1. @Guy North Putting them on a pedestal simply because they’re a Fireman is pathetic at best. I know volunteer Fire Fighters that outclass those fat assholes sitting around waiting. I have been in property management for many years and have had many experiences with Firemen and the majority and comical clowns.

    2. Have there been any upgrades to firefighters tech? I saw them using shovels to dig trenches to stop the fire. Am I the only one thinking we’re still fighting fires like we’re in the stone age?

    3. @JusDion yes that’s what we see because the reporters stay a distance from the front.
      front where they use oxygen, communicate with the airplanes,
      dig trenches,
      drench the ground with heavy, stiff hoses surrounded by flames as tall as buildings…

  1. If you are looking for away to help the environment you can use ecosia they are a search engine that plants trees

  2. The peat moss ground cover that covers most of the Russian forests once ignited is so hard to put out and the putrid smoke is so thick.

    1. Yes — I’ve known campers who have started peat fires. It is amazing how huge they can be, UNDER the ground.

  3. We’re in the last years of Western Civilization, maybe 15 years left, maybe 20. But no more than that, in my opinion. So sad for all the young kids (5-10) that are going to go through so much as they become adults.

    1. More than 99 percent of all organisms that have ever lived on Earth are extinct. You could be right. Our time may be up.

    2. I believe in the new kingdom. I’m scared but also relieved and excited for who we truly should be. For the remaining years of human tyranny I hope to educate my kids and get them ready for many hardships. I also want to let them know of God’s love for us and not to give excuses for our behavior.

  4. GOP still denies the climate change. Where is the Ahole that took the floor and said… ” This is a snowball”

    1. ​@Peter Bills What happened? Well, we know at least three things about that.

      (1) it was a prediction – not an exact science. As we see with the heat dome in the Pacific NW, it happened, but it wasn’t predicted to happen before 2100, or like 2060 at the earliest. Why? We can be very accurate about trends – and we are – but forecasting exactly in wildly complex planetary systems with interdependent cascading tipping points and state changes is fantastically difficult;

      (2) the ice WILL be gone sooner than we think – maybe 2026, maybe 2035 – we don’t know – the point is we can see with incredible clarity the causes and effects and trends that drive outcomes, but we don’t know precisely when only a range of time. Similarly, it’s like predicting how long an 80-year-old man will live – we can make an actuarial prediction, and we may be off by a few years, but the end result will still happen – the 80-year-old man will die within a predictable range. The year-round Arctic ice will go away, the Coral Reefs will bleach and die, and the Amazon Forest (as we know it) will collapse into desert, savannah, and sporadic mixed forests (deciduous and tropical). All of that is already set in motion and cannot be stopped. The question is what level of global heating, ecological extinction, and climate collapse can we stop and what do we have to do to stop it?

      (3) What happened? Well, keep watching – it’s coming and it’s coming a lot faster than the public knows or wants to know. The perceptual bias we have is that we can’t see the danger until it’s too late – it’s a perceptual bias that causes us to not worry until we see the problem with terrifying clarity – and at that point, it’s too late because things are already in motion. Like falling out of the back of a plane at 30,000 feet – it’s a really great ride until you realize you don’t have a parachute. We’ve had a really great ride on global industrial society and agricultural system entirely dependent on fossil fuels, driving population growth by 900% and mass consumption by 20,000% since we started the industrial revolution in 1750.

      Strap on your seatbelt – because it’s going to be a crazy next 20 years…

    2. @Jonathan Logan you sir are a lot more patient then me. Nice explanation for those who are really interested in hearing the truth.

    3. @Jonathan Logan no point explaining. I’m a Bio major and I’ve pretty much given up. We were just meant to be self deteriorating species. At this point, we’re better off going extinct and hopefully anaerobic and sulfur oxidizing bacteria can flourish, but at this rate, I think we’re pretty much on the path to Mars. It won’t be as cool as Mars, but I’m sure the descendants of the perpetrators of global warming will probably live a few centuries underground, then die off. I don’t see man being able to pioneer out into space prior to our own self destruction at home.

    4. @Jonathan Logan I always used to say, we’re basically living in a petri dish, but people in general are too stupid to grasp this concept. We’ve reached the peak growth and will be tipping over to drastic decay, just like bacterial colonies overproducing then dying in their own defecated waste.


  6. Even if we don’t always get along with Russia I as an American citizen am sending my prayers.

  7. And certain people still claim its all space weapon owned by certain group. Though UN prohibits space arms since decades now

  8. Wonder what can thaw out after many centuries and millenia in the permafrost? Would make a bloody entertaining flick to watch on one of those streaming services.

  9. The Bible warns of terrible and frightening times in the End Times. Wars, fires, earthquakes, storms, tempests, floods, famines, plagues and pestilence. “But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come.” – 2 Timothy 3:1

    Repent & be born again!

  10. Acoustic science, has already demonstrated different types of sound frequencies affect matter, one was discovered to extinguish fires!

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