Will masks be required in Ontario schools? | COVID-19 in Canada 1

Will masks be required in Ontario schools? | COVID-19 in Canada


Ontario's Chief Medical Officer of Health warns that the province may take a 'cautions start' to returning to school.

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    1. there is no such thing as a covid test . the test their using is not for covid .
      that is what the test inventor said .

  1. We’ve had lots of time to better the ventilation systems.
    We have the money. WHERE’S THE 4.4 BILLION DOUG?

    Another Conservative failure.

    1. @Jumbo Me THAT is what the covid money the federal government sent was for. Doug Ford made it magically disappear while somehow increasing his own worth during covid.

    1. No one in the public should be wearing masks. The inconvenient fact the mask proponents cannot admit: mask mandates are NOT correlated with case reductions; they actually correlate with case INCREASES.


    1. @Jumbo Me one I’m grade 1 and the other a few years older. It’s your choice what your kid wears on there face , Unfortunately for our family the face covering don’t align with our religious beliefs as where as a family medical condition. But even if that wasn’t the case I’m not putting masks on my kids. Just my two cents.

  2. This new generation of kids are already developmentally damaged beyond repair.

    So… Why stop now?

  3. School in the coming year will be little changed from the prior school year.

    The science is different in Ontario, somehow.

  4. Kids are sometimes more mature than adults. The elementary (k-6) school my kids attend in Alberta had a mask requirement last year. There were no issues other than the occasional reminder to wear the mask properly.

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