1. What a beautiful Russian mom! Gosh, we think .. we are at risk of losing our Republic in beloved America. Then ,,we see the hellish conditions of Russia and …what families are going through. (Terrible place. ) Scary authorities and ..then …the journalist is jailed with no proof. He suffers from tension and impossible situations in a Russian jail ..,for talking about the invasion of Ukraine. 💕What is next then? Thank you for this reporting job today. 🤎💜☮️…May peace come soon to celebrate in Ukraine. So …then Russian families can be freed inside these prisons. Yikes!

    1. 00:20…why does the news keep emphasizing saying activist when introducing their reporters this week? Is this something to be proud of does that make their opinions right?

  2. IT IS VERY HARD to understand brave men and women like these Russian men, Martin Luther King, Malcom x, miss bhutto who knew she was most wanted but returned to pakistan even if a mother! NO FEAR OF DEATH! wow

  3. This is why freedom of speech in the constitution and independent courts are basic things in democracy.

    1. @Talking Butt freedom of speech means the gov’t can’t punish you for expressing your opinion. it has nothing to do with whom the public might support or boycott

    1. How about journalism in the USA. Talk to Julian Assange and get his views on American journalism.

    2. There is no journalism in Russia now. Russian government forbids every point of view except their own.

  4. Kara-Murza is a great man. Brave and truthful. How can Americans be in favor of closing our borders when such courage and wisdom exists outside our borders?

    1. Are you seriously suggesting we open our borders to MILLIONS because of one honest journalist in Russia? You’re insane.

    2. How are you doing so far today, I really would love we get to know each more better with time don’t know were it leads to

    1. Tell me Sissy, did you speak out when the United States treated Julian Assange and Edward Snowden just the same if not worse?

  5. Your husband, Vladimir Kara-Murza, is a man of great stature. Many of us admire and respect him and his work. Strength to your family.

  6. What a brave guy who always want to show his passion to speak his side what is really going on. How I wish he could go out of prison soon so that he can continue his passion. Now a days there are only a handful few people like him who want to go out to their shell due to circumstances may happen to them on the future. Love this guy❣️✌️👏

  7. Reason why studying or practicing journalism in communist countries is fraught with danger. It requires tact, bravery, a bit of insanity and sometimes sacrifice.
    To me the man is an absolute hero. I hope you will get him back darling 💋👍🏻

  8. Your husband is such a brave man Mrs Kara-Murza and there is no doubt that your children are very, very proud of him. To this Canadian, I think you and your children are also brave and your sacrifice is beyond anything I could imagine myself having to go through. May God keep you all safe and I hope you are all back together again soon. Thank you for speaking out.

  9. She is brave and intelligent woman who loves her children and husband. I couldn’t say the same for Putin who proves once again that he is weak.

  10. Whoever wrote the title for this video, I hope you’re okay. It kind of looks like you might’ve had a stroke or something. 😂

  11. Putin: “We invaded the Ukraine to fight fascism!”

    Ukraine: “Why don’t you start fighting fascism at home?”

  12. Your husband fight is honorable, essential, and needed.
    Fighting for democracy is always worthy.

  13. You are an incredible woman. Your husband is a true hero. And your kids are hero’s for being so brave in the face of an evil dictatorship. The world needs more people like you and your family.

  14. Incredible bravery from this man, who knows very well what the Kremlin is capable of, and still returns to Russia. I am torn for his family who must be anxious as hell for his safety and yet respects his will to bring democracy to Russia.

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