Will Poland sending jets to Ukraine be seen as escalation?

Will Poland sending jets to Ukraine be seen as escalation? 1


  1. Likely it will. Then again, it’s getting to the point where we won’t care about escalation, and just do what is right.

    1. @Mike Byers I hope not, but I’m feeling less confident about that now than when I lived in Germany in the early 80s as a kid, height of the Cold War

    2. There is still the possibility that the squeeze on Russians, and the failure of the war, Russia may possibly get Putin out of office.

    3. @Mike Byers Letting Putin attack a democratic nation would eventually do that regardless! He succeeds & he will not stop at Ukraine! Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it ;o)

    1. Would you prefer Putin rush it and spread it out with nukes? Real war is not the same as playing video games.

    1. So what? The Russian invasion of Europe (western Europe as well!) is the huge escalation (Ukraine is only supposed to be the beginning). So almost all countries are sending arms to Ukraine, hoping this will stop Russian imperialistic regime.

  2. where;s the Ukrainian air force?… no mention of that eh?… and other nations jets will be basically declaring war on Russia…. yanks would feel the same way so why blame Russia? because of a different political system?

    1. There’s a really big difference between afraid, and not wanting to see the world riddled with nuclear bombs.

  3. Maybe russia is just waiting For a excuse to fully mobilize. Plays right into there hand. Does it not seem like a limited engagement now. Remember how large russian forces are.

  4. These guys are jokers why fly them to Germany why not just fly them fr Poland to Ukraine 😁😂🤣.

  5. Ummm..they agreed to send the mig soviet style jets to ramsted airbase in germany. Both germany and usa have rejected that idea. Whichever country flies the jets to ukraine will have the source airport blown up…that is the threat. Get your facts correct..geez

  6. It reminds me of a film The Book of Eli where a thug looses an arm after reaching for a weapon.
    Poland may try and loose more than an arm.

  7. Putin has already lost this war, he just doesn’t know it yet.
    In just ten days, Russia has already lost approximately 11k troops. That’s more than a thousand a day. Compare that number to the 13,310 total Russian casualties in the 10 year Soviet war in Afghanistan.

  8. it’s just another piece of military hardware we have already given them lots of lethal hardware not really an escalation more of the same.

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