1. “Thank you”?….for what, Evan? Making you look like a Lieberal shill, again? You certainly could not have been thanking her for conveying anything resembling ‘information’. Valiant effort, pretending you weren’t going to just let her spout off her worthless talking points.
    Pathetic enough, but to top it off with “Thank you, (can I have some more?)”

  2. Go look into your precious Dairy Canada…….and continue to call other countries protectionist. How about you listen to radio from somewhere other that Canada, there isn’t 1/3 of all music must be Canadian artists. Stop throwing stones at glass houses…….especially if you live in one yourself!

    1. You know Canada .. loves to whine … want others to take care of them, as they pretend to be important shuffling paper … collapsed 10 % manufacturing … 80 % non productive service sector ( Banks , Government , Real Estate Restaurants)

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