Why Trump’s Vacations Are Still Costing Taxpayers Thousands Of Dollars 1

Why Trump’s Vacations Are Still Costing Taxpayers Thousands Of Dollars


Since leaving office, former President Donald Trump has charged the Secret Service over $50,000 in rent. Washington Post political reporter and MSNBC contributor David Fahrenthold explains how Trump is profiting from his lifetime protection as his company faces criminal investigation.

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    1. The rent wouldn’t be paid by the agents themselves, it would be paid by the Secret Service/treasury department.

      That being said before too long I imagine that the Biden administration will give Trump an ultimatum.

      Free secret service agent accommodation or no protection detail – simple as that.

      The govmt is already paying the agents wages, they can’t be expected to pay accommodation charges protecting a guy whose main wealth literally comes from property ownership.

    2. @Kenny Hill I think ex-presidents receive secret service protection for life. I am not sure about that, but l think so. In excessive cases where Trump is making exaggerated profits, he should have to pay. And Ivanka and Jared should let them use their bathroom or be charged f OK r the amount they have to pay for bathroom privileges. I never heard of kosher bathrooms.

  1. The Scots are trying to find where Trump found the cash money to pay for the Scottish golf course.

    1. @Mark Fiutem There’s no good crack dealers and Trump is into prescription meds, so no need to look for any drug dealers. Trump’s the one going down hill, his businesses are going under and just about every government contract, licenced product and trademarked building has been lost, cancelled and striped off. The Scots are just getting their revenge on a promise that Trump made to them….sound familiar, ya that’s right the Scots will have to go to the back of the line, there’s plenty for him to worry right here at home. I’m guessing when this is all over, Trump will be sitting all alone in a room at one of Ivanka’s properties. Even Melania will have nothing to do with that loser.

    2. @TheHopetown Glad you like it. Guy does an awful lot of sniffing, only means one thing and its not bone spurs

    1. @R D I guess in your world, President Trump doesn’t need secret service protection but all the other former Presidents do..

    2. @MrLobo1776 these are excuses. Trump is overcharging you know it. To add to all of this Biden pays his fair share of taxes. Trump doesn’t pay his fair share, but still benefit from taxes. You are making excuses for a man who is a pathological liar and has a fragile ego.

  2. Defund all secret service for ex politicians, you robbed the public already.

    use your own funds to protect your self

    1. @Ex Deus looks like you guys are the butt hurt. When Trump stole the election in 2016, we didn’t incite a riot or say all of these lies. The truth is coming out and your precious idol and his family and cohorts are all going down

    2. @Ex Deus Yet You Click Here. On a progressive channel to attack people/So GTFOH-trolling with your misinformation and lies/ Keyboard Clown.

    3. @Ex Deusmy IQ is probably a lot higher than yours. Dean’s list in college. That’s the best thing you can come up with???

    1. If God created Satan, and Satan is a pawn for God’s glory in that cosmology = This post is spot on!

    2. What’s ‘good’ about Christians, like in the entire history of their cult, what ‘good’, then?

      Is it the ridiculous fallacies that you have to accept to be included? Is it the abbot, who tries to tie you down with words that you are afraid to speak? Is it the hubris, the conceit, and the hypocrisy of the clergy who abuses children to fulfill their proclivities?

      What, then, is the ‘good’ that you feel that you are missing?

  3. The interesting thing I’ve heard being talked about is if The Flag Fondler’s company is convicted of a felony the banks can demand instant payment of loans and when Lex Loser can’t pay then the banks will foreclose on his properties including Mar-a-Lardo’s home.

    1. It doesn’t take a conviction. Sometimes, just the indictment will make lenders back off and call in on loans. Afraid all of the assets will get seized and they are left hanging, so get it while you can.

    2. One can dream can’t we? Please flying spaghetti up in heaven make the orange corrupt turd pick up the soap with big bubba looking for some boootay!!! Cuz there’s a ton of it!

    3. @Lynn Betts Oh yeah, the indictment will scare away lenders, if they weren’t already terrified of Jabba the Gut, but I’m talking about legal lending contracts. There may be stipulations that say if the company is convicted the lenders are first in line to get paid back, after any fines levied by the government, and they do that by foreclosing.

    1. But Trump’s cronies take care of him instead of the government he’s just dwindling the government down taxpayers money

    2. To think I have to give up my pennies to protect this f…… lunatic after the damage he has wreaked on OUR Nation besides king s… conaldtrump allowed his benefactor vladimir to put a price on my fellow Marines and that’s one he will never walk back from!!!

    1. You will be volunteering first to pick up soap in prison before he ever sees the inside of one.

    2. @MrLobo1776 don’t give them any ideas, I’m sure many on the left would take it deep to see that. Avenatti goes first.

    1. @TheHopetown I am, for the most part, a liberal, in that you are correct.
      My reading comprehension is not in doubt, merely your data sources and/or math skills.

  4. When the grifter in chief gets indicted will his secret service need to “ rent a room” next to him in the penitentiary?

    1. Oh, that’s coming soon, with the whole trump org being investigated, those banks will call in their loans real fast

    1. Perverts are kept in an area with other perverts to protect them from the mainstream population! Trump is going to have a great time boasting of his conquests to other likeminded offenders!

  5. Basically his protectors are paying him to guard him. He’s supposed to be a billionaire and he’s worried about 10 grand a month from his protectors.

    1. That’s Why He’s Wealthy. Poppa Gave Him His Fortune & He Doesn’t Pay His Bills Or Taxes! Donald Trump is A Complete Failure!

    2. Wonder how long before the zookeepers flip. They have to be taking a lot of notes, for the future tell all’s.

  6. One keeper is enough and they can share a room as far as I’m concerned. He puts himself in jeopardy by his weekly personal fund raising trips.

    1. The Parliament of Scotland Seized Trump’s Golf Resort and told him not to come to Scotland because it would not be safe for him.

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