1. Russia has never changed its objectives. Russia has repeated severally that the objectives of their special military operation remain unchanged.

    2. @爪山乇几ᗪ卂 Putin/ the Russian military said this would last 3 days.. what day is this on now? Among putlers other lies

  1. It’s a pity that he western world took so long for a fierce response. Every part of ground lost has to be fought over.

    1. @Christian Marriott
      In reality this is a war from the angloxajone ethnic group against all the others ethnics groups around the world.

  2. Strategy and tactics can supersede attrition. Certainly in economics the Western nations have far more resources than Russia. The big question is whether Ukraine has the manpower to overcome this invasion.

    1. The human resources are there. The entire country continues to mobilize, train more troops, and put them in the field. Training takes time and we will see the results in the near future.

    2. @João Soares That is wrong, obviously. There is a limit on the number of troops that can be sent to any given section of front, both from a logistical and tactical standpoint.

      Also, Russia really does not have the ability to field more troops. Russia’s economy is still functioning – calling up the reserves removes people from their employment. So if you call up the reserves, you damage your economy.

      Ukraine’s economy is largely crushed. They have MANY people out of work that can be called up for service. In fact, if they don’t call these people up they still have to pay to feed them. So Ukraine can call up as many people as they need without economic impact.

    3. @Drusus Maior my statement isn’t wrong quite the opposite and your statement shows that exactly putting things on the front isn’t just on equipment also about troops, but the game is right know favoring Russia

    4. @super hero you really don’t know how wrong you are, our Russian mentality, much less human mentality by the looks

  3. Just a couple of observations, We are sitting on oil reserves that can be put on line in about 60 days. Shale oil which is abundant in Texas can be restarted on short notice. The drilling rigs already exist. Biden shut down drilling as soon as he was elected. We can achieve production in excess of our own needs which if sold on the world markets would lower the price of crude oil thereby reducing Russia’s oil income. and your price at the pump. With respect to food crops. We should stop turning corn into fuel for cars. It was always a bad idea and has never delivered on it’s stated benefits. The current varieties in the ground may not be ideal for food crops. However, they could serve the need until the next crop season when varieties ideally suited for food production could be planted. Hopefully we never return to the totally wrong headed practice of growing food to be turned into fuel . The irony is that it requires more energy to grow corn and turn it into ethanol than it produces. Thus far, Biden has refused to increase drilling here but has resorted to begging the Arabs and Venezuelans to produce additional oil in order to lower crude oil prices. We should send the Ukrainians enough weapons to make Ukraine a death trap for any Russian who is there uninvited. The rising casualties of Russian soldiers can only be hidden for just so long. If Russian mothers don’t put a stop to it like they did over Afghanistan, mutiny in the ranks will..

    1. You have no idea how our oil market works. You are just reiterating right-wing talking points. Bottom line is that you are wrong. I know you won’t believe me, but there it is.

      Oil companies in the USA are not drilling for more oil that’s already available and they aren’t building a sufficient number of refineries and they are selling oil outside our borders all in order to make as much money as possible. And oil prices are set in a world market. Any American president would be dealing with the same situation and prices. The notion that the problem with world gas prices is because of anything Biden did is completely false. Don’t retort: research outside your propaganda network.

  4. The Russian Army has not made “slow but substantial gains” as asserted at 1:53. It gained substantial territory in the initial invasion. The gains in the north were erased after Ukraine counterattacked. Its gains in the south and east after the first two weeks have been at a glacier’s pace except where driven back by Ukraine counterattacks.

    1. @Сана Оли you can see a day-by-day map of the war and see what she said is 100% accurate.

    2. @Сана Оли Живя в России, вы должны быть хорошо знакомы с пропагандой.

    3. @Nnocha Calistus
      Did u see the childerns animals trees
      And humen who got killed by US
      in Japan Vietname Iraq Afghanstan Syria lybia that there land invaded by UNITED SNAKE

  5. A war of attrition will last only until one of the two sides is able to effectively degrade and block the logistical supply lines and command and control of the other. That’s what happened in WWI and that is what will happen this time as well.

    1. All war is about Attrition. How else do you win?
      It’s all about breaking their will to fight. Can’t do that when the opposition is sitting on plenty to resist with.

    2. @Me Off War of attrition has generally meant both sides can produce gear, but one side could do it faster. These wars took years and sometimes decades to play out. The opposite is called shock and awe or blitzkrieg.

  6. This shouldn’t even be a question.
    This war should be a one-sided revolution against Russian dictatorship and not a live event like a damn sports game.
    Just take military action and officially go to war already, there would have been less casualties if this was the step from day one.
    Yes, I do know that because if you pay attention to history, those who strike first and finish the conflict have less casualties on their side compared to those whom only defend and hope the attacking side tires-out.
    Deaths are NEVER zero in war but leaders should do WHATEVER IT TAKES to reduce that number as much as possible.

    1. @Чочнева Зарина
      They did, they’re either “silenced” or blackmailed/bribed to stop.
      We all need to do more than just morally support them.

  7. Being in control of the 20% of Ukraine closest to Russia (15% of which was already controlled by Russian-backed separatists) is one thing. Maintaining that control in the face of an unwelcoming population and an increasingly better equipped Ukrainian army is a whole different ball game.

