Will GOP Sen. Vote To Hear Witnesses? ‘Had Hope Before That Was Dashed’ Booker Says | All In | MSNBC


    1. @efs 1066 So are you. “fake news” and Hillary Clinton are not going to be remembered well by the so-called “long arc of history.”

    2. @efs 1066 Look my delusional libitard friend, You’ve been living in a libitard bubble too long up in your ivory tower of libitardism. You really don’t know how the real world works, so don’t lecture others about it. Libitardism is dead. It’s been a joke for decades, especially coming from the Party of Slavery.

    3. @efs 1066 What’s a matter? Did you run out of things to say? If you bring nothing to a conversation, you might be a libitard. If you look at the “long arc of history,” you will find that the Dems are responsible for every atrocity committed by the U.S.: Indian genocide, slavery, Japanese internment, the founding of the KKK, Tuskegee experiment, Jim Crow, segregation, etc. The Party of Lincoln were the one who emancipated America from slavery, and it really hasn’t changed much since then.

    1. The senate trial will be a blessing in disguise as either Trump gets the boot or President Sanders gets strong executive powers starting 2021 to fight climate change and special interests… It’s a WIN-WIN.

    2. @CellGames2006 You’re so deluded. I suggest you stock up on Preparation-H because you will be butt-hurting again.

    1. @Jim Battersbee when Saudi refinery was bombed (pretty surgical, fwiw – didn’t hit storage or pipes), SA didn’t retaliate. just filed with UN and *_never_* said anything close to “we think it was Iran.” they’re evil but they’re not stupid.

  1. If the US military do not leave Iraq now, they will become a military invasion of a foreign country by the US, an unilateral aggression with no justification whatsoever. Just what the Russians did in Crimea. And, again, without the Constitutionally required authorization from Congress.

  2. I have had this pit in my stomach for over 3 years now that dumph is just there to select Supreme Court and stack the courts with the white supremacists. This is in exchange for him being kept out of jail if/when he’s not re-elected. That’s all the entire GOP/Putin wanted. Oh and the destruction of all our foreign allies and keep all non whites out of the U.S. It’s all at the sacrifice of the citizens of the U.S. and anyone else in the human race that dumph dislikes. I’m disgusted and ashamed that he’s made a mockery of our constitution. Additions and changes need to be made to the constitution so there can never be another moscow mitch holding the americans hostage and stacking the courts and in cahoots with the mob boss wannabe pathetic excuse in chief…

  3. Colins will say one thing then do the other — seen that in the Kavanaugh appointment. She’s a two-faced incontinent b***h.

    1. so does rand paul. (it’s literally how he’s built his fake reputation: whining for weeks – TONS of airtime – about how he disagrees. and then usually votes with party.)
      bc people remember the weeks of interviews and forget his actual votes.
      “fake rep” is who rand paul is.

    2. Susan Collins is more despicable than overt Right-wingers. She pretends to be the “moderate” side of the GOP, all the while selling out, (exactly as she planned to do all along!!!)

  4. Susan Collins failed to step up during the Kavanaugh hearings No worries she will fail again. Hope Mainers vote here out & Hope Kentucky votes McConnell out.

  5. For the past fifty years the Congress has been handing over more and more power to a President. If they don’t curtail it or change it The end result will be dictatorship.

    1. You have a dictatorship now, a fascist one, you just don’t know it. The extra judicial killings carried out by American presidenst have so far been directed at foreigners, when your presidents start to take out political rivals at home, then maybe America will wake up, but I doubt it.

  6. Susan Collin has proven herself to be a political prostitute, a deceptive poser. Safe to assume the worst from her.

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