Why Trump Still Talks to Reporters 1

Why Trump Still Talks to Reporters


MSNBC's Alex Witt spoke with Michael Wolff, Author of the new book, "Landslide: The Final Days Of The Trump Presidency."» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Why Trump Still Talks to Reporters


  1. I think most of us know why trump talks to reporters, the bigger question is why do the reporters still talk to trump giving him a place to keep spreading his rhetoric.

    1. Cash cow left to milk before they all end up as contributors to the national enquirer. Especially this guy, he’s a narcissistic journalist/ author that weaves his own super secret insider sagas… I wouldn’t pay .25 for ‘his work’.

    2. Wolfe, said very clearly yesterday “I sell books”, so that’s probably most reporters motive. $$$

    3. That all should have stopped after his first dozen lies. They should have just shut it all down and packed it up and said see ya. That would have only left him with FOX and a few others.

    4. Because the media refuses to go after Biden, Hunter, and Fauci and Trump is an easy target. Of course, it keeps Trump relevant and he’ll probably run again but the media are made up of sociopaths

  2. “Math doesn’t care about your feelings.”

    – Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania John Fetterman

    1. @Bucinka8
      I see on your resume’, that you
      received a “scholarship” from
      that organization…

      You should now be able to show
      “proficiency”, and the ability
      to torch 4 minority owned businesses,
      in one “peaceful protest”….

    2. @WilliamOccamensis the english word MATHEMATICS has been the plural for hundreds of years before american english and you cant drop that S without losing the plural.
      Do you eat CARBS or carb?

    3. Trolling is free speech, agreed. You are not exempt from being called out as a troll just because you have free speech. You can say anything you want, but don’t act all butthurt when someone exercises their free speech and calls you out on it.

      You are welcome to the last word. I have to go now. I have a job.

  3. Joe Biden told Trump to “shut up, man” on national tv, so that might be part of his “Joe hatred.”

    1. @slugg You forgot to provide your proof (naturally) of that. Trump drove the USA into a swamp & drowned us. Or haven’t you noticed ?

    2. @Sue Montgomery what i notice is the state of decay our country is in now,, im guessing your a hillary fan, in that case there is no discussion. close the border. before the bombing starts, thats what trump and i wanted,, thats all, you can hate men but it dosent solve anything in the long run.

    1. In the same conversation, he’ll deny what he just said. I noticed this in his pandemic briefings. I don’t know how his supporters don’t see it.

  4. If the Stable Genius wants to expose the truth about himself on national TV, why keep him from doing so?

    1. @Bart Järgengärblbärgeler
      A Pentagon spokeswoman, Cindi King, said the airstrike was coordinated with the Somali government and took place in the Galmudug area in central Somalia, in the vicinity of Qeycad. She said further details would not be released to protect operational security.

      The United States removed most of its troops from Somalia in the final days of President Donald Trump’s term, moving them to nearby countries where they remotely advise and assist Somali forces against al-Shabaab, an affiliate of the al-Qaida extremist network.

    2. Because he’s dangerous and people listen to his lies. Of course, people like you are obsessed with the Spray Tan Messiah, so I suspect he’ll be a cancer on this country for years to come

    3. @John Clarke john. Depends on witch “country “ your referring to. Is it the Marxist developing country we are now experiencing?(open borders/ CRT indoctrination/ speech oversight committee ,( hate speech prevention)/ mind control media/ ever larger state control, and much more. Yes .. orange man is definitely a cancer to this country. You got that right.

    4. Don’t know about stable, but can’t deny President Trump is a genius. His score on the cognitive test was remarkable. It’s why Sleepy Joe refuses to take a similar test – would be a PR nightmare if the results went public.

    1. @Diana Beebe While I fully agree with you, don’t compare trump to a snake. Snakes are benevolent creatures. Compare him to a rat, a disgusting pest that spreads toxicity and disease.

    2. @Diana Beebe You should move on with your life, its never going to happen. Get a hobby, go on a diet, etc.

  5. You’re asking the wrong question.
    It should be: WHY ON EARTH are reporters still talking to Humpty Dumpty?

    1. @John O Trump has as much of a chance of going to Jail as corrupt cheating Joe and his drug addict corrupt son does! Just saying!

