1. @S-D not most can get out dont know why Ukrainians fighting a losing battle more people will die its upsetting to see if zelensky xares about his people why doesnt he lay down and stop the devastation hes out numbered im not on thge side of russia but even i can see there is wrong on both sides propaganda running mad

    2. If Biden administration and NATO keep showing weaknesses and disorganization , it is highly likely best chance for Putin to rule over them

    3. @Bryan that should have been stopped thats wrong very wrong they have no military training and in the eyes of the russian force tbey dont have to treat them.as pows they could just shoot them

    1. Yep the Ukrainians bullied native Russians and now the big Russians have got involved and now the bullies are hiding in their underground bunkers making up lies to get other bullies to fight for them.

    2. @Diego A doesn’t matter Russia needs to go home they are in their home. Are you telling me you would let someone in your home to destroy everything? Didn’t think so genius. Put two and two together

  1. I am appalled by the mere fact that Russian politicians are starting to speak about the potential use of nukes in conventional war so easily… They are either delusional or plainly nuts and irresponsible by blackmailing the humanity with these threats… Total madness… I am from the Semipalatinsk region in Kazakhstan, which was used by the Soviet Russia to test their nukes just a few decades ago. So many locals are suffering now from its aftereffects. Innocent people always pay the highest price, while the evil politicians feel no regrets and continue to harm people, understanding that nobody will dare to punish them severely because of their nuclear indulgence. What a sad planet we live in… Warm greetings from Kazakhstan to all still sane people, regardless where you are!

    1. So how many times are you going to copy and paste this comment???? Because I’ve seen this on almost every video I’ve watched dealing with this conflict?????

    2. @[SAW]Spitfire You do realize Putin publicly said there’d be no winners if he went nuclear right? Keep stroking your egos until you’re nothing but ash. The west is just as guilty

    3. @xyr3s the Atom Bomb against, Japan was about saving American lives against a country (Japan) that drew first blood as they were attacking, raping and, killing everything in the Pacific.
      Big difference.
      BTW: if Japan and their Axis partners did have nukes it’s not inconceivable, to think their tyrant leaders would use it once they realized, they were about to lose the war.

    4. Be prepared….imo its coming. Putin is going to be backing a corner eventually and I’m sure it will cause a burnt earth response . Like Saddam Hussein did when he pulled out of Kuwait these kind of degenerate think the same trump-putin Sodom Hussein Hitler Franco etc etc those kinds of sick twisted brains don’t work right they completely lack empathy or realistic foresight

  2. My heart breaks watching this needless violence, and my anger is stirred by these reckless actions. We cannot stand by any longer. The fist of the free world swings for the innocent and must stand up for the bullied.

    1. @Bob Shingles Which world was that….because there is no free world.

      And more important…..did the free world like it? You did it dry just like that….or gentle?

    2. @Dadbod

      We’re they saying it before Ior after the Canadian police put them up against the wall and handcuffed their terrorist a$$es?

    3. If Biden administration and NATO keep showing weaknesses and disorganization , it is highly likely best chance for Putin to rule over them

  3. “We seem to be very near the bleak choice between War and Shame. My feeling is that we shall choose Shame, and then have War thrown in a little later on even more adverse terms than at present” Sir Winston Churchill

    1. See my responses above. I completely agree with you. step in now, possibly prevent catastrophe. Fail to do so, postpone it. Courage is not the absence of fear, but the management of it.

    2. @Mac Mcleod I hope you are not one of those who sees the world through rose-colored glasses? Since the time of President Yushchenko, the United States has deeply penetrated into the politics of Ukraine. Some politicians benefited from the employment of their sons in Ukrainian companies. But the sons.. this is the accompanying corruption dust. The main task is to control the government.

    3. @Mac Mcleod Ладно, вы не обязаны знать фамилии этого президента. Просто поверьте, США создали эту проблему для России. Умело, надо признаться.

    4. @Mac Mcleod Okay, you don’t have to know the last name of this president. Just believe me, the US has created this problem for Russia. Skillfully, I must admit.

    5. @Александр Воронков no. The main goal l is business, jobs and avoiding total war .

  4. Its a bloody shame.
    Everyone, who thinks he “not the part of conflict” in a war, betray himself.
    But consequences arrives later.

    1. If Biden administration and NATO keep showing weaknesses and disorganization , it is highly likely best chance for Putin to rule over them

    1. A battle is one that causes death, wounds, and pain on both sides.
      It is not as acceptable as the death of a loved one, and it is convenient to assume that it cannot die.
      I try to find meaning in death, but there is pain and
      Only hatred that I don’t know where to hit.
      Garbage-like death, enduring hatred and unhealing pain. That is war.

  5. Putin is not alone in his talks he keep referring Soviet Military operation as opposed to Russia,there is more than just meet the eye!!

