Wilkinson "surprised" by Kenney's reaction to emissions caps 1

Wilkinson “surprised” by Kenney’s reaction to emissions caps


Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson discusses the government's commitment to emissions reduction, and how it will affect oil and gas production.

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  1. You can really tell this guy has no idea what it’s like to be a hard working person and what we need to survive. We are all in big trouble.

    1. @jake Would you agree ” working person survive” and environment issues are result of one and the same sources … The unrestricted printing of Fiat currency out of thin air has produced unrestricted consumption . No ” market ” negative feed back to relate ” total value + environment ” relative to reference cost … eg Gold / silver ( historic stores of value )

    1. Sep. 21, 2021 — A $30.1 million project to use the methane-rich biogas produced by one of Columbus’ South Side sewage treatment plants to fuel generators …
      … small scale … not enough to make steel or other high demand …like wind and solar , EU bet farm on “Green ” …last week blew up in their faces had to close down all Food green houses … Nat gas spiked 400 % ..Coal …zero supply

  2. Kenney’s reaction is based on Kenney being totally stunned by just about everything occurring around him. I am surprised he can breathe on his own.

  3. This jack… can barely keep the smirk off his face for the entire clip. Obviously when a guy makes 250k a year, he doesn’t have to worry about how the peons try to get ahead through hard work.

  4. This is a great opportunity … Made , designed in Canada mini nukes for the Tar sands … make finish products …eg gasoline , diesel ect …currently must burn one barrel of oil to make 5 barrels of low grade ( low value export ) … two years ago ++ cost $50.00 a barrel to break even

  5. Same crooks that tax your heating bills/gas and expect you to switch to something they don’t have. Unbelievably idiotic

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