Will partygoers force B.C. schools to delay reopening as COVID-19 cases surge? 1

Will partygoers force B.C. schools to delay reopening as COVID-19 cases surge?


Parents are anxious about returning their kids to school, but partygoers still aren't getting the message. CTV's Melanie Nagy explains.

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    1. Right now, if they do that, parents have to unregister their child from their current school and register them in an official distance learning program (homeschooling), and once the COVID numbers go down likely after flu season, they are not able to unregister their kids from the homeschooling program and then re-register them into their normal school. So many parents would like to continue to have the option to teach remotely as much as possible from home/ keeping their kids registered in their normal schools. There are many parents that would like that option and then for the parents that need their kids in school full time… they will have smaller class sizes during the flu season. Honestly at this rate there will likely be a strike anyways.

    2. Megan Sampson In Ottawa, parents are only asked to commit to the online learning for a minimum of 3 months for elementary students, and 1 semester for high school students. I’m not sure about the specific timelines for other school boards but it’s not meant to be a permanent decision.

    1. @Marcus Malm Kids are not immune from getting covid-19. The other concern is that students might bring the disease back to their parents or grandparents at home. I’m going back to school in the fall, and I’m a little concerned that I might bring the virus home to my grandparents and my parents (my mom being a healthcare worker, and my dad being over the age of 60). There are also kids with other pre-existing health conditions such as asthma, diabetes, etc. I am a type 1 diabetic, so getting covid-19 would have a huge impact on my blood sugar and my ability to manage my disease. So don’t act as if there is no risk to sending your kids back to school. Parents will decide what is best for their child, and there is no shame in deciding that school is just not the safest option right now.

    2. @Drizzt Jones: a simple flu doesn’t cause micro blood clots in all your organs. If you want to send your kids to school , send them to to child serves instead.

    3. @Drizzt Jones I am working , but unlike you i haven’t written the virus off as simple flu. Sadly your kids may pay price for your actions.

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