1. @SCPython There are Neo-nazis in every developed country? Even russian neo-nazis are fighting for russia against neo-nazis… I guess you would not know this, but in a democracy every person is entitled to their beliefs.

    2. @BBBplayers You make a good point and I agree that Neo-Nazi can be found in many countries. The point is Zelensky denies it while other statemen (e.g., Germany) acknowledge it and do not deny it.

    3. @SCPython Zelensky denied the statement Putin made about Neo-Nazis holding citizens hostage and infiltrated the government. Which is false. Israel have set up a multi million dollar field hospital in western ukraine. Both Poland and the Jews were decimated by Nazis. They would not support Zelensky and his government if they were Nazis. The Azov Battalion is 12k strong, created in 2014 in response to russian backed separatists forming. Before this they were just some ordinary football ultras. Allied with several Russian ultras from for example Moscow.

    4. @SCPython At this point though it does not matter. What Putin has done is he has made the whole country Nationalists. If he wants to take cities under russian control, including Donetsk and Luhansk. He will have to send them all to camps or raize them to the ground. Because they will never surrender now. The Colombian druglord Pablo Escobar said ‘Rather a grave in Colombia, then a cell in the US’. I would imagine every Ukrainian saying ‘Rather a grave in Ukraine, then a house in Russia’ And they will continue to resist hard for as long as they draw breath.

    1. @Lou Festfos The Ukranian war in the Donbass was a proxy war fueled by Moscow using Wagner mercenaries and GRU agents like Zakharchenko.

    2. @SASHA the Ukrainian war is the same war as now. It started on February 2014 with the Maidan putsch and the continuous persecution of Russian speaking ukrainians. Russian helped such people and now they are deleting nazists.

    3. Zelensky is acting like an actor and not thinking as a President. RUNNING A COUNTRY IS NOT HOLYWOOD.
      He has to understand that the world is not is family. There are no permanent friends only permanent interests.
      He is naive to think that other government will subject their countries and people to war to protect UKARIANE.

    4. @SASHA 900 people don’t impose a national ww2 era hero on 44m, yet they did. Albeit, after outrage in the world, they decided to opt out from that decision but named streets, bridges and villages after him. 900 people you say were able to do that? That monsters name is Stepan bandera, one of his favorite past times was to cut the pregnant woman’s belly and put a cat in there, close the stomach and see whether the cat gets out before the woman dies. This is the guy whose insignia is worn by a few ukrainian batallions, this is the guy that coined “slava ukraini” and this is the guy that is responsible for the worst atrocities in nazi ww2 camps, even Germans could not stomach what these monsters were doing. This is the guy who is most likely responsible for the extermination of most ukrainian jews, including zelenskys. Why talk about this guy now, 75 years later you would ask? Well, they voted to make him a hero in 2014 and use his slogans today, same ones that he and his 40% of the country’s followers used when they butchered everyone that was not western ukrainian, including Hungarians, Romanians, poles, gypsies, Russians, jews, eastern Ukrainians, various native-to-the-land minorities. Your history knowledge about this conflict stretches 3 weeks. And this is outrageous

    5. @Vet On The Verge find who coined that phrase you use in the end and in what instances it was used and your perception of this war may be a bit altered and may be, if not understood (this war is not good for either Ukraine or Russia or for the innocent poor people) but at least the perspective is not going to be one sided.

  1. President Zelensky you have the courage of your ancestors, you are a great man. Ukraine and the World salutes you.

    1. *I have posted few videos of African indian Women and children not allowed to get the train cross borders and save their lives, and used as human sacrifice, only European white are lives are saved*

    2. You are so misinformed that it is sad. People always talk about being aware and enlightened but never take the opportunity to seek it. Before formulating an opinion make sure you see everything clearly,

    3. Zelensky is acting like an actor and not thinking as a President. RUNNING A COUNTRY IS NOT HOLYWOOD.
      He has to understand that the world is not is family. There are no permanent friends only permanent interests.
      He is naive to think that other government will subject their countries and people to war to protect UKARIANE.

  2. This fits in the saying that someone in history said…”if you want people to believe a lie, then tell a VERY BIG lie and people will more easily believe it”. Goodness knows, this clearly is Putin’s approach

    1. @ArtemisArcheress Lets not dismiss the obstacle that Azov and others have posed in the application of the Minsk agreements. Zelensky himself took their threat seriously (and addressed it impressively imho)
      The argument shouldn’t be “has Ukraine got a far right problem” anyone but the far right should agree it has. The argument should be “has ukraine got a significant far right problem to justify an invasion”. The answer to which is a simple “no”.
      This isn’t a big lie from putin, its a big exaggeration.

