1. Just goes to show celebrities live in a different world. He should’ve been kicked out of the show for that and had his award taken away

    1. @Harry Punani its not a spelling bee, as long as you understood the point they can use whatever word they want

    1. Nah he wanted to get more attention on his wife’s condition which is why he did it. It’s like reverse psychology. He probably intentionally did this to get revenge on his wife.

  2. Not the professionalism I expect. Comedians often make jokes of celebrities. Will should be glad it wasn’t Don Rickles!

  3. The Oscars have finally found a way to increase viewership: Cage Matches! I’d spend two hours watching the pompous rich beat the (bleep) out of each other…

  4. Why wasn’t he taken from the show in handcuffs? Any ordinary person would have been tackled and arrested immediately. Celebrity privilege.

    1. @Jeff Farrer That’s why he should be tackled and arrested, not hung. Growing up isn’t the issue, immorality is.

    2. @Carla Maria …That was NOT an act ! That was clearly Will Smith losing his career for his jaded wife.
      Meanwhile my hat goes off to Chris Rock.

    3. @P Santos I actually don’t know about that. But I stand corrected. It’s very disappointing. But such is the way these days.

  5. A whole career forgotten in one stupid moment. Phil raised you better then that, shame on you

  6. Imagine having to do this for anyone to give a hoot about the Oscar.

    I’ve been saying it- Hollywood is in a phase of self-imposed obsolescence. It’s now more interested in moral grandstanding instead of tasteful entertainment, so the rest of the world just moves on without it.

  7. No one cared about the Oscars this year …until the smack.
    It was the best advertising the Oscars could have gotten.
    It was planned.
    Freeze frame Smith’s face as he turns to walk back to his seat.
    It says a lot.

    1. @file,hype,exe Is not responding If you think that than violence might very well be justified against you one day.

  8. Lucky for him he got his “I guess it was your turn” Oscar now because otherwise he’d never get one – not after this display.

  9. Didn’t think Will Smith would be taking pages out of the Rick James playbook lmao: “What did the 5 fingers say to the face? SLAP!”

  10. That’s how stupid the awards show have become, haven’t watched one in years, really not worth it !

  11. I think this is Will cracking. I think he doesn’t like the “open” marriage he is in and I think it’s starting to show

  12. If he’s fine with doing that in the most public place,what is he capable of doing behind closed doors?

  13. Love Chris Rock even more for the way he smoothly handled this one. 👌 Will defently wears the skirt in that relationship.

  14. After working for decades toward the happiest moment of his career, Will Smith exposed the entire world to how unhappy he really is inside.

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