Will a foreign agent registry prevent election interference? | CTV’s Question Period

International Trade Minister Mary Ng speaks about the objective and timing of implementing the foreign influence registry.

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    1. ​@Ron Senetchko
      Hmm, the honourable. Yeap, there’s a lot of honour of rewarding contract to friends.

  1. I want to know why NG is here she is sneaky, but then again she gave her friend a contract no NG you are a liar

  2. A sincere question….respectfully, why are Canadian voices need to be gathered for opinion? Thank you for your consideration.

  3. Did anyone expect her to resign and pay taxpayers money back? She is one of our honourable PM’s minions.

  4. Thanks for holding this MP to account for signing a contract that awarded tax money to her friend. She must resign NOW.

  5. Something is very wrong when the ethical ones like Jody Wilson get kicked out and the unethical ones like Mary Ng and Dominic Barton get promoted. I know which party I wouldn’t vote in the next election.

  6. Is anything Ng says actually legit? Why is she still minister? Surely, the ethic breaches we know about are likely only the proverbial tip of the iceberg.

  7. A great interview. My question would be concerning the Oath Of Office. When your elected into public office, you take an Oath. Has any of the instances that have to do with foreign interference in the Federal election, has anyone broken the Oath ? 0_o

    1. Oathe of office means absolutely nothing just like our paper rights. Everything is BROKEN in the banana republic of canaduh

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