    2. @TOMO Pootin, is the appthamy of Evil! More EVIL you cannot get. Killing civilians and unborn child? What do you call that???

  3. I have to say I really love Zelensky’s down-to-earth mannerism. He is a politician, but he doesn’t look like one, he doesn’t fill the air with hollow words, and his origin as just an average citizen elected to high office mirrors the film that made him famous. It honestly sounds like something out of a story but is actually real. I wish we had more politicians like him.

    1. @Gvantsa Datuashvili I love how you started all loving and caring but now you just insulting people that disagree with you🤣 . Go get your shine box lil bittie

    2. @david Davian she started as a loving caring woman and ended like a communist dictator. This fake humanitarian are all like the vegans, if no one is looking they wouldn’t be vegan 😒

    3. Yes, I just wonder why is he wearing a shirt with a nazi cross on it? Is this a joke? Look at the cross on his t-shirt….

  4. Your are in my heart every day, V. Zelensky and the Ukrainians also. Long life for You! God is with you!

    1. @Rene Taylor  Thank for replying to me!😉😘🤗❤️🧡💛

      This conflict between Ukraine and Russia is nearing its end!!🧡💛❤️🌹🕊️

    2. Why did Putin invade now and not during Trump’s tenure?

      Putin was used to Trump, who let him get away with everything – an orange puppet usually does, what its master says.
      Putin had failed, though not for lack of meddling, in securing Trump a second term.
      A second term, where Trump was do dismantle NATO – per instructions from Putin.
      Now Putin had to go to plan B – invading Ukraine and in the process split NATO into atoms.

      And since Tucker Carlson has peddled again and again, to both Putin and his other many loyal viewers in Russia, that Biden is weak and a pushover, someone who would definitely NOT be able to keep NATO strong and united, Putin thought: Perfect time to invade.

      Well, like with everything else coming from Tucker Carlson, this too was absolute BS – and the strength of Biden leading a united NATO is now driving Putin and Russia into the abyss.

  5. I am impressed that Zacharia let him talk, let him answer instead of reporters cutting people off because we are “out of time”.

    1. @Kamal Yandluri Funnily enough, had we not let Putin follow up on his much longer speech, you would have felt we were partisan. How limited ones perspectives can become when ones position never changes.

    2. So right. These reporters have preplanned their “‘ Blocks”. That’s why they’re running out of time. The frigging producer is screaming in their ears.

    3. We are “out of time.” I can use basketball metaphors or Lovecraftian metaphors. Let’s use the basketball metaphors – under US style neoliberalism the state does an “unstoppable MJ fadeway.” This is particularly catastrophic if you have a fractional reserve central banking system. That’s why you got to “bring the truth from the roof.”

  6. What’s beautiful about him is how he reflects the youthfulness of his nation. For a country that’s supposedly poor, the people fleeing are well dressed and are leaving modest homes, apartments. You can see how clean they maintained this country before this monstrous event.

    1. We can also see how beautifully they keep their children. Well fed, warmly dressed with lots of affection. I havent seen a nation who loves their country more than the Ukrainians. When this war is over the entire world needs to rebuild Ukraine. We owe it to them.


    3. @TOMO did you comment this under everything here? Wow. What dedication. Ukraine conflict is on Putin and Russia along. And it’s not their first time doing this either. Anyone who says otherwise is either ignorant AND stupid, or a Russian troll. I thought you were ignorant and stupid when I first saw your comment. I can see now that I was wrong.

    4. @mona liza That 13,500 dead certainly does include at least 500 Russian troops who invaded Ukraine in 2014. The other 13,000 dead are *UKRAINIANS* not Russians. The 13,000 includes over 3,000 civilians on both sides of the lines of skirmish. The rest of the 13,000 is composed of Ukrainians fighting on both sides of the Russian backed civil war. Your narrative doesn’t stand up to the facts.

  7. May God always bless 🤲 🙏 Ukraine 🇺🇦 President and People 🤲 🙏.
    🇨🇦 Slava Ukraine 🇺🇦

  8. Imagine living in a world dominated by Mr P’s Russia in close liaison with Mr Xi’s China.
    Frightening to me.
    Being Scandinavian (Rus) I feel strongly for 🇺🇦, be strong in your mind, heart and arms.
    See you soon ✊
    Slava Ukraine 💔

    1. Awful. He’s banned opposing political parties and tv stations. Trapped all males up to age 60 from leaving, volunteering them to fight to the death like Stalin in Stalingrad ’42. Been sending 17 year olds with three days of training to the front. Tried to bait other countries into a shooting war leading to WWIII. Left his nation in ruins. And started this invasion on November 10 (see WSJ Sat. ed., 3/6). Of course I’m referring to that DICTATOR Mr. Zelenskyy.

