate honest posts from those of trolls…

    1. @Papa Wheelie I missed the part where the right didn’t have their own corporate propaganda machine. Fox and CNN viewers deserve each other. Man.

  3. Oh Boy!!! The former President is really gonna get it this time…..YAWN! Been hearing that since the day he announced his run for office.

  4. If I were Weisselburg I’d cooperate with the Prosecution. Does he seriously think Trump wouldn’t throw
    him under the bus?

  5. Trump actually said he doesnt take responsibility for anything. Those exact words. How unpresidential and unprofessional.

  6. I want that Kandinsky on the wall above his left shoulder (it’s not the right shoulder)

  7. Never, ever underestimate the Dayglo Turd. If there is any way to throw a spanner in the works, it will find it and use it – even if it means burning the USA to the ground.

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