Will President Trump’s Supreme Court “short list” entice voters before November? | States of America

Will President Trump’s Supreme Court “short list” entice voters before November? | States of America 1


The President released his short list to fill any future Supreme Court vacancies and he’s doubling down on conservatives. Will it work to entice conservative voters before the November election?
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24 Comments on "Will President Trump’s Supreme Court “short list” entice voters before November? | States of America"

  1. NO..

  2. Befire Befireangel | September 18, 2020 at 9:43 AM | Reply

    Trumps choices are always for his corruption

  3. Befire Befireangel | September 18, 2020 at 9:44 AM | Reply

    Trump/Republicans have no clue about nothing , clueless delusional incompetent liars, ,has blood on his hands of innocent people 200 000 died of his irresponsibility .

  4. Joe Biden locked thousands of Blacks up with his crime bill. Kamala Harris locked thousands of Blacks up as attorney general.

  5. Remember a democrat vote and a democrat win means two more new Supreme Court Justices for Republicans to choke on

  6. and the president of Brazil, jair bolsonaro, went to Mato Grosso do Sul, the Brazilian state where the wetland (pantanal) is located, to pay homage to ruralists, who do not care that the wetland is on fire, bollsonaristas want there to be no more trees and no wild animals, just pasture and cattle. They do not worry that it will end all forests, they are suicide-killers, they want to die and take everyone with them, and the country becoming a desert, without trees or rain will go on more ..

  7. American Civil War. 5 yrs.
    655,000 deaths.

    World War II. 5 yrs.
    405,000 deaths.

    World War I. 2 yrs.
    117,000 deaths.

    Korean War. 4 yrs.
    37,000 deaths.

    Covid-19. 195 days.
    195,000 deaths

    Trump: a surrendered War Time president.

  8. Enticed by a serial murderer? Pause, and calmly think on that!

  9. Nothing has changed on this since 2016. Ginsberg has defied the odds and is still kicking. There was even a Hollywood biographical movie made about her. Trump is reminding everyone who supported him that Biden must not win. It was a strong argument against Hillary. Conservative voters turned out in droves. Can it work for Trump again? His rallies have been pretty strong so far so it does seem to be working again. Note that Biden has not produced his own list. That speaks volumes.

  10. And now Ruth bader died so another spot to fill

  11. Republican from Ohio voting Democrat!

  12. Sorry to hear about Ginsburg, but we putting another pro-life judge! We need more conservative judges. RIP RUTH BADER GINSBURG!

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