Will new Quebec bill spark a larger constitutional crisis? 1

Will new Quebec bill spark a larger constitutional crisis?


CAQ MLA Christopher Skeete discusses Quebec's Bill 96, legislation that's quickly becoming a flashpoint in Canada's constitutional debates.

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    1. @Vengeful8 Gaming LOL I guess Quebec really wants to crown Legault as King Legault I after all.

      King Louis XVI: gets 1789’d
      King Legault I: ???

    2. Does that mean the rest of Canada doesn’t have to send them money anymore? We Albertans will be happy about that

  1. I like it how they say they’re not going to take away my rights for my kids and quebecor born bilingual my next step is to move to Ottawa then I want to get the government cut off all funding to Quebec and they can keep that a distinct Society if haters want to hate they can hate I really don’t care anymore

  2. Wow, love the news choices. Covid or French language. Both will make you sick unless you take steps to get them under control.

  3. We live in Canada (not in France), and English should be a constitutional right for all Canadians and the main language from Quebec to BC. Otherwise, we will regret what could happen in the future.

  4. It’s stupid to repress a language. Being bilingual/multilingual = more open doors. You not gonna get far with just French. Trudeau would not have become Prime minister if he only knows French. This language war completely disregards globalization and set Quebecers to failure.

  5. I think the rest if the country should vote on if Quebec is allowed to stay part of Canada. or if we should just boot them out.

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