1. @dutchpy dutchpy i know right, a real fan wouldn’t question a single thing, a real fan would support disgusting behaviour, a real fan shouldn’t have the right to change their mind about someone when they show you who and what they are, a real fan will worship a fool.

  1. She doesn’t look like she has Alopecia there- her head looks shaved. with Alopecia your head has completely smooth bald spots. (no stubble @ all)

    1. Yes which we get done in a specialist tattoo clinic for alopecia the stubble is what makes it stand out so poeple get in tattoo.

  2. Chris Rock should have pressed charges, make Will Smith accountable for his actions!!! Just saying!!!

    1. But he didn’t and maybe it’s because he knows he was wrong. He’s been trashing her for years.

    1. and the others that stood and gave him a standing ovation 20mins later, i find their behaviour even more putrid than his

  3. I have alopecia and ye i can take a joke but it has me really depressed and im very self conscious about it so it’s not just being bold up close it’s noticeable and poeple do look and do comment and assume you have something or even cancer it’s not a thing to joke about. Also its a night out for the family with work colleagues not a comedy club or a roast!

    1. Well she’s always sported short hair cuts so it’s not really that major shock of a difference. Two, Chris may not have even been aware that she has alopecia & was just a lighthearted joke & three if it was that sensitive of an area, the producers should of told Mr. Rock what was off limits at the podium. Jada & Will were both were feeling themselves that night

    2. Will wrong. Jada looked hot and sexy with the bald head same as Amber Rose. She sexy and hot enough to sleep with a young R&B singer half her age while married to Will. So I don’t think she that self conscious about her hair. Folks acting like she dying with cancer. and Chris polled fun.

    3. when you have a comedian doing a set. what would you call it. you sound like you think what that fool did is ok

  4. These people are supposed to be top of their craft!!!!! Real professional. Btw i thought demi moore was hot in gi jane! Hes a comedian.. so the fact he attacked Chris rock is ok then????????????

  5. Doesn’t matter if it was offensive, violence isn’t the awnser, as you can see from the backlash on will, had he acted like an adult the media and critics would have been ripped Chris apart instead

  6. I love both of their movies & shows a lot over the years!!! Both of them have always lived up to that A-list status for decades now! But they are both human beings with messy human emotions just like anyone else. I think my dad would’ve probably slapped the mess outta someone if they made fun of my mom on stage too. In fact, I know he would have. He would’ve probably done it back stage but I’m not even sure about that. There’s no telling how much provocation Mr. smith has endured up until now. But kudos to Chris rock for eternity for playing it off like a total pro. Will & them should just lay low for a while. They seem like nice loving caring ppl. Who cares who measures up in the public eye anyway. No one needs to endure scrutiny for that long of a time. It’s a totally abnormal thing to have to try to do. Be gracious & forgiving bc life is way too short.

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