1. @Drew B Still missed the point. There’s always a way. Don’t create situations then later regret it. Rome’s Neglect created this attraction. Also
      move out, live of the grid/land, or adapt. Reaserch before living in a place. Otherwise suck it up, own your mistakes.

      I’ve moved live near the woods. And in peace with Nature.

    2. @Mí If you had a mouse eating your paycheck every couple of weeks, you would do something about it.

  1. With the world food shortage, this should not be an issue at all. They’re a gift from God, now use them.

    1. @facite non victimarum
      “A gift from god” are you on drugs or something? Perhaps they are just individuals just like you, trying to live, and you have no business harming them in any way.

  2. What disruptions have occurred in their natural habitat for the boars to migrate seeking food?

    1. @dukeofthedance actually kinda… many of the natural reserves and parks were instituted by noble families and popes

    1. @joshua foster It totally makes sense and it’s worth it. I’m having some in 2 days on my father in law’s birthday party

  3. Personally, I’m not a fan of hurting animals. I’d prefer having the animals relocated out of the cities, or better yet, set up a sanctuary for them. However, if things end up getting worse, then killing the boars might end up being the only solution.

    1. it makes more sense and no cost to have hunters take care of it,, in canada the idiots spent money relocating geese instead of doing that when we had problem of too may canada geese in the city

  4. How sad!! “Kill them!” Why not find out why they are in the city ? Have we humans destroyed their natural habitat? Or have we eradicated their natural predators? We humans have caused this issue and kill is not the solution, they too deserve to live.

    1. @Richard Degeneste Every thing and every one has do die at some point brother. Nobody’s talking about killing for the sake of killing.

  5. That silly girl at the end of the video obviously has ZERO clue as to how dangerous wild boar can be let alone wreak absolute havoc and destroy wild lands and parks 😳


    1. Why would the Elderly eating them be first on the list when most Elderly have to have a different type diet from that in their Elder years . Wow


  7. We need them in the Philippines one is only surviving in country in the mountains of Mt Apo

  8. Here in Finland we’ve a problem with wild hares, hundreds and hundreds of them around Helsinki. City has contracted hunters with bows to keep their numbers in check. Doesn’t seem to help much, they breed so fast and have so many litters per year….

    1. @Wray & Nephew Very true, but odds are excellent that at one point Italy had predatory birds that kept the population in check. The birds have probably been mostly killed off by a combination of pesticides, pollution, and loss of habitat.

  9. Wild boar are some of the most dignified creatures, kind, gentle, noble, have their own bathroom, and anyone that would kill them is a criminal and should be incarcerated.
    A hobiata should be provided for them as the dirty greedy Romans have taken their habitat, Rome stinks.

    1. @Brie Robinson Thank you 😉 Amazing how all these people are for killing, maybe someone should hunt them for change to see how it feels. Thanks again sweet Brie, lady with a heart

    2. Yes I admire them to they are an intelligent and social animals and deserve all respect. But some times in order do do the right thing by a population you will need to either move or cull numbers for their own good also. You are all being a bit naive.

      What are you proposing kill humans to make space, that is called eco fascism and you cant do that either. The answer is to start using land better, small and large reserves fenced connecting corridors ect. And you cant just force farmers of land either you need to work with them. Enough of this moping around saying humans this humans that, be the change folks.

  10. Maybe if humans didn’t leave trash LITERALLY everywhere animals wouldn’t come to eat out of dumpsters!

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