Why ‘wokeness’ is the biggest threat to Democrats in 2022 1

Why ‘wokeness’ is the biggest threat to Democrats in 2022


As Democrats gear up for the 2022 midterms, they know their biggest challenge likely comes from within their own party: the rise of “woke culture” on the far left. In the latest episode of The Point, CNN’s Chris Cillizza explains how Democrats need to navigate this self-made minefield and push back on Republicans’ anti-woke messaging if they want to score big wins in the upcoming election.


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Writer: Chris Cillizza
Producer: Moira Donohue
The Point Editor: Leigh Munsil
Video Editor: Steven Sevilla

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    1. I think CNN is a problem in US politics, but CNN’s clear support of woke culture doesn’t help.


    3. @Nevets Netoow Is this another September 23rd conspiracy theory? Because we already did that in 2015-16.

    4. I think it is, but only from the perspective of how the narrative is framed by the GOP. To be “woke’ in my opinion is to be fully aware of how social, racial, and economic disparities affect all Americans and what can be done to acquire more equality. “Woke” is a word that was borne from more progressive thinking peoples, however the GOP has transformed it into a four letter word to mean something that oppresses or diminishes their ideology. They take that slant and hype it up to be something that is almost un-American when its origins are from a perspective to allow all Americans to have their rights acknowledged and honored. It’s only a problem for those who don’t believe in parity and equality, and that is basically most if not all of the GOP.

  1. Even if I wore to accept this (I don’t) Wokeness >>>> Sedition, Domestic Terrorism, Fascism.

    1. I think you forgot to add Commuism and censorship >>>>> to your bs comment. Maybe, add white liberal racism >>>>> to it as well. Keep using those minorities.

  2. Democrats need to wake up, and listen to concerns raised by the conservative mainstream. The last election was dangerously close.

  3. “Most Americans support the Green New Deal but don’t know what’s in it.” Did it occur to you that most Americans also don’t know what’s in the federal budget you mentions moments earlier in the video?

    1. CNN is another massive corporation. They benefit from the status quo. Currently they benefit regardless of who is in office because Democrats and Republicans pander to corporations like them pretty much equally

  4. whilst ‘woke’ culture definitely goes too far for the most part, with regards to what the Dems normally put forward; Neo-Liberal Corprotism, it is a far better alternative. Also, a good idea for the Dems is to do the opposite of the MAGA critiques.

  5. This is called a preemptive strike. The establishment will blame the real left, what was known as the Bernie left, when they lose due to their own horrendous record.

  6. I came across this title and almost fell out of my CHAIR when I saw it was connected to CNN!!!!

    1. They are threatened buy a shift in the status quo. In order for you to have wealthy people they believe you have to have poor people. They call policies most Americans agree with like a higher minimum wage and Medicare for all “woke policies“. Centrist Democrats are only beholden to their corporate donors, CNN is a corporation that understands that there is a cost for these “woke policies“ as they have to be paid for by increased taxes. They don’t want their taxes increased, so they are trying to shift the public opinion with videos like this.

    2. I think it’s great they are seeing the problem with wokeness. We are only human and can make mistakes and if they see mistakes they’ve made and try to correct them I salute the effort

  7. *Outlet that helped woke groups gain prominence worries about woke groups being their downfall*

    Fixed your title.

    1. Exactly. Is this the part where the fake news pretends it hasn’t been pushing wokeness for the communist Democrats for the last ten years as they finally see it has destroyed them all? Got it. Live by identity politics. Die by identity politics. Goodbye!!!

    2. @Al Jirou coming from a cultist for trumps personality. Yes tell us all again how much you think for yourself while you wait for your glorious leader to never get back on twitter to tell you how to think.
      Doesn’t the bible say to “mind the plank in your own eye before speaking about the splinter in your neighbors”?
      Get an education, ingrate.

    1. @El Burrito You’re right, it’s not democratic. It was never supposed to be. People don’t elect the president. The states do. We are a republic — a collection of 50 sovereign countries. We just pretend we’re one country.