    1. Putin and China are teaming up to take over the world they gonna take over Europe first then the world.. China owns half of Africa already and putin is gonna take over the European power and become the powerful one along with China controlling half of Africa and all of Asia they gonna take the power and kick the USA to the curb and bully us until we surrender

  6. This situation reminds me of President Kennedy’s powerful and prescient dialogue in the movie ’13 Days’ about the ‘Cuban Missile Crisis’ October 16 – October 28, 1962.
    President Kennedy : “You know, last summer I read a book, ‘The Guns of August’. I wish every man on that blockade line had read that book. It’s WW1; there’s 13 million killed; it was all because the militaries of both alliances believed they were so highly attuned to one another’s movements and dispositions, they could predict one another’s intentions, but all their theories were based on the last war. And the world and technology had changed, and those lessons were no longer valid, but it was all they knew, so the orders went out, couldn’t be rescinded. And your man in the field, his family at home, they couldn’t even tell you the reasons why their lives were being destroyed.”


    President Kennedy : “But why couldn’t they stop it? What could they have done? Here we are, 50 years later. Think if one of their ships resists the inspection, and we shoot out its rudder, and board. They shoot down one of our planes, in response, so we bomb their anti-aircraft sites in response to that, and they attack Berlin, so we invade Cuba.”


    President Kennedy : “And they fire their missiles… And we fire ours.”

    1. @Yelena Monakhova this about nato and Biden trying surround Russia not about Ukraine zelensky knew id tried-to join nato happen the signing was about to happen he said he leave it be as long as they. Don’t nato. Surround Russia would piss them off

    2. @Yelena Monakhova To my knowledge, Zelensky himself called and asked for peace talks, he himself even asked Putin for discussions. Even if he wishes to be supported by America, it’s ultimately his and his countries choice. They aren’t pro-Russian anymore.

    3. @Yelena Monakhova
      You are totally wrong. To critizaice Zelinkies motiv, and leave Putlers motiv untouched, is a moral crime.
      Zelinky and his brave troops& people fight a legal , justified defence- war. With help and support from all sivilized world, its only a question of time before the victory is won. And Russia will have to pay for their own mess.
      This meaningless, unprovoked, illegal war marks the start of Putins end.
      When he is gone, you will find him in hel sitting at the table next to Hilter. In hel they call him, Putler

    4. If Biden administration and NATO keep showing weaknesses and disorganization , it is highly likely best chance for Putin to rule over them

    5. @Luan Nguyen
      ♥️ 🇺🇦 ♥️
      How can it be that you do just like the disguesting Russian trolls in disguise do?.
      I think you are one om them, so I have 1 question for you.
      Do you support Ukraine in her struggle for freedom?
      If your answer is ” yes”,, you proved me wrong.

  7. He didn’t really answer any of the questions he was asked. Typical politics that Putin will take advantage of.

    1. The truth is too horrible: The whole world is being blackmailed by a psycopathic narcissist with 6000 nukes and enough insanity to use them. Never has humanity or Gaia faced such a diabolical threat. 🤷🏽‍♂️

    2. It’s called strategic ambiguity. Hold the cards close to your chest and never reveal your true objectives. NATO could have compromised with Russia months ago, but why do that when this invasion can rally its allies? Putin fell for the trap set by the west.

    3. your not going to get answers on sending in nato to ukraine to fight, they have made it clear that under no circumstance iin ukraine will they get that type of support. they only get equipment. They are trying to prevent a nuclear war, unfortunately its shown as weakness and i would expect putin is going to slow down at all

    4. @Scary Dreamer 100%, thank you. That’s why I thought. On the first day of the invasion, I said to myself: Russians will be kicked from Europe, the USA will focus on China and all of that on the corpses of innocent Ukrainians. On the other hand, I truly believe Ukrainians will be welcomed in as a part of the West. I guess in some sense each nation must sacrifice innocent lives in order to have a better future. Sad but that’s the harsh reality I guess…

  8. Why didn’t NATO respond with deadly force when the Russians attacked and sank an Estonia owned ship in the Black Sea near Ukraine yesterday? Estonia is a NATO member.

    1. Because it wasn’t on NATO soil or waters. It was in international waters when it was sank. Kind of a gray area but still messed up.

    2. @VileCAESARB Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Poland will enough?😂😂
      They r like kids Infront Russian Nuclear power

    3. @chammi bandara Again, this shows how childish and immature you are, I wasn’t referring to nukes as I’m not a sensationalist. I was talking conventionally , if you wanna be a child, then you know each others nuclear strength. Knowing this, you would know that the Moscow plain would be devastated for ever. Russia can’t win.

    4. If Biden administration and NATO keep showing weaknesses and disorganization , it is highly likely best chance for Putin to rule over them


    2. If Biden administration and NATO keep showing weaknesses and disorganization , it is highly likely best chance for Putin to rule over them

  9. You CAN’T ensure that this conflict doesn’t spiral beyond Ukraine when Putin has no intention of stopping!

  10. The brave people of Ukraine are under attack from Putin’s missiles.

    Please donate what you can to humanitarian charities to help support the Ukrainian people.

    #StandWithUkraine 🇺🇦

  11. I saw a past interview where Putin said Russia would be weaker going up against all of NATO. He’s may use force to get what he wants, but he’s not stupid.

  12. “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.”
    ~ Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr
    Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 🕊

    1. @Chivalry Lives If you believe he said that your brain has been turned to mush by right wing culture war bullshit. You’re too far gone.

  13. “Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power, we have missiles and misguided men.”
    ~ Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr
    Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 🕊

  14. “Every day we wait to respond to a dictator just pushes the price we pay higher and higher”.

    Garry Kasparov, GM of Chess.

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