1. They were looking for something, they found it and killed him. Probably what they were looking for will implicate someone higher up.
      It’s crazy and sounds like something out of Hollywood movie.

    2. @Sarah Petty CNN has been convering this.. for some weird reason they have decided not to upload to Youtube. I’m disappointed with them.

    3. @Joe O LOL… You’re Disappointed with CNN… not like the rest of the Planet who’s been LAUGHING AT FAKE NEWS CNN!!!
      OH BTW… it’s coming out that Groper Cuomo’s little brother Fredo has been covering for his older Bro… but if CNN kept a Masterbater why wouldn’t they keep Chris~

    4. @Sarah Petty All cable news is terrible but Fox News is appreciably the worst though. They report things that they know to be false in order to advance the agenda of a political party… They also employ some of the dumbest people to ever grace television. Sean Hannity, Steve Doocy, Tomi Lahren, Jeanine Piero.

  1. We are literally surrounded by evil and I don’t think that is going to change anytime soon.

    1. Ever since George H Bush and Clinton became president there have been innumerable assassinations.

  2. Some of these comments suggesting suspicion on the wife’s part or that the President must have been “up to something.” Such negative comments based on absolutely nothing. No facts. No evidence. This woman has lost her husband in a brutal attack that she witnessed, and could have died herself. Many Blessings of Strength and Healing to her, her Family and to the people of Haiti.

    1. This is how evil those killers are towards black people. They kill you then they divide your families.

    2. Ummmmm the guy violated the constitution in Haiti and refused to give up power.
      Dictator got what dictators deserve

    3. @Omicron-Omicron-Alpha-Yellow-Daystar-2-7-Enable don’t have anything to say,please shut it up. Obviously you have no idea what you are saying.

  3. Such a beautiful woman of strength and courage ! Just an inside job, unbelievable. She should b scared of her security bc they miserably failed them and should b replaced or fired. Why isn’t the world leaders outraged?

    1. @Kathia Pierre ~ How am I part of Haiti’s problems? For telling the truth? For supporting the Haitian people?

      I am not a partisan; I am neither for or against any political party or leader in Haiti. That is for the people of Haiti to decide in free and fair elections.

      Haiti has much of which to be proud. It is the second nation to be independent in the Western Hemisphere, not long after the U.S. had declared its own independence. It is the first and only nation where slaves rose up to win independence. Haiti’s first constitution, written in 1801, stated outright that “servitude is therein forever abolished.” It included fundamental rights for all men, regardless of race, that other nations would not adopt until the next century.

      For too long, France, England, and the U.S. failed to acknowledge or respect Haiti’s independence, which has contributed greatly to problems there, problems which linger to this day, even though that changed in 1986 with a popular uprising ending Duvalier dictatorship rule, and with the U.S. and other nations helping Haiti conduct democratic elections in 1990.

      However, since then Haiti has suffered from political instability, corruption, and the economic devastation of a series of natural disasters. President Moïse failed to instate the legislative check of a new parliament and he ruled past Feb. 7, 2021, which many cited as the end of his five-year term.

      A group of U.S. human rights clinics issued a statement warning of deteriorating human rights conditions, and Haitian civil society leaders testified before U.S. legislators explaining Mr. Moïse’s consolidation of power.

      “The U.S. should recognize the situation in Haiti today as a struggle by the Haitian people to take ownership of their government and build democracy, not simply a fight between politicians for power,” said Emmanuela Douyon, a Haitian activist, in her testimony.

      What is the path forward? Breaking patterns of foreign intervention and rule by elites disconnected from the masses requires tipping the balance of power toward civil society actors who’ve long protested corruption, gangs, and inequality.

  4. In haiti if someone sneeze from their homes the USA ambassador already knew, but the plot of the president the so called core group didn’t know that day. When the president announced he will form a secret service agent for the country the US diplomat the first to say bad ideas for a president at his last term to make this decision. The American failed haiti for years.

    1. Haiti has been an oligarchy since shortly after the assassination of Dessalines in October 1806. In January 1807, de-factor president Alexandre Petion and senator Alexis Beaubrun Ardouin created NOT a democratic republic but rather an oligarchy that endures till today in Haiti. To end this oligarchy, four events ought to be taken place in Haiti : 1. The Organization of Apolitical State Generals 2. Devise A Nationwide Social Contract 3. Frame An endogenous constitution and 4. Capitalize Haiti’s Economy with Haitian Diaspora Remittances. The last step is where my proposal comes in.

  5. Lady Arthur Bennett : she has CLASS, STYLE AND COURAGE LIKE ME. She IS a GREAT lady in USA and italy, ecc ecc

  6. I’m not going lie. I had to do a double take when she started speaking english better than most americans

    1. @Ron K So, the only comment you had about this story (the woman watched her husband murdered before her eyes and was left for dead) was to wonder if she paid her hospital bill? Wow, smh.

  7. She is supposed to have security. She the first lady. Having the UN investigate might be the best bet. But whomever wanted him dead may be connected with them as well

    1. that’s what a psychopath murderer does when talking about the victim and reminiscing the crime; they smile.

  8. Pretty sure it is known that their security was in on it and her husband was tortured before killing him. Her story is very sanitized for some reason.

    1. @ Geee : indeed, for some reason the US is not sharing the Haitian channels news with the explicit version of the crime.

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