Why Whistleblower Complaint Could Be ‘Significant’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Why Whistleblower Complaint Could Be 'Significant' | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


A whistleblower complaint by an intelligence officer that the Trump administration is withholding from Congress involves a phone conversation had by the president, a former U.S. intelligence official familiar with the matter confirmed to NBC News. Aired on 9/19/19.
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Why Whistleblower Complaint Could Be 'Significant' | Morning Joe | MSNBC

88 Comments on "Why Whistleblower Complaint Could Be ‘Significant’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC"

  1. Trump’s lackey’s need to remember they will have to live in a post-Trump world and will have to decide what’s more important, loyalty to Trump or the people of the US, whom they serve.

    • @Piper York trump is not immortal. And his kids lack the intelligence or charisma to carry on a political dynasty. You should back America not trump.

    • @Leonie Romanes dafuc? What’s wrong with you? Read my actual words sis.

    • @Crystal Giddens GOD is so good trump is trying to keep people not color out of USA and GOD keeps bringing people of color in the USA LOL

    • Trump and his fellow criminals know nothing about service. They could care less about their country.

    • @Edward Williams Yep. I’ve no idea how my fellow Republicans have crossed over to supporting treason with this dangerous moron in office… they no longer support a free press and want a president who loves our enemies. This man is a sick & dangerous con artist.

  2. It’s call treason!!!

  3. Trump believes a president takes donor money from anyone and then his job is to do what they want. He is literally a man for hire, selling anything American for nothing but campaign funds and Trump hotel stays.

    • @P McGill Are you plugging for a spot on the Fox Comedy Hour?

    • @wandering spirit Why not? He’s making millions off his hotels, golf courses, and a dozen other businesses – all of which is illegal according to Article 1, Section 9 of the U.S. Constitution.

    • @Agolf Twittler não e dono de mas nada eu ei de requerer tudo .as Estórias e de minha expiração.e de particular de minha propriedade . como eu deixei bem claro au FBI que não faço negócio por meio de internet. Negócio nem um pode ser feito de qualquer maneira. Sem a presença de um advogado.e com Documento prescrito .e datado em Cartório

  4. Someone should really suggest to Donald that the GOP must rename themselves the Trumpublican party

    • “IQ test” #3:
      Donald John Trump and his driver were cruising along a country road recently, when all of a sudden they hit a pig.
      Donald John Trump told his driver to go up to the farmhouse and explain to the owners what had happened.
      An hour later, Donald John Trump sees his driver staggering back to the car with a bottle of wine in one hand, a cigar in the other.
      “What happened to you?” asked Donald John Trump.
      “Well, the Farmer gave me the wine and his wife gave me the cigar.”
      “My God, what did you tell them?” asks Donald John Trump.
      The driver replies, “I’m Donald Trump’s driver, and I just hit the pig.”

    • “IQ test” #4:
      A recent poll amongst members of the Republican Party, reveals that a majority of Republicans would prefer Donald Duck rather than Donald Trump for presidential candidate in 2020.
      And that does indeed make perfect sense:
      Donald John Trump is 5″11′ tall and he weighs in at 577 lb.
      Donald Fauntleroy Duck is 3″11′ tall and he weighs in at 58 lb.
      Donald John Trump is an infamous cowardly draft dodger.
      Donald Fauntleroy Duck is a famous distinguished WWII veteran.
      Donald John Trump is a radical white nationalist.
      Donald Fauntleroy Duck is an American patriot.
      Donald John Trump is universally despised and ridiculed.
      Donald Fauntleroy Duck is universally liked and recognized.
      The sad but indisputable conclusion:
      Donald John Trump is an obese lardarse and the lamest duck in US history.
      Donald Fauntleroy Duck is a venerable man of honour and personal integrity.

