1. The whole exercise seems like a human experiment designed to see how smart we are…we failed.

  2. Why are you saying all of this? This isn’t important, what’s happening in the world is! This is how you you solve world problems? I have zero respect for all three of you.

  3. This guy is being offended over a bald joke. Gtfo out of here. What ever happened to sticks and stones may break my bones buy words will never hurt me

  4. I disagree You don’t have people’s medical chart. Jayda shouldn’t go if she can’t take a joke.

    1. To accept and advocate for a medical condition’s recognition takes a great deal of strength and patience. Jada should reflect on her emotional state. If unable to continue being brave she can certainly afford an array of beautiful wigs, hats or scarves. Don’t celebrate physically attacking others to gain pity or acceptance.

    1. He leaned in to hear what Smith would say. Smith used his hand instead of his words like a naughty toddler.

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