    1. Donbass was in control of ukraine even all the ports were in ukraine control now they lost all the ports. Most of the donbass.

    2. The Russian forces in Ukraine have been mainly drawn from the Russian hinterland and disproportionately from ethnic minorities within their borders while excluding urban European Russians. They have been excluding troops from its urban centers to hide their losses from the public because trains full of caskets in Moscow and St. Petersburg would be bad PR for the regime. This policy was also used during the Soviet-Afghan War to lessen the impact of that war on the urbanized proletariat and by extension the government and party members.

      If Russia chooses to fully mobilize for war there’s no reason to believe that the majority of those conscripted into service wouldn’t also be ethnic minorities so they can protect their core of urban European Russians. If they draw conscripts from their hinterland it’s unlikely these sparsely populated areas would be able to find the numbers necessary to organize anti-war protests. Putin knows that too many of his troops are surrendering so he’s calculated that if he attacks civilians he will scare his troops into believing that the Ukrainians won’t take prisoners. Russia is also sending mobile cremation units to Ukraine so they can hide their losses. Because sending home trainloads of caskets is bad PR for Putin. If Putin has the bodies cremated in the field he can skip registering the dead and list them as missing or captured instead. Since no family wants to believe their sons have been KIA Putin gets to conceal his losses and hold on to his justification for the war in the short term and potentially threaten the families of the dead with reprisal if he lists them as captured.

      This is why the State Department is warning about concentration camps, mobile cremation units, genocide, biological warfare, and chemical warfare. So there’s currently an opportunity for the frozen conflicts in the former Soviet Republics to reignite with the Russian military tied down in Ukraine. So far the former Soviet Republics have been playing a waiting game and anxiously watching the war in Ukraine hoping to exploit a Russian defeat. However, if they wait too long they risk a full Russian mobilization and the Russian military being able to redeploy its forces from that front to reopen these frozen conflicts. They may not have as good an opportunity as they have now.

  8. 🇺🇲 The United States should “treat Vladimir Putin for what he is: a KGB colonel who wants to restore the Russian empire,” Senator John McCain said in 2014.

  9. You can count on the UK 🇬🇧 and the USA 🇺🇸 for sure. Its countries like France 🇫🇷 that are weaker in resolve, so history tells us.

  10. We in the West have two broad choices, either support Ukraine fully to a Russian defeat, or back off and let Russia take Ukraine. As a European and a humanitarian, the second option is unconscionable to me, how can we possibly let Russia take Ukraine? This would be utter disaster for decades to come, we have no real choice but to support Ukraine in every way we can.

    1. @47D I don’t think this war can end by not sending weapon or stop supporting Ukraine. Regardless of the West’s support, this war will go on. It will be a different war but it would not stop either and the loss of human lives might even greater.

  11. I’m So sorry Ukraine people have been put through this pain . I wish Russia would let them live in peace.

  12. No, America could not, so Russia can not, not with all the sanctions.
    We just need to keep backing up Ukraine.

  13. “The wolf you feed is the wolf that lives.” Why would Ukraine give one inch of soil to the evil wolf Russia? There is no negotiation with evil that results in good. The World needs to feed the good wolf, Ukraine, for good to live.

    The only way to negotiate with Russia is to make it clear that the World will continue increasing sanctions and those sanctions will remain until Russia leaves Ukraine and ends their violations of Ukraine. BOYCOTT ALL THINGS RUSSIAN.

    1. People like you will retype your message to save the battery on your phone if you boycott everything russian

  14. If Ukraine stood alone against the barbaric invader,it could be a possibility.But with all the support and friends Ukraine have it will drain out the Kremlin warmachine.All the cannon fodder the russians keep sending to fight,never to return will eventually become a nightmare for the Moscow hawks.You only need enough voices and the whole system just crumbles like Soviet did just a few decades ago.

  15. It seems that this war will definetely get longer than expected by both sides. Expectations from the employed strategies of both sides also will yield lesser than intended.
    In long wars, victory goes with he who can better absorb the casualties and the pain of war efforts.

    My humble opinion.

  16. The problem with gas prices is the gas companies themselves. They are posting record earnings. They raised prices to make more money for themselves.
    I remember years ago they froze gas prices because they the Companies were taking advantage of a situation. They need to roll prices back and freeze them again. If I remember it was the republicans that were in favor along with democrats. Now the republicans answer to the gas companies plain and simple.

  17. There’s a historian (can’t recall his name) who’s made the observation that after every great social catastrophy in history, society manages to bounce back better that before.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if, after this is all over and Russia is pushed back to its borders, we’ll have a better West – more renewable power/self sufficiency, better food distribution throughout the world, a stronger and more united NATO and EU, etc.
    All thanks to Mr Putin!

    1. @jwin_the_pro Well its not really good from Ukrainian or Russian economic perspective. As their demographics are both quite old. With even more young people dying in war… thats pretty bad.

      But I’m hoping this conflict brings attention to Ukraine so they a lot of funding for rebuilding once that war is over that could bring workers in from around the world to help repopulate. But maybe thats wishful thinking.

    2. @jwin_the_pro Both Russian and Ukrainian populations were on the decline before the war, btw.

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