    • Can’t wait to gauge the nationalist minority’s reactions 😂

    • Agolf Twittler ….😂 You got destroyed here you anti-American clown. You can never make the anti-American Democrats “American”. No matter how hard you troll 😂

  5. If anyone should have their judgement questioned, it is Trump. He is completely and totally incompetent. What a joke.

    • @Maxime De Winter WONDERFULLY PUT

    • @killa haze i find it funny two people who dont know american history are circle jerking each other. I mean. Neither of you can give even a single example of historical fact to back what you claim. One of you talks in all caps. The other is just a sarcastic troll. Its like a meeting of the low iq trump supporter s over here. You are actually so stupid and deranged you think talking in all caps as an adult is the smart thing to do.

    • Maxime De Winter | September 20, 2019 at 2:26 AM | Reply

      @chris bale It’s not an imaginary book. Just go page 132. It’s all proven in the passage that starts with : ” Brandon couldn’t help noticing how engaging Trish was. She’s certainly changed a lot since that last summer in Cornwall…”

    • Richie Tattersall | September 20, 2019 at 6:02 AM | Reply

      @killa haze YOU ARE INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Rasmus Jørgensen | September 19, 2019 at 11:55 AM | Reply

    Nothing will happen. Nothing will be done. No one will react. Because tomorrow he’s already done or said something worse. Trump is the scourge of this generation.

    • @Adventure54 I wasn’t anywhere close to quoting her she did say if we get a democrat in the 2020 election and a majority in the Senate… “then” she would be bla bla bla. It was titled something like Pelosi picks a side… She was adamant that Medicare for all vs affordable bla bla would wait until then. I’ll see if I can find the actual clip. None of this is my opinion I’m just saying I heard her say it, it wasn’t regurgitated commentary by a reporter.

    • @Piper York Got it!

    • Binks well if you are smart enough you will figure it out, I vote in every election and I didn’t vote for trump and I never will I may one day vote for a republican because political parties evolve and maybe one day the republicans stand for what I believe and democrats not so I believe most of the politicians are hypocrites I have to support the one that stand for what I believe.

    • Binks and another point your rhetoric question that if I’m an American it’s the reason why people around the world think of us that we are stupid, do you thing just because you are an American you are better then everyone else? Their is good and bad people everywhere, so please get a brain 🤦🏻‍♂️

  7. he probably offered Saudi Arabia couple of nukes to help them with Iran problem.

    • Jared has already been in talks with the Saudis to buy “nuclear energy plants”… a country sitting on a third of the worlds oil wants nuclear power stations… why?

    • Or made it look like Iran so he could build a couple of Golf courses there. Its all about the $$

    • Firs they would test one in Yemen on a school bus full of children. Then they would test another on a dissident living in this country. Then the third would go to Iran. And it just plagues me that people in America can still look at Iran as being the biggest threat to peace in the region when there sits Saudi Arabia.

  8. Sad to say, this is not shocking by any means, he’s a traitor to our nation

    • Above All, United | September 19, 2019 at 5:48 PM | Reply

      Dave Schultz you make a terrible electorate, like a roach who supports raid

    • Jim Battersbee how are they slimy? You do realize it is the republicans constantly obstructing that are causing these problems. They don’t control the senate so there is no point in trying to impeach. Funny you say that when they are passing so much legislation on top of these investigations and when they go to the senate turkey neck does nothing with it. It is the republicans causing all the issues in this country over the last decades and that is why I have left the party. I am voting all blue to get rid of these obstructionist destroying this country.

    • @Speak only facts Either their bots or they are traitors to our country as well. Either way, we’re going to win in the end.

  9. Totally corrupt with a capital CORRUPT REPUBLICANS WHO Will TAKE Your FIRST BORN With A WINK AND A RACIST SMILE

  10. Dumbo von Trumpsky is a Russian spy. Full stop.

  11. Simple trump owes Russians and Saudis you can bet it’s treason.

    • MSNBC and CNN Don Lemon praising Justin Trudeau In blackface

      President Trump Calls Justin Trudeau “Canada’s Worst President
      The “founder of Canadian ISIS”,

    • Spaghetti Monster | September 20, 2019 at 7:21 AM | Reply

      The left has lost their collective mind. Reasonable liberals are walking away in silence so that their own party’s cancel culture doesn’t eat them alive.

    • @vsedaiIsn’t it ironic that the Republicans lost their minds about Hillary’s emails as being a security breach but cover up TREASON for their Orange Master? There is an avalanche of corruption in Trump’s administration. Impeachment and Jail!

