Will a recount change anything in Wisconsin? 1

Will a recount change anything in Wisconsin?


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Patrick Marley looks at the tight results in Wisconsin and if a recount could change the result for U.S. President Trump.


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  1. The 128,000 ballots that mysteriously showed up in the middle of the night and counted without oversight need to be certified and counted by a third party

    1. The votes will be showing up for days as long as they where maild and date November 3 it takes 5 days in the mail

    2. @skate metal problem is they already have proof that the post system was changing dates of arrival on mail in ballots. They were removing them from the daily mail on the 4th and 5th and marking them by hand.

    3. Why did they stop counting to begin with, then suddenly two hours later find 150k votes. Had to change out the honest counters.

  2. If there are fraudulent ballots they are already in the mix. A recount will not change anything.

    1. That’s complete BS. A “recount” just like the regular count, involves multiple checks to ensure votes are legit. We are not living in 1820. I do agree a recount won’t change anything

    1. Go ahead and recount if you need to do so. Fraud is the only stupid thing they can shout. Sore looser, remember it’s isn’t the end of the world.
      I do agree that allowing for recount should not be stopped but let’s act with some class.

    2. @JAMSAI De Melo Adorable! You say that like every leftwinger isn’t a 4 yr sore loser. Biden is cheating,and his minions support it.

  3. So in 2016 there was a recount and you got different numbers? Then the initial count was wrong or the second count was. If you can’t count same numbers each time you should be counting them a third time. Jesus we learned how to do this as kids.

  4. So you can only get a recount if it’s 1% difference or less? So that means all you have to do is stuff MORE fraudulent ballots and make the win over 1% and then your cheating is safe and will not be checked.. Do they understand how messed up that is?

    The recount is only valid if the ballots themselves are valid, which they are NOT.
    Biden and the Dems are cheating by the 100s of thousands. And you are wrong, the process is rigged I favour one side, Biden’s, and they did not allow ANY observers. CHEATING PROBLEMS!
    Pens were also rigged so the votes are not counted by those machines. That way they can dump 100s of thousands of ballots in favor of Biden and it won’t seem like they cheated. CHEATING!
    Praying for truth to prevail, and Democrats for JAIL.

    1. @JAMSAI De Melo you do know that DemonRats have been doing anything they can for the last 4 years to get Trump out of office. Do you think that at the election, when another 4 years is likely; every DemonRat is going to play fair? Party aside, be real. You know that it’s in their best interest to cheat. Democracy is dead

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