Why Trump's Moneyman May Be Key To Manhattan D.A.'s Trump Investigation 1

Why Trump’s Moneyman May Be Key To Manhattan D.A.’s Trump Investigation


Rebecca Roiphe, former Manhattan assistant district attorney, talks about new reports of Manhattan prosecutors preparing a witness to testify before the grand jury in the Trump case, and how the investigation of Donald Trump and his business appears to be taking shape.
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  1. “Well, we don’t rely on American banks. We have all the funding we need out of Russia.”

    – Eric Trump who pleaded the fifth because he is innocent

    1. Ash Roskell are you being paid? Look the examples that your company didn’t mentioned of course they can’t they are under Democratic media control.

    2. Blind leftist supporter sheeps who are nothing but victims of cancel culture. Such tragedy indeed.

    3. @John Clarke I am a proud Washingtonian for whom it became extremely personal on January 6th, 2021. This is a burner account because I won’t use my long standing account on YT to comment on the news. You magat people smear your own feces in buildings.

  2. Is there a “lock trump up” ringtone? I want everyone around me to hear that whenever my phone rings.

  3. Soooo, everyone has known about this for literally years…. and they were just waiting….. right? Going to charge someone at the end of this? I am waiting for anything to be done. I expect Trump to be hit with a fine or home arrest at his hotel.

    1. We have a winner winner chicken dinner! Now, I have to clean up the coffee mess, well worth it.

    2. I’m still waiting for the milk carton portrait to hang alongside his Time Magazine cover.

  4. CFO had done illegal accounting activities and dare to threaten witness. That is unacceptable. This shows very clearly there are wrongdoing by CFO. so disgusting.

  5. And Trump is going to throw all of the blame in Weiselberg’s lap. Michael Cohen tried to warn everyone but here we are.

    1. That’s Trump’s M.O. he makes others break the law on his behalf. Like a mafia boss. Plenty of “fall guys” between him and the crimes. Plausible deniability.

    2. He can’t if Alan co-operates he has to tell feds everything he can’t hold anything back and he will have to testify at Trump’s trial! Lying Donny finally met his match in cy Vance! We all will know by Nov because he is retiring in decbelieve me we won’t be disappointed!

    3. @Bobby Testy Finally some truth and hopefully justice to see Dump in handcuffs and especially that orange suit!

    4. There is no reason to trust Vance. This is all a pretense, to LOOK like he tried. He’s fixing things before he leaves office in order to *help* tRump. Vance’s contributions have aided & abetted Paul Manafort, Don Jr and Ivanka (among other rich criminals). Now he’s being given the last word on tRump.

    1. @Gregory Edwards Don’t forget almost every government branch he has cut a deal with, almost every non-family member he has gone into business with, and a few family members to boot. Like the military, he thinks they’re suckers.

    2. @J M M I don’t see a shift to the center in the foreseeable future, and perhaps never. Rather than moving to the center, I think the GOP leadership continues to move further right, securing their own power among a shrinking number of supporters.

  6. There can be no law & order without accountability.

    Let’s be clear, the GOP is a afraid of the truth, because they know that the truth is not on their side.

    And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

    1. They’re blocking the investigation into Jan 6th for two reasons: 1) Their criminal culpability and the fact that several members were in on hiring that riot, and helped to target specific members. 2) That was only the beginning of their Coup attempt, and it has not ceased since. An investigation threatens to bring their planned assault on democracy at the 2022 Midterms to a juddering halt.
      That is why zero, “compromises,” will satisfy them, unless they’re so egregious as to render the investigation impotent, and guarantees insulation for the guilty, making it pointless.
      The FBI and the CIA should simply be ordered by the DOJ to get on to it? . . . That would bring them back to the table. The low level rioters who have not yet been caught; the Roger Stone hired, “organisers,” from the Proud Nancy Boys, etc? They haven’t even been tracked down yet, and may never be? They’re probably hiding in Stone’s basement? Or bunking with Devin Nunes? Or out of the country? But, the GOP is riddled with Russian Quislings, rats and White Supremacist nut jobs. And, they’re busier than ever, plotting to steal our democratic institutions and our Democratic Republic, forever. This situation is untenable. Something has to give. We should ALL be bothering our representatives, REGULARLY about this insanity! Before it’s just too late!?

    2. Dabbling in the dark side of fear mongering gets you results that eventually can turn on you. Welcome to the new Republican party, they now fear each other.

  7. Thank God Joe Manchin isn’t the D.A. He’d be holding up the case until the prosecutors and defendant were working together.

    1. Also thank God Mitch McConnell isn’t the DA. He’d say there’s no need to investigate or prosecute things that “happened in the past”.

  8. Oh no! The Trump family are grifters? Who would have thought! And to think that distinguished gentleman with the weird smile hiding behind Donald was helping them commit crimes!

    1. @James Mohler yes he ran many times..bc…
      In the US if you ran…you’d get donations. Say it’s looking like you aren’t going to win so you drop out.

      All of that money is yours to keep. Legally. So it was just a cash flow thing for him

  9. It’s easy to see why the CIVIL case has now become a CRIMINAL case…The ‘CANARY’, Weisselberg is singing

    1. They think money is the answers to their problems. Remember: The Lord say’s: money is the root of all evil.

  10. Jury, singing….. Bringing in the Creeps.. bringing in the Creeps…. We shall come rejoicing….. Bringing in the Creeps!!

  11. The sooner Allen Weisselberg comes to terms with the fact that he is worthless to Donald Trump when the heat goes up and will be discarded no matter what he thinks or what Trump says the better.

  12. “Is this a dagger that I see before me?” All tyrants have their day. Here’s hoping this wannabe one get’s his day in court so that justice can be seen to be working for everyone.

  13. Well, Weisellberg won’t have much hair to shave off when he enters the carceral system.

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