    2. Add trump to that toxic soup of evil. America is suffering from the collective sociopathic schizophrenic Alt-Right GOP.

  9. As Austrian I always felt ashamed that my country did not fight the Invasion of Adolf Hitler in 1938. So I wish the Ukrainian people all the luck of the world in this war that Putin has started. It will take time, because the EU and the NATO are afraid of a Third World War – but Putin and his mobster oligarchs will feel the sanctions. Putin has made a big mistake : (

    1. @Dali It was a totally different situation. Hitler’s Anssluss happened during the great depression and many Austrians had a favourable opinion of Hitler who was born in Austria.

    2. Hitler was a German and had a big German soldier , Russian fight the German to liberal Europe don’t forget that.he is a clown, HE JUST DON’T WANT TO USE THE WORD GERMANY WERE NEONAZIST

    3. А ты в курсе, что такие марши фашистов ходит каждый год по Киеву со свастикой с фашистской символикой фашистской Германии?

    4. @R. L. Foster austrians are the most racist people I’ve ever met most of them like hitler to this day

  10. This young, strengthening democracy is being led by a man of the People. Yes, he’s been an entertainer AND he is truly the product of those who survived great challenges. Ukraine has been pulled/pushed by East/West forces for millennia and Putin’s lies will be his downfall. All beings deserve to have peace ☮

    1. I know the truth!😭😭😭

      Putin is not the only evil! 😭😭😭

      The root of the evil is that American neoconservatism and Deep State illegally elected Joe Biden as president, and the US Democratic Party forced Russian President Vladimir Putin into military action and invaded Ukraine !! 😭😭😭

      This Ukrainian conflict was planned by the US Democratic Party and Neoconservatism & Deep State’s tactical plans to benefit the world’s military businesses, gas companies, energy companies, privileged classes, and some rich people enormously!😭😭😭

      And in Ukraine, the far-right neo-Nazi groups Azov Battalion, Andriy Biletsky, Igor Kolomoisky, Dmitry Kotsbayo, C14, Yuchen Boron, etc. dominate the Ukrainian government, the army, the police and more! 😭😭😭

      And the same Jewish Presidents Putin and Zelensky, these two sponsors, Rothschild and Vatican, are working secretly behind them!😭😭

    2. @TOMO Once they’re done shaking every last dime out of our pockets…

      It’s time for the great reset.

  11. The more I listen and learn about Zelensky leadership and altruism, the more I admire him. He represents the best of humanity and Ukraine. May God be with you and all Ukrainians. Slava Ukraini!

    1. @dan dansen “YEAH” Dream On !!!
      Putin is handing the KayBall there asses !
      Absolute BS – you – “Look In a Mirror” !
      Gnato and the U S 3 letter agencies are the “WAR mongers” at the helm of the corruption in Ukraine . Get Wise . . .

    2. main media will never tell us the reasons for this Russian operation.
      It is not an invasion because the legitimate democratically elected government of Ukraine has been overthrown by the US with a bloody coup in 2014, the coup was led by neo Nazi terrorists that are now in the Ukraine army. Ukraine is no longer a sovereign country. The Ukraine army has been attacking Ukrainians who oppose the puppet regime. 14000 people have been killed. You can check UN human rights reports. Zelensky is a puppet, he supported genocide on Russian speaking Ukrainians. The other main reason is that NATO violates their promise not to expand to the east. Since 1991 there has been massive expansion. To the point that they are arming Ukraine with billions dollar worth of military weapons, and thousands of NATO forces are in Ukraine training its army, so Ukraine is de facto in NATO, and they even started to plan nuclear missiles in Ukraine, right at the door step of Russia. This is existential threat for Russia. The main media would never tell you these reasons.

      It is easy to stop the war if only Zelensky agrees to stop the military threat on Russia and stop the neo Nazi genocide on Russians in Ukraine. That is what Putin promised. Putin has not even requested Zelensky to step down. But Zelensky won’t. He is a puppet of the west.

  12. Our hearts are trembling with you, Ukraine, our eyes are weeping, our minds are condemning the Russian aggressors and liars, our spirits are praying for you and sending you our most heartfelt love and moral support.

    1. Zelensky is acting like an actor and not thinking as a President. RUNNING A COUNTRY IS NOT HOLYWOOD.
      He has to understand that the world is not is family. There are no permanent friends only permanent interests.
      He is naive to think that other government will subject their countries and people to war to protect UKARIANE.

