Wildfire ravages Lytton, B.C. in wake of record heat wave 1

Wildfire ravages Lytton, B.C. in wake of record heat wave

Residents of Lytton, B.C., were ordered to evacuate, at a moment's notice, racing against approaching flames.

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    1. Nope nope many dead confirm
      Little town in kinda gully
      One way in..many did not make it out

    1. Little town that’s not boston bar
      Dude who put parents in pit and cover it
      Wrong wrong both died

    1. Scary with lightning in my town just over a hour from Lytton started some fires outside town thankfully nothing in the town but I was seeing it strike down scary close to my house and everything is so dry it doesn’t take much

  1. Is nobody gunna talk about the fact that, we clearly aren’t equipped or ready to respond to any of these natural disasters. Peace and love to all effected. My heart is with you…. Such a sad sad Canada Day

    1. @C Steele interesting. I’ve always heard of California and Oregon having wildfires like this every Summer. I didn’t know they happened in British Columbia as well. I mean, now they’re definitely gonna start happening more often but I’ve always thought they were very unlikely to happen as I’ve never really heard about them on the news

    2. @Ricky911 Look up how certain pine trees plant seeds, the pine cones don’t open up and drop seeds unless they burn so even the forests evolved to work with forest fires.

    3. @Ricky911 If you have lived in BC any length of time you would know there is always a risk of forest fire. This was absolutely horrible, that whole town has to start over their homes and businesses gone.

  2. Seeing them cry made me cry, hope everyone made it out safely.
    Even though it’s very sad to lose your home but Buildings can be replaced as long as no living soul was harmed.
    Hope it never happens again.

    1. I’m sad for what we will face in the future.. seems unlikely we will get off the highway to climate hell.

  3. They devastation is her voice is of survival. I hope they have all their needs met and more!

  4. It was the train. Why would they let a train come through here with these temp.someone needs to be accountable!

  5. Was it CP Rail… Or CN Rail that started this one again? I can’t remember who’s rail go’s through. It was reported the fire was coming down the track. Jus sayin is all.

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