Why Would Trump Agree To Speak With Woodward? | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Why Would Trump Agree To Speak With Woodward? | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


Why would the president, who has often called the press 'the enemy of the people,' speak multiple times with Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward? The Morning Joe panel discusses. Aired on 09/10/2020.
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Why Would Trump Agree To Speak With Woodward? | Morning Joe | MSNBC

84 Comments on "Why Would Trump Agree To Speak With Woodward? | Morning Joe | MSNBC"

  1. Trump didn’t want to panic people.
    Smart people knew panic the moment Trump took office.
    Stupid people still don’t.

  2. If this is what he says/how he talks to a reporter.
    Imagine all the things he’s said to world leaders and how they must cringe at his ignorance…

  3. KesselRunner606 | September 10, 2020 at 9:16 AM | Reply

    At least Nixon had the smarts to know when to quit.

    Trump is simply too stupid to understand just how stupid he is.


  5. I’m so embarrassed how much the rest of the world is laughing at us

  6. “No Mr. president, I’m not going to do a hit piece on you. You’re going to do it to yourself.”

  7. Toussaint Chivars | September 10, 2020 at 10:00 AM | Reply

    Tough? President Roosevelt handled an actual war while terminally ill.

  8. He is so self unaware that he actually thought he was clearing things up for his benefit

  9. And this is the guy that the right claims is playing “3D, virtual, futuristic, space chess” to confound the Libs. No, he’s just a moron bumbling around on a daily basis.

  10. Imagine what he’s told Putin. The guy he admires more than anyone.

  11. 193,000 + dead Americans, that’s all on the hands of Donald Trump. There’s no lying that away.

    • @Telly Vin-a Gosh she has probably the most difficult job on earth – lying for Trump.

    • They’re not all on him – only most of them. We would still have had a lot of deaths even if he’d handled the pandemic perfectly.

    • @James Kuyper Regardless of 1 or 100 000 Trump is guilty of manslaughter and 2nd degree murder. GUILTY!

    • when you die in a accident and you get tested positive you the register says that your cause of death is Covid-19. But i dont want to “attack” you in your comfort zone 🙂

      Also the hospitals get 30.000$ when they have a case of Covid. And much more when they have deaths because of Covid 😉 just look up what the nurses have to say in new york.

      In Germany we had a complete lockdown and sweden dont but the death are equal. (with the same measurement)

    • Trump just said the virus is deadly lmao!
      So what is it then? It’s a hoax or is a deadly virus? Please explain

  12. trumpty dumpty’s vanity has caught him out, he’s his own witness against himself.

  13. Math IsMySecretSauce | September 10, 2020 at 10:29 AM | Reply

    I’ll tell you why he’d talk to Woodward:
    He doesn’t have any real friends, so any time someone listens to him and encourages him & praises him, he gets a dopamine hit. He will go on & on about himself.

    What a loser. What a sucker.

  14. Alone Together33 | September 10, 2020 at 10:30 AM | Reply

    When Trump is not busy sabotaging himself, he’s busy sabotaging everyone else

  15. He did a political hit-job on himself. We’re truly living in an Idiocracy.

  16. Samuel Johnson said: “Never try to reason out prejudices out of a man, because it never got into him by reasoning.”…..And that is exactly the case with Trump supporters….There is no point to address anything related to logic. I know people who otherwise may appear sane, but when it comes to Trump they get reduced to incoherent imbeciles.

    • “There is no point to address anything related to logic” You could always TRY and by so doing, show that you have some logic!

    • @Thomas Maughan didn’t you just prove his point.

    • @lionharehart Yes, I didn’t. These are words. Not proof of anything. In other words, the claim is that you cannot reason a man out of his prejudices; but not attempt has been shown to do that. It’s just a claim.

  17. The real funny thing about this is how easily Trump forgets his own lies. 😂

  18. Kristin Bradshaw | September 10, 2020 at 12:48 PM | Reply

    And the republicans are silent. And his crazy base doesn’t care.

  19. No matter what the obstacles…everyone, please…VOTE. Don’t sit this out.

    • @Chea7z I’m not a fan of Biden and Harris, but we have to vote Trump out. I’m in my 50s, Black and Indigenous. I can’t stand where things are going with him behind the wheel. This nightmare needs to end.

    • @BoweryDoll The nightmare doesn’t end with voting Trump out of office. Trump just feeds on the nightmare. Need to go deeper. Sounds unconventional and vague I know, but it requires some deeper thinking.

    • @Chea7z Believe me, I hear you. I’ve been a Progressive for a long time and a community activist since the Reagan era. It’s always been a hard, up-hill fight. I don’t think I’ll see real systemic change in my lifetime, but I refuse to stop fighting. I have a relative who was lynched for trying to organize other Black folks to vote in the 40s. I grew up learning the lessons of fighting for rights White Americans took for granted. I refuse to give up. I can’t stand by and watch Trump continue to fear-monger, tearing this country apart and elevating White supremacy. He’s a proud, vitriolic racist and so much, much more. I can’t sit this out. I’ve been thinking about my relative so much in the madness we’re living through. He died for the vote and racial equality, and so many others died and fought hard for the same. There is TREMENDOUS, massive work and change that needs to happen in Washington as well as local politics, but it won’t start with Trump in office. He’s toxic and deadly. You have a right to your choice…but I can’t sit this out. Stay safe and strong. Never underestimate your ability to contribute to change.

    • @BoweryDoll  @BoweryDoll  Thank you for sharing such a genuine response. Im not even going to pretend to know what all that is like. And I completely understand the need to stand up and fight. But I think there are other ways worth exploring to create change. And I know one thing for sure, it will take all of us to do it… No matter which paths we’re on. Thank you for fighting the hard fight.

    • @Chea7z Stand strong. There is a LOT of work to be done to finally get things running right in this country — and that’s an understatement. You have a part to play. Thank you for hearing me.

  20. Everything Except Shoes | September 10, 2020 at 12:56 PM | Reply

    He’s a psychopathic narcissist and he thinks he’s smarter than everyone else.

    • I JUST wrote that! 😷😜

    • @Thomas Maughan you must be dumb as a bag of hammers or you’re blind as a bat if you think Trump is smart. You need to read a book.

    • @Kel Green you must be crazy if you think Trump is smart. I don’t think he’s even as smart as a 5th grader.

    • @Kel Green Trump only listens to Putin he doesn’t listen to any Americans.

    • @Linda Moody “you must be dumb as a bag of hammers or you’re blind as a bat if you think Trump is smart.”

      I do, he is; perhaps you could help with the choice. Is it hammers or bat?

      “You need to read a book.”

      Indeed. Got recommendations? If I were to recommend a book on getting smart, Patrick Lencioni comes to mind.

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