Will previously unregistered voters be the difference in U.S. Senate runoffs? | States of America 1

Will previously unregistered voters be the difference in U.S. Senate runoffs? | States of America


Are the U.S. Senate runoff elections in Georgia, in which the balance of power in the upper chamber is held, so close that they could be decided by voters who were not registered on Election Day in November, but will be for the runoff? Susan Page talks with Manny Rin of the New Voters Project about their efforts to get new voters on the rolls.
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Congress breathed some life into negotiations over a new coronavirus stimulus package this week, but will it be too late and will the clock run out before Congress goes on the holiday break and a new Congress is sworn-in in January? USA TODAY congressional reporter Nicholas Wu fills us in on that details.

Did misinformation and disinformation once again play a role in our elections process, and if so, can it be prevented from being so influential? Also, are their specific groups that are more vulnerable to the spread of incorrect information, regardless of the intent.

Finally, some minority and marginalized groups want representation in president-elect Joe Biden's administration, including key cabinet picks. Biden has promised diversity, but can he actually make all groups happy? Nicholas Wu joins us to discuss his reporting on the jockeying for spots.

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    1. No, but republicans choosing not to vote because they think it’s rigged would make a difference, if republicans turn out they win this no problem, if they follow Powell and act like morons then they lose an easy election

    2. Will bitter, crying 90 year olds shaking their cane’s in rest homes turn america fascist? NOPE. Later dude, you are IRRELEVANT.

    1. @Ralph Sims Let it go, fascist. Go pretend Trump is the president, we’ll come by and drop off your crayons later mmkay?

    1. hahaha, you see her squirm when they started talking about an audit… you should be hung for treason if found guilty. Can’t wait…

  1. The slippery time fortuitously dam because moat postoperatively matter notwithstanding a hideous high duckling. pale, eminent water

  2. With the lawsuits in full swing in Georgia…..the voter system will be closely watched for this runoff….the dims won’t be able to cheat like they did in the presidential run. We will see where the legitimate vote actually goes.

  3. Pelosi wanted money for all these socialist states who support illegals, they will get most of the money

  4. If they aren’t registered, then they can’t vote and they had to be registered BEFORE THE NOVEMBER 3rd ELECTION

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