    2. @Ver Coda And the other party is currently hijacked with race hustlers who hate white people. That would probably go over well in Ireland.

    3. @boredom2go More than two parties is what most western nations in NATO have done ever since WW2, and we don’t have Islamists in power. Fool.

    4. ​@Enyavar Nathis Fool. It doesn’t matter how many countries have more than two parties. Fool. Popularity is no guarantee of correctness. Fool. Usually having more than two parties works fine because the parties aren’t radically different from each other and can form a consensus. Fool. Islamists did win power in Turkey because they had the largest bloc even though they weren’t a majority. Fool. Having more than two parties can hand power to the largest political minority even if they are radically different from the others, and Turkey proved that. Fool. Having more than two parties is not a political panacea. Fool.

  8. Maybe instead of just being mad at progressives, these centrists could actually offer an agenda and let voters decide. Instead, they just talk to politico anonymously.

    1. @Aaron Thomas then you must be wealthy, because they are very few non-white centrist that occupy the middle class. How could you be a centrist when nearly the entire financial burden falls upon the middle class. You sound like a bot…

    2. @swisshakilla™ I mean I’m Indian and there are two Porsches in my garage so make of that what you will 🤣

    3. @Aaron Thomas That is woke people for you. They will sacrifice anyone at the alter of woke, who they deem isn’t woke enough.. If you don’t agree fully with their ever changing quagmire of ideological contradictions and hypocrisies, you are a racist.. doesn’t matter what color you are. We now have white people telling black people, they are racist, because they aren’t woke enough. The woke loons are the real racists.

    1. @Brytni OK, but then the Dems can run campaigns on economic issues (what moderate dems and undecided voters care about) and not talk about climate change too much in their campaign. But then make important climate policies once in. Is that a valid strategy?

    2. The left doesn’t have a future. How is that not obvious to y’all yet. Go ahead keep doing it, I’m excited for a republican speaker. Vote red 2022

    3. That’s EXACTLY correct. Establishment Dems will forever suck the teat of corporate America with no regard for the consequences to the American people. Progressives aren’t swayed by big $$ donors, Progressives actually work for the 99%. If establishment Dems don’t embrace progressive policy they will never win.

    1. Cause its still the same you just been told its better and you belived big brother when he said it

  9. I’m getting real tired of extremism on both sides. I want more than having a choice between the lesser of two evils.

    1. @Uncle Sam That’s odd I remember all the protesting and rioting that was going on during and since inauguration. Guy wasn’t even in and the left went cray cray.

    2. @Sucker Free yes and you lot have done a bang-up job of being better than them. What with rioting at the capital and pushing lies nonstop about the election just because you don’t like the winner. You are no patriot, just a tool.

    3. @Mandy Rae there was corruption, yes. But Trump’s presidency has given way to abject insanity and incessant lying by Republicans and his supporters. A real step down from mere corruption, wouldn’t you say? YOU need to lay off the propaganda, it’s making you delusional.

    4. @Uncle Sam You mean the frame job at the capitol. The government has already been busted with their Russian collusion hoax and Gov Whitmer’s kidnapping set up. We know there were FBI, Antifa/BLM dressed as Trump supporters infiltrating the entire rally. You’re just too brainwashed to see it. So keep on supporting corruption you sad sheep

    5. @Uncle Sam Wow you are truly in a brainwashed bubble. The only insanity from Trump’s presidency was those who have been in government/power and their media minions/protectors constantly freaking out because deep down they knew an outsider like him threatened to expose their DECADES of corruption. WHICH HE DID!

  10. So, according to you, we should listen to the rich and the uneducated? How will that improve anything?

  11. My god can the aliens just take over the world already? I’m getting tired of people running this country.

  12. “Let me, as a Republican, quote a ton of centrists and act as though they represent the majority opinion”. Oh, thanks! Like we haven’t heard this exact same argument as we lost for the last umpteen years.

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