  12. Lets hear about this whistleblower business. The people have a right to know.

    • Not while Trump is President and all of his lackeys are in power in other branches of the government. We live in a place that is worse now than a banana republic.

    • Welcome to the unUnited States of Amerussia

    • d d Why? No one knew who Deep Throat was when he blew the whistle. These people put themselves in danger. Watergate was a long time ago but whistle blowers need to be careful in case of “suicide”. Care was taken then and the public never knew who he was. Care needs to be taken now.

    • @Glenys Thomson I refer to the business the individual was concerned with. It is not required that his or her identity be made public.

  13. Richard Alexander | September 19, 2019 at 12:14 PM | Reply

    Traitor tRump working against the United States…what’s new? Dotard has been doing Putin’s and Saudi bidding for years now.

    • What really gets me is that is so called patriotic americans (his base )thinks this is acceptable. They better hold on to their guns they are going to need them when their guy turns over our gvt. Why would they think that trumpee sucking up to russia is good.

  14. What is happening to America ?? Is this president turning this into a russian “democracy” ?? People should be freaking scared.

    • @Bo Libor Kroupa this is really strange… I was just sitting here thinking about wanting to just walk out my front door chanting something anti-trump, save democracy and seeing if one person after the next after the next would come out and join me until the streets are a river of patriots demanding this criminal be removed from office…. then notification of your comment popped up!

    • @Bo Libor Kroupa people need to go to the polls and vote and demand transparency and end corruption. We resolve nothing on the streets, disrupting others people life and infuriating the oponents is not the solution to this problem. Appaling voting against this craziness is.

    • @trucioso I don’t agree. Yes, people need to vote, but they need to show they won’t suffer that orange fool anymore. You don’t even know if you’ll be able to vote. Those criminals may take that right from you. And do you know why? Because they know they’re dealing with sheep who won’t stand up for themselves.. But I guess there is no sense in arguing. I hope I’m wrong..

    • @Bo Libor Kroupa I completely agree with you BUT, one cannot cross the bridge until we get there. Politics are heavily tied to Law in order to protect order and therefore protect us, people living in the country. Therefore, at times it may seem like slow and inefficient but time is of the essence. Now, revolt and revolution will only have meaning the day that, as you say, they take our right to vote or We, The People, are convinced that the outcome of voting has been illegal or compromised. So, I do keep ALL my options open but my actions timely. As far as the “orange fool”, well, his actions will have consequences. America is a Great Country and We, The People will keep it that way. I am sure that this will not be another Venezuela or Cuba. We have too many Venezuelans and Cubans around and they will be part of the solution. I hope too : )

  15. Impeach the traitor and all his sycophants in congress along with him.

    • Earl of Sandwich | September 19, 2019 at 7:07 PM | Reply

      In order to do that, you’d first need evidence of a crime committed.

    • RIGHT ON!!!!!!!!

    • @Purple Flame Tarot I thought I’d find you here, this is where you find all the mindless stupid individuals whom have Trump derangement syndrome, this is the place where you can find them. They all spout off their hate for Trump but cannot name even ONE executive order that was bad or provide any facts as to how he has hurt America, instead they ignore the FACT that because of trump America unemployment is the lowest it has ever been, the stock market has shot to over 6 Trillion dollars which is a record high, and the economy in America is booming like never before, and gas prices is lower then it has been in years. The list of GREAT things he had done for USA goes on and on. YES all because of TRUMP.

    • @Earl of Sandwich oh that’s easy and will be done… No butler barr, no office to sheild and the pig croaks in jail.

    • Never Again

      Except so far it hasn’t been easy. Trump has been exonerated time and time again from different Russian hoaxes. This is just another false story. You’ll see. They all end up being debunked after a week or less.