    1. @Nestor Gonzalez Or maybe, instead of focusing 95% of their energy and attention on a man that has been out of office for 7 months… they can be actual journalists and focus on how Bidens policies are destroying america? Like the inflation crisis, gas crisis, rioting, etc etc. Just a thought.. but Biden is a corporate puppet (just like he has been for the past 50 years, hence why wall street donated $74 million to his campaign) so I doubt the corporate media will do or say anything to make him look bad

    2. @Uzair Rauf
      The professional drunks I know call this one eyed driving, Conrad. Hahahahaha, you woven a veritable tapestry of nonsensicals together for this gummy bear conspiracy.

    3. Biden cant even speak anymore… I iiiiiiiiii have de de d de dedeeee dedeeee dementia…..” jesus its embarrasing at this point.

  6. Trump will talk to anybody willing to listen, even if it’s just some couple getting married at Mar a Lago

    1. @hodaka1000 That is all coming. First though it is going to be great fun watching his frightened Don in the headlights look when he grasps he will have to testify under oath about 01/06.

    1. He needs his name to remain “relevant” to keep securing donations from his herd of sheeple

    1. @Von X Oh, I think you missed one. Aren’t you supposed to be blaming something on Bill Gates, too?!

    2. @Von X
      You forgot to rant about the globalist Jews.
      “Turn On Government”
      That is not working out well for Dolt 45’s Jan 6 traitors who turned our government, because they couldn’t handle losing an election.
      I wouldn’t suggest it, but you do you.

    3. @Dean Foyle #1 I’m a fundamentalist Christian, God said come as you are and I don’t attend wealthy churches, # 2 I’m not political, I hate politicians like they’re children do, # 3 What’s happening is global and it’s financial, # 4 god given freedoms aren’t for any central bankers or freeloaders in government who create massive debt ,stick it to a bunch of children,
      Goverment creates disease,war, tyranny , division,,arson, murder because they know they’re bunch of worthless losers who can be overthrown and Americas military will turn on them too, YEAH I BELIEVE IN DECLARING WAR AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT

    1. And the Democrats can’t let a day go by without putting him at the center of attention. You are feeding each other.

  7. He’s like the crazy uncle living in back bedroom of grandma’s house whose room you’re not supposed to go in…….EVER

    1. @baa baa I’m a woke liberal. I know it’s hard maintaining empathy for people who’ve been poisoned by MSM, and of their own free will. Eventually the only toxic brains left will be a tiny emotionally driven segment of the populace. We just have to yell louder, work harder, and insure our American values of *EQUALITY* for all, and not equity for the few, are sustained during this tribulation.

  8. And I still can’t fathom how or why so many millions of Americans voted for him – not once, but twice.

  9. “Why Trump Talks to Reporters”

    Me: “Why hasn’t someone launched a Crimes Against Humanity charge for Trump’s negligence against the American people?”

    1. @Super Scary Russian Bot : What, “conservative media,” madam? Fox is NOT conservative! They’re Alt-Wrong Fascists. All the Conservatives left and went to The Lincoln Project or other anti-trump conservative groups. Nazis and Fascists are what you’re thinking of, Karen

    2. @Ash Roskell, any conservative media. They barely ever cover Trump. But look at MSNBC or CNN. It isn’t unusual for Trump to take 30% of their coverage. Hate sells to the left.

    3. @Super Scary Russian Bot ha ha, we the people are tuned in cause we can’t wait till the ex #45 con man goes to jail!

    4. @C S, well then why are people on the left so appalled that Trump gets so much attention when it is the left giving him the attention?

  10. Because he’s the biggest narcissist that’s ever walked this earth, any attention is good attention for him.

    1. We have to keep an eye on him because he and the Coup Cult Clan are dangerous. They are heavily armed and have already committed insurrection once.

    2. @slugg He’s a CEO who declared bankruptcy six times. He is so unfamiliar with the workings of government that when he was elected, he thought he could fire the Joint Chiefs of Staff. That is not the “real deal.” That’s a totally unqualified person who attracted voters by being pro-racism and pro-guns.

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