1. @Nick Palko No, I was saying I see a generation beyond me with no shame, so they certainly aren’t modelling any examples to the kids. I’m no better, but I admit it, most don’t.

  1. I was standing in line with a group of 16 – 18 yr olds ahead of me. Overheard them saying the longer we keep this pandemic spreading the longer are summer will be. These young adults have no clue what damage they are doing…..they don’t have my pity. Typical millennials 🙄

    1. I’m surprised that they are smart enough to know what a big nothing burger this whole thing is.

    2. Ahhh, living at home as a teenager. Life is grand with no worries. I hope they are still smiling when Mom and Dad tell them that they’ve lost their job and they’re moving into the family mini van.

    3. @Kevin Well, I’m sure that more than one of them would contemplate suicide or end up on the streets. Small price to pay if you can extend the life of an 80 year old – who has heart disease & kidney failure – by a couple of months. Smart idea. LOL

  2. this was seen coming dumb as hell until mom or dad get sick and dies these are our professionals that most still live at home that should be a little smarter

  3. Stop the social engineering, this is not China! Leave ppl alone or shut the whole business/public services down!

    1. And millennials are jealous of baby boomers. Reason being is there was more opportunity for Baby Boomers and GenXers than there is for millennials. And now with the far left movement and indoctrination instead of education millennials are really screwed!

  4. they should be shamed and charged for attempted murder, if they intentionally go out get sick and infect someone else, because that other person may very well die from it, its the same as stabbing someone with a knife, they are instead of using a knife, using a virus instead, they are guilty and it should be made known to all every one of them that commit such an atrocity against others in their communities.

    1. If you’re scared. Stay home, wear a mask, wash your hands. As for me, and my freedom, I don’t want to surrender it.
      It’s scary to see so many willing to give up their freedoms … all for a survival rate of 99.3 percent… hope you like the poor house, because that’s where we are all headed. I’d rather take my chances then bankrupt our nation.

  5. Doctors already said this would happen, I say another lockdown in October ?? Ford isnt wrong…. It may not affect them, but there parents/grandparents. Nature doesn’t forgive the stupid.

    1. Amazing how accurate Event 2O1 was. What a coinkidink…& the timing was nothing short of a miracle. LOL

    1. You are correct about the political correctness BS but very wrong about who should be shamed.

  6. There is no spike in ‘cases’ & there is no pandemic. The convid is not really a thing. It’s simple, quarantine the vulnerable & leave the healthy alone.

    1. @Stewart Gillis Apparently not. Watching all the covidiots running around like panick stricken lemurs proves otherwise. They’d do well to get educated with the *actual* facts. They have found no comfort in their ignorance, just a whole lot of D R A M A.

  7. Not all in that demographic are part of the issue. I’m part of it and have followed the rules since day 1 and continue to do so.

  8. I thought the entire point of this shut down wasn’t to stop the spread but just to slow the spread so as to not overload our hospitals. But the overall goal was still to achieve heard immunity. Is this not the case any more? When did it change?

  9. You should never shame anyone into something…ever…but deal with it…they need to know…and they do not want to…then in force it…this is about life…

  10. What about the Ontario front line nurses holding a 5 minute silent protest the other day, yep, they are seeing through this over the top hysteria unfolding before this projected plan, taking away of the ” real ” health care issues!

  11. A 99.997% recovery rate and the average age of someone who dies from it being 82.

    Give it a rest.

  12. When did national hysteria and hypochondriasm become socially acceptable? Everybody meet at the Covid-Lemming cliff.

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