  16. These criminals should be in jail, ALL of them.

    • Manuel Villacana | September 19, 2019 at 5:35 PM | Reply

      @Dave Waldon Trump troll lately?😏👍💩🍄

    • No, Traitors should be EXECUTED, preferably PAY PER VIEW and proceeds used to pay down the National Debt

    • Manuel Villacana | September 19, 2019 at 8:15 PM | Reply

      If Trump turns out to be a Russian spy or accent he should be put to death

    • PS, if you want to find all the mindless stupid individuals whom have Trump derangement syndrome, this is the place where you can find them. They all spout off their hate for Trump but cannot name even ONE executive order that was bad or provide any facts as to how he has hurt America, instead they ignore the FACT that because of trump America unemployment is the lowest it has ever been, the stock market has shot to over 6 Trillion dollars which is a record high, and the economy in America is booming like never before, and gas prices is lower then it has been in years. The list of great things goes on and on. YES all because of TRUMP.

    • Youdontneedto Seemyidentification | September 20, 2019 at 5:33 AM | Reply

      No doubt in my mind that comrade Trumpski and Moscow Mitch have been Russian assets for at least the past 3 years. The Government Of Putin liars club sold us out and put an unfit bankrupt buffoon in office. Part of their payoff (so far) is two stolen Supreme Court seats and another huge tax cut scam for their 1% cronies. Who says crime doesn’t pay?! The Rethugs have exploded the deficit and screwed over their own low info supporters. 45 is still fighting to keep those OBVIOUSLY INCRIMINATING tax records secret. There is much more, but I don’t need to write a book here.

  17. Kremlin Trump, Moscow Mitch, KGB Barr. America is run by puppets.

    • Don’t let them off the hook by calling them puppets. They are traitors! They made the choices to look after themselves and other foreign parties and not the country.

    • indigosigh yep

    • Bilderberg group owns the world …the richest oil, media, elites… It’s written in stone. In several languages.. watch the Jesse Ventura conspiracy theory show.. he has a couple good shows before he was blocked…

    • Carol Landon , it was the mossad ( Israel Security Intelligence Service ), the Saudis ( middle men for weapons sales to ISIS, continuing support for petro dollar. ), and the CIA, that planned and carried out the demolition of the Twin Tower.
      Thermite was used to blow through the Steel support frame.
      All buildings dropped in their own footprint, with no resistance to deflect or topple wreckage.
      Regular air force daily flying patrols were doing other duties.
      No investigations help at ground zero for 72 days. ( after cleanup)

    • BubblewrapHighway | September 20, 2019 at 7:16 AM | Reply

      That’s what the B in KGB stands for, Barr.

  18. The United States has never faced a greater threat than Donald J. Trump and his criminal klan.

    • Theondras Brown well, aside from looking more like his totem the lizard, I can’t see that Trump has accomplished anything constructive thus far. Watching television , sleeping in everyday is hardly a record to build upon. Firing people left and right simply because you can’t tolerate a difference of opinion being put forth in your presence is not an effective way to govern. Way too many of the competent people are gone. I assume there is no possibility that simply stepping down is an option? He can’t possibly be enjoying this situation. It’s Ten P.M. Time to go to sleep and dream of the better future that can be ours.

    • @JoAnne Middaugh most of them will cry victim, then crawl back under their rocks. A small number may not go peacefully, which is a worry.

    • @Leonie Romanes Yes exactly. I’m worried too. A very dark thing has been released and it’s hard to put it back into the bottle of slime where it was born.

    • @Brainy McBoltzmannface Time to clean house, they all should face the music of their own cords! The swamp will be drained all right, they will go down along with their master, whom they protect. Their Karma is a comin’. Sit back, grab some popped corn, this should be swift!

    • @Anne Rodgers and soon the baby is left all alone to fend for himself, and how WILL that work out? LOL It’s going to BE a comedy, if it hasn’t been already. Unfortunately, this IS real Life, and this NEVER should have been allowed to happen! Someone should have stepped in to stop the madness! Someone owes Hillary a BIG apology and the American people the anxiety of the last few years, a paid vacation for the trauma!

  19. He is a DICTATOR of 21st century to the American people.

    • Search on google—->-global truth project<----read The Present. It explains the truth about life and death and can change the world, especially the very start of the book. It is an absolute must-read.

  20. How many impeachable offenses can 1 president make? My god…

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