  13. This guy really is proof of the old adage “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon ’em.”.
    Godspeed Ukraine 🇺🇦

    1. @Rose Ryan excellent! Congratulations on leaving the Trumpublican party. I hope you can rebuild a Republican party that cares about democracy and believes in reality 😉

    2. @Thomas Scott you know what’s really crazy? It just dawned on me that Joe can’t have the codes. They were scared to death that trump had them. We know ol dementia couldn’t find the door to the Whitehouse. So why isn’t Congress trying to take his powers away? Something to this show thing it seems.

    3. @Shanan Alexander so what did you think about hunters laptop where it says Ukraine owns Joe? Even better those pictures of that little girl with naked Hunter?

  14. As one who deeply understands narcissistic sociopathic behavior after being married to one… “you know exactly what they are doing and who they are, by what they are accusing you of.” It seems insane and dumb that they give themselves away like that, but it is true. This is how the sociopathic mind works, blame shifting first before blame is even cast so no one can possibly point their finger at them.

    1. @E Ro Wrong. Higher unemployment when Trump left than when he started. You are spreading DISINFORMATION.

    2. Yes. So many don’t understand how their mind works. It’s a scary highly disturbed place. So many people just think “well there must be a good reason Putin is doing this”. NO. These people just don’t understand how his sick mind works. Because most people don’t think that way.

    3. And now he’s had a long period of time to brainwash his entire country in, not only hating the west, but apparently there’s all these Nazis everywhere. This is a terrifying situation. The man is sick in the head and so many can’t see

    4. It’s a illusion…his entire being and what he projects himself to be is a illusion. They are masters at hiding themselves and deceiving people only until the mask falls off. And if you already know what to look for you won’t be deceived. Most people don’t know what to look for and learn the hard way
      Sorry I could go on forever.
      This guy is a threat and a danger to the entire world and his own people

  15. Maybe every country should have an ordinary person as pm or president, maybe the world would be better for it

    1. Google Zelensky Pandora Papers and you’ll see he’s just as ‘ordinary’ as all the other corrupt leaders. I’m fed up of uninformed people like you.

    2. @Im Crazy ! So why is Zelensky crying so hard and why is NATO even needed? Kind of contrary messaging there numbnuts.

    3. @Vlad bond Azov Battalion were enlisted into the Ukranian army. Ukraine has the biggets Nazi problem on the planet.

  16. I’ve just watched a BBC report that interviewed a crying father whose daughter in her twenties and his little granddaughter were ripped apart by a Russian shell launched against a civilian Ukrainian target and showed an 11 year old girl in a hospital bed whose right leg had to be amputated and a traumatised 8 year old boy who saw his mother burn to death in a car that had been near a Russian shell. How can the Russian people go about their everyday lives, shopping, meeting family, going to work, eating dinner, singing and meeting friends, attending Putin rallies when such atrocities are being carried out by their political leadership and their military? I don’t see how any Russian citizen can stand aside and stay silent as if this is nothing to do with them.

    The current situation in Ukraine is intolerable and an offence to all humanity.

    1. Puttin cant win soldiers vs soldier he use tactic of neo nasiz or aryan that he can do kill civiliam

    2. BBC did not show you the dead people of Donbass ripped apart by NAZI’s and Ukrainian shells paid for with British tax dollars..

      HAD BCC shown you the disgusting brutality of NATO and Ukraine (with the Nazis’) from 2015 to 2022 , you might be on Putin’s side .

      That’s why it’s all “censored” ,!

      the BBC does not want you know know that NATO has been murdering people for 7 years, to try to provoke Putin!

    3. @I love Elsa of Arendelle if this “poll” is coming from Russian state media then maybe you would consider the credibility of it. Don’t be surprised if the reality is like a 50/50 or even more opposing… well at least they admitted there ARE people opposing the war.

    4. @Epicurus _ It’s 8 years since Russia “took” Crimea from Ukraine… So 8 years is an important time.
      But from what I’ve understood most Russians living in Ukraine does it because they want to live in Ukraine and not in Russia. Then on the other hand there might be some Russians living in Ukraine wanting it to be Russian (“Sovjet”) again – I don’t think they are popular after what happend in 2014.

  17. The part at the end is so so absolutely true. They are acting like the thing they want to destroy. And it isn’t even present in Ukraine, they are liturally just being it themselves.

    1. Something has really broken in putin. He is the aggressor in Ukraine. This will be part of putins legacy. Nothing to be proud of. Sad to see putin behavior is more like a Nazi than even the old Soviet Union. Soviet Union was communist, after the fall, they tried to become a Country of democratic values. That hasn’t worked since putin came to power. No more elections.

    2. Putin doesn’t want to destroy nazis, its only an excuse.
      He supports neonazis in Germany and the US which Russia has been doing since before the fall of the Soviet Union.

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