Will European export controls prevent Canada from getting COVID-19 vaccines?

Evan Solomon says the EU is now starting to flex their muscles over vaccine procurement and looking at restricting vaccine exports.


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    1. need to just find a way to bring the European Union to their knees…what do we have that they desperately need

  1. The legitimate question the EU is asking is: Where are those vaccines that were supposed to be pre-produce during the summer while the Phase 2-3 trials were going on?

  2. Well did Trudeau sign a contract or not? We’re almost like a banana republic without our own manufacturing capacity!

    1. Cathy Wilson, EU warned pharmaceutical giants that have developed coronavirus vaccines with EU aid — billions were invested –, that it must get its shots on schedule. I see clearly why they are in a position to demand. Did Canada contribute to the vaccines research and development? I beiieve Canada expects its vaccines based on the trade contract with the EU. I think Canada goofed!

    2. @Clarita De Luna just add to the list of this government’s blunders under this part time drama teacher…he too busy fending off ethics violations to run the country

  3. Keep importing – keep importing n keep getting kicked – get some spine n start the manufacturing of insulin n other generic drugs – stop bowing down to corporations

    1. @Drew Hester Are you actually naive enough to think that Trudeau wasn’t high fiving everyone when Biden did that and then channelled his part time drama teacher skills to look upset? He’s admitted to be on a mission to destroy the western oil industry.

    2. @The Schiznit Welll maybe Alberta could’ve invested their huge oil profits on building up other industries instead of giving everyone in the province a cheque. Alberta is so tied to oil that any drop in price sends them into a recession. Look I spent a month in northern Alberta in 2016 and it broke my heart, but it is even more sad that this reliance on the oil industry has turned both those provinces into Canada’s West Virginia.

    3. @Drew Hester The current federal government is doing all they can to turn western Canada into their rightful place of have nots. If you know anything about history you would be aware that most trade and transportation regulations were designed to keep western Canada resource based filtered through eastern Canada. I’m also sure that Quebec enjoyed cashing those cheques as well.

  4. We should have the capability to produce our own vaccines. Even if its produced under license from the originating company.

    1. canada is not built for that. All of our talent goes down south for more money. Canadian government is the biggest push over

    1. Generally I give a thumbs-up when I agree with the message the host and the channel are trying to push. In this case, I think they are doing their job to voice public concerns that I share.

    2. Hahah yeah… usually the thumbs down are from brain dead chuds denying reality… for this video it could be anyone.

  5. Lovely how we praise Canada’s education system, and rate the University of Toronto as a world class institution… Yet these losers can’t produce self sustainable institutions for national interest and growth?? Canada is embarrassed once again.

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