Will race influence Georgia races? Black candidates may make history. | USA TODAY

Two Black candidates are running for the Senate seat in Georgia as Stacey Abrams fights to become the first Black female governor.

Georgia Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock and Republican Herschel Walker faced off Friday in a contentious Senate debate in Savannah, featuring attacks over a bevy of hot-button subjects including inflation, nuclear weapons, child support, past falsehoods and a recent abortion scandal.

The debate, held three days before early voting starts in Georgia, will be the last time both candidates share a stage in one of the most fiercely competitive races this midterm cycle.

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  1. MLK: Judge by the content of one’s character not the color of their skin.
    Democrats 2022: Skin color is the first thing we should see and vote for

    1. @Sarge claiming to be college educated when your degree is worth so little, you need others to bail you out. Says alot about your education.

  2. We’re talking about the voters in Georgia…the same voters that keep voting for the guy who thinks an island will tip over if to many airplanes land at the airport…The bar isn’t that high down there.

    1. Johnson thought Guam might tip over if too much weight was put on one side😂😂😂 Hank is always good for a laugh! Did you ever hear him talk in Washington?? Maybe you shouldn’t 😬😬😬 people need to start watching Forbes, or C span and see what idiots there really voting for….

    2. @Sarge please look it up. He’s absolutely ridiculous. I’m not sure HOW anyone with common sense could vote for him.

  3. OMG. You can’t vote for Warnock for what you know, but you can’t vote for Walker for what you don’t know because of speculation ? WTF. Time is short and time is running out.

  4. According to the predictions of the Holy Mountain elders, the last US president will be a witch!

  5. If the media quit emphasizing skin color to distract and divide us, then I’m sure that skin color wouldn’t be a factor. If I was a passenger on an airplane, I wouldn’t care about the pilot’s skin color, etc., I need someone who can fly an airplane or that person shouldn’t be there.

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  7. I vote based upon the “Paycheck no reparations, no vote” it’s that simple. Done playing the plantation industrial racial shell game’s.

  8. Kemp is like Brett Favre, keeping Georgia’s millions!! It’s supposed to go to childrens education, schools, hospitals, housing! Not in Kemp’s pocket. Vote Stacey Abrams for governor and Warnock for senate. Vote Blue Georgia! 🇺🇸💙🌊🗽🗳

  9. Yes, race will impact the voting. Some people just never change nor do they ever learn. But when there’s barely any diversity and the minority are the majority, you can’t really blame it on race if a certain someone didn’t get voted can you?

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